Uriah "Syn" Synneth was a criminal, adventurer, and Dark Jedi during the post-legacy era. Though not technically human, he appeared as such and most of the time allowed that assumption to work to his advantage, allowing him to "die" on several occasions and then mysteriously reappear, usually with some fantastically untrue story of how he'd actually survived. Space turtles, mate.


Shortly before the end of the Clone Wars, a minor crime lord named Jathen Synneth became obsessed with the idea of immortality. After nearly dying at the hands of a traitorous son, he sought out everything he could find on the subject. Though his family had a history of strength in the Force, usually coupled with the wealth to bribe the Jedi Order to leave them be, he was not very skilled with it himself. The techniques of Darth Plagueis were beyond both his comprehension and his power. However, when a rogue Kaminoan cloner named Atta’ruh approached him with an alternative, he was intrigued. Relying on the “myth” of Set Harth, the cloner suggested that she could make Synneth a new clone body, without a will of its own, which he could then transfer his consciousness into. Jathen then decided to use his son’s body as the template, the final insult to the young traitor. However, Jathen did not count on two things. First, that Atta’ruh would fail to create a mindless clone, and second, that the mind within the clone would be capable of touching the Force. When Jathen tried to assume control of the body, the seemingly resurrected Uriah instead destroyed Jathen’s consciousness, as was thusly awakened to his power in the Force. Discovering that he could repair his clone body much easier than a normal human body through various crude but effective Force techniques, Uriah maintained both youth and vitality for an untold number of years. Learning to harness his new Force abilities and building a decent fortune for himself, he was doing very well until an Imperial Inquisitor named Caa’than caught up to him on Cloud City, where he had been making a name for himself amid the numerous gamblers. Refusing to yield to the Empire’s agent, Uriah froze himself in carbonite before the inquisitor could locate him. His “disguise” lasted for over two centuries, until he was thawed out accidentally by a dim-witted artist who had purchased the slab of carbonite thinking it to be some sort of macabre sculpture. Released into a brand new galaxy, Uriah adopted the moniker “Syn”, and set out to make a name for himself in the criminal Underworld once more.

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