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United Mandalorians was an alliance of Mandalorian clans active during the first quarter 2009.



It had been generations since the old clans were founded and formed their own alliances, serving as a barrier of entry into the Mandalorian culture for those who wanted to join the clans. A number of Mandalorians from these clans, and others who had been outsiders yet had wanted to join went forwards and joined their own clans in the dunes of Tatooine.

The established clans of that era had considered the upstarts to be at best outsiders, and at worst false-- Dar'manda. Garth Laxness, former Mandalore of the Established clans watched the upstarts with interest, and finally decided to aide them.

When Gar'th lead the young upstart clans from Tatooine, back to Mandalore Prime, he gave them a home and a community. Several clans set up fortifications in the forest around Enceri, and created their own village. Clan Shysa, then lead by Cayce Urriah and Myles Shysa set up within the village center, and helped Gar'th in building defenses and creating a militia to defend it.

Several months in, Gar'th declared that the clans of Enceri would need to declare their own Mand'alor, to lead them. An election was ran, with Tyro Gutter, Sal Flax, Adun and several others running. In the end, when the votes were cast, Gar'th was chosen. He refused the title.

The Mandalorians of Enceri lived together for several years, and eventually founded a holonode out of the village, declared under the title United Mandalorians. The name of the holonode became the name of their union, and they became more than a village, they became an alliance.


Gar'th eventually disappeared from Enceri, with rumors saying something about someone close to him dying or being injured, and that he had to leave to handle business. He didn't return for months, and eventually the clans left Enceri, returning to Tatooine.

After a few months in Mos Eisley, Cayce Urriah and her clan decided it was time to declare their own independence for the United Mandalorians, and set off into the Dune Sea, a few miles outside of the city. There sat a magnificent fortress in the mountains above the dunes, long abandoned by it's Hutt masters, but having been used by smugglers, criminals and occasional Tusken Raiders as a hideout.

The Mandalorians of Clan Shysa took the fortress from the criminals infesting it with blood and fear, and declared the mountain to be Teroch Bral - their Pitiless Fortress, the castle and keep of the United Mandalorians.

Cayce sent out a communications over a slicked holonews channel that the fortress was declared independent of the governmental powers of the planet, and welcoming the Imperials to challenge them for it. The Fel Empire made several attempts at attacking the fortress, unsuccessfully, before giving up and allowing the Mandalorians their territory.

For several years, the United Mandalorians lived on the mountainside, and fought together against all who came to invade their fortress. However, diplomacy began to break down.


A Mandalorian of the union who was pregnant was killed by traditionalist Mandalore A'denla Kad Socarras, and it widened the rift between the traditionalist clans and the United Mandalorians. A document was drawn up to declare war between the two organizations, headed up by Adun Sciarri.

After war was signed to by all of the clan leaders, Adun was named Mandalore of the union, and war began. Members of the United Mandalorians hunted for A'denla's troops on Coruscant and Onderon. Cayce Urriah approached A'denla on Coruscant and attempted to gather information from him via deception, but was told to kill Adun or he wouldn't give her anything.


Several things contributed to the division of the United Mandalorians, including Adun's mismanagement of the war effort, and several of the union's members changing their minds. Cayce eventually challenged Adun for his title, but he used the force and defeated her, in effect, cheating. This created an intense dislike between the two, and was one of the first major cracks in the armor of the United Mandalorians.

Aether Darasuum, wife of Cayce Urriah was attacked by a pair of Sith, and both of her arms were cut off, while she was pregnant with their daughter. The child was saved, and Aether was given replacement arms, but Cayce's wanting aide to deal with the Sith resulted in derision from the other union members. Cayce and her new clan Kata, and Koss and his clan Ne'tra Orar left the union. Soon after this, the United Mandalorians crumbled, and within months, all of the clans scattered across the galaxy.


The breaking of the union lead Cayce Urriah to create her clan's Law of Isolation, stating that all alliances lead to bondage and ownership, and that Kata would never again stand under the banner of another.

Many of the clans in the United Mandalorians eventually reconnected, some with the traditionalist clans, and others in small settlements or familial ties to other clans. They eventually all came back as one unit, sans Kata, when the Mandalorian Charter was ratified.