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Early Life and Training[]

Designation U-3090 is a by-the-book trooper who knows his place and duty towards the Grand Army; though do not let this fool you. The Corporals ability to use his own initiative often shocks those who know him - always full of surprises. During his basic training, he was awarded the nickname of 'Nades' due his obsessive use of Grenades during combat simulations. Valuing the role of being an Infantry Soldier, Nades considers himself as a "Clone of Old" which focuses priority as one role.

From birth, 'Nades' has expressed his own personal goal into becoming a Clone Commando. Although keeping the mental state of mind of training to become said Commando, he acknowledges the role he is, and not the role he wishes to be - ensuring he not distracted by his fantasies. 

Easily distinguished by a purple grenade icon carved into his chest piece of his armor and recognizable by two-scars marked across his left eye - a souvenir when Sith attempted to destroy a GAR facility on Tython, marking his first battle, the day he was a shiny no more.

Growing Up[]

After the conflict on Tython, Nades was reassigned to Bakura, quickly adjusting to the life and becoming familiar with Sergeant Mort, and a Clone known as Error. Becoming close brothers, the trio began to become known as Tri-Squad; led by Sergeant Mort. The unofficial unit eventually took part in Operations such as the arrest of Baron, and the freeing of slaves on Rhen Var. This had become a chore, though not an easy one.

GAR facility on Bakura closed after a lengthly period of time, resulting in those stationed there getting transferred to an outpost on Onderon. Following the months on Onderon; the Army has seen more activity throughout the attacks by the Serpentine Order. Several months into being stationed on Onderon, Nades eventually got placed down for NCO Training; during the initial invasion of Mustafar. 

Upon completion of this training, Corporal Nades became Sergeant Nades - beginning to attempt his journey into following in the footsteps of the recent Sergeant Mort; now Lieutenant. Upon retrieving his promotion, he was immediately tossed into the grinder and sent to reinforce the clones on Mustafar with a squadron of Clones. The battle for Mustafar was long, and fierce, and infinitely the largest conflict he had taken part in; though the Army came out on top upon it's withdrawal, resulting in the elimination of the Serpentine Order. Following the victory on Mustafar, the Army began to refocus it's efforts against the primary Sith group on Byss; conducting numerous reconnaissance missions and maintaining a high presence throughout the galaxy. 

This strong Grand Army activity within the galaxy reigns true, having suffered a war with the Imperial Reich as attacks take place on Yavin IV, Onderon and another series of planets. This war was considerably shorter than ones in recent times - though was quickly thwarted and another victory was taken which resulted in the annihilation of the Imperial Reich. Following this victory, the Army itself had somewhat gone dormant. Tri-Squad welcomes a new member; Spitfire, a talented fighter but an even better pilot. He was welcomed at the time of new Generals assigned including Raven and Snoop. 

For now, Tri-Squad, A'denla and GAR itself continues to keep prepared for what happens next in a full readiness state.


  • GAR Standard XII Katarn armor (Utility belt included)
  • DC-17m Interchangeable Weapons System
  • DC-17s Pistol
  • JT jet-pack w/ missile 
  • Vibroknife
  • Thermal detonators
  • Force restraint cuffs
  • Range Finder

Awards and Notable Achievements[]

  • GAR Training Completion Certificate
  • GAR NCO Training Certificate Completion
  • Clone Purple Heart
  • Clone Diplomatic Medal
  • Clone Bronze Star of Bravery
  • Clone Silver Star of Valor
  1. Defended Tython from a Sith Assault.
  2. Took part in the Operation to arrest Baron.
  3. Engaged the Crimson Skulls due to their attack in the freeing of slaves.
  4. Protected Onderon against a Sith Attack.
  5. Participated in the Battle of Mustafar Campaign.
  6. Aided in the liberation of a Mining Outpost on Endor.

Military service[]

Battles Served: 9

Campaigns: •Battle of Mustafar

Long Term Deployments:

  • Tython
  • Bakura
  • Onderon [Current]