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Born on the planet Tirimus, Truth was raised by his Granparents untill the age of 5 when he was summond by the Tirimonian Knights. A tradition in Tirimonian culture concerning children with high midi-chlorian count, Truth was then train and guided in the way of the force and became a Tirimonian Knight. It was traditional for the newly trained knight to chose a path to follow. Truth chose to become a Scholar and after years of research became the Grand Master Scholar of the Tirimonian Jedi Allience.

For many years there was peace amoungst the Allience and the citerzens of Tirimonians. The 12 Kingdoms of Tirimus were at peace for about 100 years. Truth being a Tirimonian served for all of this time under the Jedi Council as Grand Master Scholar

Not much is known about the Great Trimonian War, more is documented about the great purge. The last stages of the war, At this point in the war the Sith had ceased 11 kingdoms of the 12 and were vastly closing in on the last Jedi Kingdom. King Vlad Runvain had organised what was left of the Tirimonian Knights and the Last of the 12 kingdoms gaurds to make the final stand against the Sith. Truth had been summouned to The Reach, the tallest tower of the Kindoms palace to prepare for his final mission. Truth was never to fight in the last battle of Tirimus as he would be orded to flee Tirimus with all of the Data collected over the last millenia of the Tirimonian Jedi.

King Vlad had created a weapon to destory all life on Tirimus without causing any damage to the planets structure, it was the Kings hope that by sending Truth and another small handful of Tirimonian Jedi and Nobles into exile they could one day return and repopulate the planet.

Tirimonian culture meant the people spent all their time focused on the force and the structure of the planet itself, meaning space shuttles and cruisers had never been developed for nothing more the planetry defence. Instead The King launched the chosen few into space in cryo chambers.

The chamber where set on course to the center of the Galixy, (Tirimonians knew nothing of Couracaunt but had heard rumours of a massive system in the center of the 'Known Worlds') The awaiting Sith Shuttles took fire upon the cryo-chambers as they left the atmosphere and their navigation was disrupted. The last of the Tirimonian people where split up amoung the Galixy never to be seen for millions of years.

2 Million Years later Truth's cryo-chamber landed on the planet of Zenoma Sekot, it took Truth a year to recover from the effects of defrost, infact he had been kept in the main libary on Sekot as an achient artifact for 6 months out of that year before the Potentium realised that he was not a fossil.

Jedi Master Marsh Solo had been on a diplomatic mission at the time when he met Truth and befriended him. The two went back to Bespin where Truth continued his title as Grand Master Scholar with the JJA but was not permitted to sit on the factions Council.

Many years later the Sith returned, and this time they attacked Bespin. The JJA did their best to defend the planet when the sith took over under the guidence of Rain Titanium, but to no avail. The JJA were destroyed along with the City of New Tibannopolis. Only a few of the JJA manged to escape, Truth Gravois and Rain Titanum. Rain fled to Yavin where she is now the Senator of the planet, Truth spent many years trying to find her, and now is a member of the KOJ and personal protector to Rain on her political missions.

Early life

Truth spend most of his spare time studying, he collected books form all Jedi Factions archives and continued his work into midi-chlorians. Truth has spoke at many events regarding his research on behalf of the TJA and the JJA.


Not Much is known or documented about his childhood other then he was raised by his Grandparents Eva Twemmer and Ade Twemmer until his 5th Birthday when the Tirimonian Knights took him to the Great Jedi Temple in Nova-Prime.






He was Knighted in the TJA, JJA and KOJ and Mastered in the TJA and JJA.

Personality and Traits

Curious but careful, Truth does not like to get into any kind of confrontation. He prefers his brain to his Saber.

Powers and Abilities

Master Rank Force Powers, Plus a Wide array of other powers through his study as a Scholar Master.

Light saber Training

He has learned many forms of Saber Combat.

Force Abilities

He has trained hard and has learned to use the force in a sheer amount of ways. These teachings has shown him how to imbue items and people with the Force, Leap to great heights and speeds, And a many great deal more.


Data Pad


Basic Jedi Robes

Light sabers

He carries Two light sabers, bother were crafted for him as a gift from the TJA and were names as the Twin Blades of Infernus. Named after the Mountain they were forged in.

Apprentice Saber

There was now apprentice Saber for young Tirimonian padawans instead they used a vibro-sword known as the Ru'mucka

Star ships

Truth prefers a simply T-Wing, but can commonly be seen in non-combative transport.


Highest Rank: Grand Master

Highest Class: Scholar - Head Brother