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Trid is an intelligent young man, who hails from Coruscant, his family was killed by the Revenant Armada at age 13, and at age 14 Trid has been with the Black Sun ever since. He is currently Regime in the Black Sun second in command to Kotep Solus. He is the proprietor of the Cantina on Bakura, and regulates the trade routes to Bakura. Trid enjoys burning various idiots from the Galactic Alliance, and is currently in possesion of the tounge of Giacobbe Swords he put it in a bag and left it in the care of his friend Morrigan Wemyss.

Current years

Trid AKA Kursk In his Buy'ce (Undisclosed Space Station)

Trid serves the black suns loyaly and with out question, he will kill any one, or steal from any one he knows with out question. Kursk, One of Trids Alias's is in the Mandalorian Clan Tr'zch. You can point out Kursk in his buy'ce its very slim and tactical, the cape is ripped, his visor glows a teal color, and his chest plate has his clans Symbol. He isnt seen as a Mandalorian often,usually when he wants to relax from the black suns, seeing as things get heavy some times.


  • Piloting various veichles
  • relaxing with friends
  • his job.


  • Dual Westar-34 Blaster Pistols

Known accomplices