Early LifeEdit

Trevor Ashdene was born on Eriadu to a factory worker and a Jedi. Shortly after his birth, his mother left to return to Talus. When Trevor was 14 his father died in a factory accident. Trevor raised himself on the streets of Eriadu. When he was 18 Trevor joined the ECB.Trevor went from a poor orphan to a rich politician. Within 3 years Trevor became an Autocrator. Autocrator Trevor Ashdene did his job well and with pride. He made many alliances for Eriadu including a large alliance between Eriadu, Corellia, and Bespin. One day on Corellia he was watching a holonet report on the Reverent-PGA war and decided that it was his turn to get involved.After spending time training as a jedi on Corellia, Trevor left for Naboo. Upon arrival he joined the Jedi Order of Naboo as a Jedi Knight. After being asked to be the senator of Naboo by the queen, Trevor sent a message back to Eriadu that he would not return. As a Jedi Knight he accepted the padawan Drake Ryerley. Now he trained Drake to almost knight status which means he was almost a Jedi Master. As the Senator of Naboo, well one of them, he worked with the other Senator Tiernan Mynx and hoped for a great future for Naboo.

Turning PointEdit

After it became public that Trevor was allied with the Metus Imperia he took action. Returning to his home planet of Eriadu, Trevor over through the Eriadu goverment and took it over for the Metus. As a reward he was given his own branch of the Metus and hopes for a great future under his new name Revan Jafan. After Ashdene/Jafan's actons were considered unconstitutional, The Trade Board issued a warrant on him. After gunning down several Trade Board Battle Droids, Trevor finally surrendered and was then locked up in an unknown part of Eriadu waiting for his trail. During his trial the Metus Imperia broke in and took over the captial city of Eriadu, freed Revan and then left. General Jafan survived many weeks commanding the Spes branch until one day on


Revan was on a pleasure trip to Tatooine meeting some old friends when a bounty hunter approached him. She (Kalana Tigerauge OOC) claimed to be working for Eriadu and they had placed a 10,000 credit bounty on his head. Trevor drew his lightsaber as fast as he could but was not fast enough, the bounty hunter shot him before he could even react.


Street- growing up on the streets of Eriadu, Trevor learned many useful skills. Trevor is an expert with explosives, stealth, street smarts, and running from trouble.

Corellia - on Corellia Trevor trained with Jedi Master Kain Harvey. After reaching the title of Jedi Knight he left Corellia to head to naboo

Language- Trevor can also speak Huttese

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