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Tremab De'eva XXXIV is named, ultimately, for his distant ancestor, Darth Tremab De'eva, the first Sith lord in the recorded history of the family. However, Tremab XXXIV takes a bit more after the first Tremab's nephew, Lord Kaissen De'eva, as he is himself a Force-sensitive slicer.

Tremab XXXIV works for his father's business, De'evan Enterprises, and he is learning the ways of the Force from his father.

Powers and abilities[]


Conventional weapons[]

While not an expert with a blaster, Tremab XXXIV is still a decent shot. He prefers a pair of Westar-34 blaster pistols for short and medium-range combat. As backup, he carries a training lightsaber; he is proficient in Form I and a beginner in Form V lightsaber combat. He is not yet experienced enough to stand up against a trained Sith or Jedi.

The Force[]

Surprisingly, Tremab XXXIV does not seem to possess any sort of talent for Telekinesis, one of the more widely used Force powers in the galaxy. He has shown some ability in deflecting incoming blaster fire, however.

Tremab XXXIV is capable of manipulating or disabling droids, datapads, and other technology on a small scale.

Perhaps his greatest skill to come to light thus far, however, lies in his ability to enhance and coordinate the performance of his starship and his crew and to keep them fighting even against terrible odds.


Tremab XXXIV is a proficient pilot and knows how to fly a number of shuttles and light freighters, along with several starfighters. He is a skilled computer programmer and slicer, and he has a higher-than-average degree of mechanical aptitude

Behind the scenes[]

Vatharn created Tremab De'eva XXXIV to help provide background for The De'evan project and to allow expanded RP beyond the limits of his Sith apprentice. Tremab De'eva XXXIV should be regarded as an NPC.