Tome of the Old Jedi, at Ossus

The Tome of the Old Jedi (relocated to the New Holstice Jedi Sanctuary) was a lasting legacy left by former Jedi Master Marcus. It is a testament to his life as a Jedi and founder of the Jedi Alliance and the Great Library. It chronicles the founding years of the Jedi in the SL Galaxy and lays out a foundation for what Master Marcus felt was critical for living the Jedi way.

A forward was written by longtime friend of Marcus, Master Leonardis.

Some notable quotes from the Tome:

  • "What brought the Jedi Alliance about was unity. And what brings us here today as Jedi is unity. We thrive with each other, united. And we thrive with the Force, united." (Vol 1)
  • "The serene mind hears more than the cluttered one." (Vol 1)
  • "Without patience and guidance and focus in the Force, my destiny would not have been revealed, and people would not have a place to come to study." (Vol 1)
  • "Even after all of this, those of us true Jedi still stand today, strong in the Force, as a true Jedi will always be." (Vol 1)
  • "Those who recognize when their destiny is intertwined in the light of the Force will reap the rewards of the Jedi path and make better the Galaxy." (Vol 1)
  • "Remember to put your faith, your life, and your Jedi path in the hands of the Force, and the will of the Force shall be done." (Vol 2)
  • "Patience leads to awareness, awareness lends us focus, focus provides unity, and unity affords patience. And by this path we shall follow the way of the Light and the will of the Force." (Vol 3)

Those who wish to follow the path of the light should be required to read this Tome. It outlines what is necessary for all Jedi and explains the Jedi roots in the SL Galaxy.

The second volume, Concepts, has been completed and covers a wide variety of common Jedi concepts from Master Marcus' point of view and based on his experiences in the galaxy. The third volume is the culmination of the works where Master Marcus explains his core Jedi ideology, the Diamond Concept.

The Tome has been revised and reworked into a single Tome ((website)). Visit New Holstice or go to this holonet link to consume it.