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Tiffany Vandergraff-Imari was born to Reginald and Canary Vandergraff on Velmor. Canary was sister to Hyacinth Janick and first in line to inherit the Velmorian throne. However, Canary fell in love with a down and out entrepreneur, Reginald. The royal family did not take well to the courtship and, when Canary decided to marry him, they cast her from the palace as a princess in exile. Soon afterword, Reginald established the Vandergraff Company, which began manufacturing ship parts. The business began to grow until he was manufacturing full size cargo and civilian ships. Using this opportunity, he built a small fleet of ships and began a local cluster shipping business. All of this grew exponentially due to his extremely keen business sense, quickly turning into a large business Empire.

Tiffany was born to the couple once Reginald had fully established his independent wealth. Tiffany was afforded every luxury her father's wealth could buy, including the best schools Velmor had to offer. Despite all this expenditure, Tiffany's parents took steps to ensure that she did not become a brat. Due to the company's financial success and, following the aforementioned success, Reginald's social success, the Velmorian Royal Family allowed Canary, Reginald, and Tiffany to attend social functions hosted by the palace. It was on one such occasion, the royal ball, that a labour riot stormed the palace, threatening to kill the Vandergraff family. The Vandergraffs were able to escape the palace, but befell a horrible speeder accident on the way back to the family estate. Both Tiffany's parents, and the chauffeur, were killed.

Shortly afterword, Tiffany began to rebuild her life, going to university for business and politics, while a godfather handled the estate and Corporation. During this time, Vandergraff Corporation nearly fell bankrupt. If it had not been for the timely day of Tiffany's majority, the company would have been sold that year. Tiffany took the ashes of her father's company and built upon them, creating the massive, galaxy spanning Corporation it is today. It is because of this financial backing that Tiffany Vandergraff has been named the wealthiest single individual in the galaxy by several intergalactic financial publications.

The Incident at the Rendili Shipyards[]

Tiffany Vandergraff at her family estate on Velmor

Before her election, Senator Vandergraff was just a wealthy businesswoman, trying to find a heavier burden to carry. When reading in an Onderon cantina, a trio of shady characters walked in and, after threatening a young aspiring Jedi, she quickly ran out. She was followed by one of them to the library, where he persuaded her, with a little help from his intimidating rifle on his back, to help him. He later contacted her and instructed her to order the Hyperdrives from Rendili through Ikest. She, however, could not hold the secret long and after a confrontation with the GBI, she spilled to current PGA Chancellor Selkisto Horten. She also spilled everything to Ikest and it was decided that the hyperdrives would be made, but faulty. She greatly regrets her involvement and has had passionate outbreaks and awkward body language when it is mentioned or the topic of the Sith is brought up. She tries to hide it as much as she can, but some suspicion has arised due to her outbreaks.

As a Senator[]

Senator Vandergraff was elected senator from Velmor during that last election, with no opponents. She has spoken fervently against the Sith, rooting from her own past experiences. She is what American historians would call a "Federalist", looking for a stronger central government rather than stronger local governments. Anything that has to do with finance, business, trade, or a military conflict, you're likely to find that Senator Vandergraff has a hand in it. At the end of the Chancellorial term, she decided to run for Chancellor and was met with victory. (see below)

Coruscant Takeover[]

During the takeover of Coruscant by the Sith controlled Revenant, Senator Vandergraff was in the PGA Embassy. She had arrived to talk with the Emperor about the current galactic economic situation, unaware of the current invasion. When alerted, she naively took up refuge in the PGA Embassy, confident that the attack would be repelled. When it was seen that there was no hope to hold the planet, she prepared to evacuate and took necessary precautions to avoid harm. A band of Sith, however, interrupted the escape and attempted to assassinate the senator. She was fortunate enough to escape, but not unharmed. The battle left her with moderate wounds and she was weakened for some time. She continued to perform all her Senatorial duties, however, with all the energy she could muster.

Rise of the Second Velmor-Onderon Dynasty[]

With the collapse of the Imperial Republic, now PGA Chancellor Vandergraff was thrust into a position of power and responsibility during the Republic's darkest hour. Threatened by the resurgent Sith, the Revenant Armada and their barbarian allies, Onderon and Velmor were surrounded. Further adding to her already heavy burden, Vandergraff was designated Royal Chaperone of the young Onderon Princess Thalia, grandaughter of Selkisto Horten and the late Queen of Onderon, Queen Hyacinth. As a named Duchess of Onderon, Chancellor Vandergraff became an unlikely catalyst for the return of House Hyacinth to Onderon and Rise of the Second Velmor-Onderon Dynasty.

As Chancellor[]

Senator Vandergraff was one of the two candidates in the race for Chancellor, but the second candidate dropped out, making her the default winner. Immediately after her election, the Coruscant war broke out. She could be found commanding the ground forces during the battle, sometimes heading into battle herself. She led the People's Galactic Alliance for several years with a strong hand and, under her leadership, several steps were taken to free Coruscant from Revenant control. Before her official term was up, however, she was given a vote of no confidence from the Senate not but a few months before the PGA collapse.


Tiffany Vandergraff, no longer Chancellor and with no official government to turn to, has found respite on her home world, Velmor, where she continued her business dealings, continually increasing her wealth. She still longs for the days in politics, however, having become bored.

Tetan Empire Affiliation[]

Finding herself extremely bored and needing some way to alleviate the current dark state of the galaxy using her wealth, Tiffany approached the Tetan Empress Keto and presented her with an offer that could just not be refused. Tiffany offered, essentially, a naval fleet in its own right, out of her own pocket and merely requested a diplomatic position in the Tetan government in return. With Tiffany’s political background and public moral honesty, it was difficult to refuse the generous offer.

After the Tetans left Nar Shaddaa and established themselves on Kathalon, Tiffany found her job significantly easier. She began working far more diplomatic missions for the Tetans as Ambassador; actions that eventually landed her the position of Vicereine of Kathalon. She holds this title to date, serving as the second-highest ranking government official on the planet of Kathalon, underneath only the Empress and Emperor.

Personal Life[]

She recently married Ihoros Imari, of Clan Imari based on Kathalon, officially changing her name to Tiffany Vandergraff-Imari.