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Thomas Hobbes, Rear Admiral, is a commander of a small detachment of rogue Imperial Navy Special Forces, that absconded with a large quantity of Imperial military equipment.

Adm. Hobbes traded most of the military equipment, including 30 AT-AT walkers, to the Black Dawn Syndicate in return for able bodied slaves to be uses as laborers in a ship yard.

Hobbes designed numerous ships which were produced by his laborers, but few made it onto market due to economic difficulties with production, and slave rebellions and sabotage.

Though most of his elite forces have since abandoned him to become soldiers of fortune, Adm. Hobbes still enjoys a a significant amount of prestige within some circles, and despite still being wanted by the Fel Empire, runs a well used space station in the orbit of Tatooiene. The station is unsurprisingly named after him.

Hobbes is a staunch believer in eugenics, and has a facility on his station which churns out custom-bred slaves.

Behind the Scenes

Thomas Hobbes was a 17th century English philosopher who advocated the a strong centralized government. Many of Hobbe's works may be taken to advocate, or at least not by any means condemn, slavery. Hobbes argues that any abuses of power by the government are merely the price of peace.