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"My problem is not that I used the Dark Side, but rather that the Dark Side used me"


Childhood and Early Teens[]

"Sometimes things don't go the way you planned". For some people, that's a saying. For Jaron... well, he's pretty sure someone tattooed it onto him when he wasn't looking.

Originally a slightly tall young man of average build, with slightly tan skin, raven-coloured hair, and eyes to match, Jaron Pythron was born and raised inside an abandon droid factory on the planet Hypori, because his father, Maxis Pythron, was running from a criminal organization he refused to tell his son the name of; leaving Jaron with a strong, yet totally unfounded, suspicion that the organization out to get his father was Black Sun, and therefore holding a lifelong dislike of the organization.

On Hypori, meals consisted mostly of Mynock Stew, as the creatures were easy to catch as they fed on the energy from exposed wires. Although he didn't know it at the time, catching Mynocks also served to teach him patience, self-reliance, and made him a resourceful young man.

When Jaron was five, Jaron's father accidentally stepped on live wires, and was killed. That left Jaron to spend the greater part of his childhood with only his mother - giving him a great respect for women in general... however, it also gave him a lifelong fear of electricity - although he fears sparks more than the physical electrical current.

Since there are no schools in abandon droid factories, Jaron was mostly self-taught, with a bit of guidance from his mother, Rhena. This meant his skills were greatly effected by the Droid Factory. For example, although Jaron was fluent in Basic, he could read and write only in Geonosian and Nemodian, as he learned his literacy from the signs on the factory walls. He eventually found the ligthsabre of long-dead Jedi Master Daakman Barrek, which he found to be a useful weapon, and carried with him.

When Jaron was fifteen, Rhena died, and Jaron decided it was time to leave Hypori. The first thing he needed, though, was a ship. Since he was in a factory, getting parts did not provide a problem. After a few days of searching, Jaron located an old, clone-wars-ear, Ginivex-class starfighter, and used it to fly to from planet-to-planet, eventually stopping on Mechis III

Late Teens[]

On Mechis III, Jaron got a job working in Tyko Thul's droid factory, where, by the time he was seventeen, he had made enough credits to buy himself a real ship - which he named the "Lost Profit", after his factory overseer's favourite phrase ("Kid, if you work that badly, you'll find yourself with a bunch of lost profit")

The first thing Jaron did with the 'Profit' was travel the famous Perlemian Trade Route. However, he made a wrong turn and ended up on Cardia. On Cardia, he was quickly arrested for having an unregistered starship, and served a few months in jail. From that point on, he came to mistrust Stormtroopers.

After being released from Jail, Jaron decided to avoid similar problems, by getting the Profit registered. However, he lacked any form of Imperial Citizenship, so had to wait in line to get his citizenship for several hours. By the time he arrived at the Registration Desk for his ship, he was so tired, he never thought to look over the registration. That would have been a rather good thing to do, as if he had red over it, he would have noticed his ship's name had been recorded as the "Lost Prophet".

Not one to argue with official records, Jaron simply began calling his ship the 'Lost Prophet', and continued on his way.

Early Adulthood[]

Now an eighteen-year-old, unemployed,Imperial Citizen, Jaron opted to begin traveling the galaxy. One day, he realized something amazing - he could read minds. All his life, Jaron had been able hear what others were thinking, but he had never realized this was unique, until he spoke with a mysterious Jedi Knight. The Jedi told him that he was able to tap into a power known as "The Force", and taught him the basics. However, he did NOT teach Jaron how to use his Force-sensitivity, so Jaron became a clueless Force User.

The young man continued wandering from planet to planet, though. Since he'd taught himself to read, write, do math, and so much more, he figured he could teach himself the Force. He managed to teach himself to Force Jump, sense the presence of others, and sense details about them - but nothing big.

Then, one day, Jaron was on Kathalon, idly speaking with a few GAR soldiers, when two Black Sun Mercenaries attacked a nearby GAR base. Being that he considered himself a warrior of justice, Jaron tagged along with the GAR infantry, and found the two mercenaries using their armour, grenade launchers, and chain-gun like blasters to make toast of the GAR Guards.

That was when Jaron first felt what it was like to tap into the Dark Side of the Force. He couldn't tell why, but the scene in front of him filled him with rage, and he lost control. Filled with nothing but bitter contempt for the mercenaries, Jaron drew his lightsabre and rushed into battle. The young man had no problem deflecting the lasers, and even less of a problem making sushi out of his enemies. He then passed out, the only connection to the Dark Side remaining in him being the wonderful feeling he had.

After that, he continued traveling the galaxy, soon coming across a Sith Holocron. So intrigued by the knowledge the holocron held, Jaron began searching the galaxy for more Sith artifacts, collecting them, and an array of Sith knowledge with them.

On his trip to Byss, to read information from the DLoTS archives, Jaron came across the Imperial Throne, which he stopped to take notes on. When he was taking notes, he was approached by Darth Infestus, who he had a quick match of witts with. Of course, Jaron's Sith knoweldge was nothing in comparison to Darth Infestus', but he stood his own long enough for the Emperor to arrive and end the argument.

Jaron continued searching the galaxy, eventually arriving on Mustafar. On Mustafar, his vast knowledge of the Dark Side won him the approval of Darth Magnus, and he was accepted into the Sith Cult of Ragnos.

His first assignment was to kill a Jedi on Tython, but, since he couldn't overtake any of the Sith Cultists (due largley to Drath Magnus shocking him with Sith Lightning before the battle, and the fact that Jaron had never fought a lightsabre duel before), Jaron was deemed unfit to begin without more training.

Jaron traveled to Nar Shaddaa, then, to get a few drinks before he set off to find a Sith to train him. It was not his lucky day, however. He happened to be speaking to a young woman when the leader of Black Sun decided to take her away and rape her.

Jaron, as a young man

Jaron stood valiantly between the crime lord and the girl, but, due to total lack of training with his lightsabre, was quickly overtaken. At that exact moment, Darth Infestus showed up again, swiftly killing both the Black Sun Boss and his chronie. During the fight, Jaron, despite his broken leg and dislocated shouler, got back up, and began challenging the remaining Black Sun members to a battle. Darth Infestus once again saved Jaron's life, although this time, it was because he thought Jaron was threatening a NSO member.

Darth Infestus pulled Jaron aside, asking him what the NSO member wanted. When Jaron did not know the answer, Infestus promptly left, leaving Jaron to wonder if his future held more than he could ever imagine.

The young man soon found that it did, as he soonafter became an Initiate into DLoTS, the same organisation that Darth Infestus serves in.

Life as a Sith[]

Jaron's time in DLoTS got off to a slightly rough start, when he got into an argument with a DLoTS Hand and a BYSS major. However, he managed to survive, and eventually got promoted to the rank of Disciple. As a Disciple, he became the student of Darth Infestus, effectively making it quite possible that the Force had chosen the two for something. The only question is... for what?

A few weeks after he was promoted to the rank of disciple, Jaron received a message from Infestus, saying that his ship had broken down, and he was currently stuck on Ossus. Jaron and the mechanic that worked for him, Zane Vanzant, headed to Ossus to help. Just as they were about to enter the hangar, though, an E-Wing Fighter sped out, crashing head-on into their transport. Jaron, who had been standing at the bridge window during the crash, was hit with the full force of the crash - and managed only to survive by creating somewhat of a Force Shield in front of him.

The Force Shield kept Jaron from being killed, but not by far. The young Sith's body was filled with shards of glass and metal. Despite this, Jaron ordered Zane to continue on and find Infestus, and leave him behind.

By the time Zane returned to the hangar with Infestus, Jaron was unconscious and even closer to death. Infestus revived Jaron, healing him just enough so that he could suffer consciously all the way to the Imperial Outpost on Eriadu.

After a period of healing on Eriadu, Jaron was taken by Infestus to the planet of Prakith, where he awoke unable to move, lying on an altar, with Infestus carving Sith runes into his stomach. About half-way through this painful process, Jaron accepted what was happening to him, and did the only thing one really CAN do while tied to a table being engraved with Sith Runes: embrace the pain, the anger and the fear and finally truly cross over to the Dark Side of the Force

Life as a Jedi[]

Jaron did not get to embrace the Dark Side for long, though. Shortly after they took his body, DLoTS took everything else from Jaron (including his name) and cast him out. The young man, now just referred to as "The Nameless", managed to escape with his life, taking Zane with him. The two first hid out in an abandon warehouse, where The Nameleess took Zane as his Disciple.

The Nameless then headed off to Dantooine, in the hopes that he would be safe from the Sith there.

Skills and Abilities[]

Lightsabre Combat[]

For a long time, The Nameless was totally unskilled in lightsabre combat. However, after learning the form of Makashi, his skills improved at a rapid pace, and he is now capable of holding his own against many opponents. In combat, The Unnamed uses his Lightsabre, his Force Powers, and a mix of martial arts. There have been many times in which he's used the one hand he doesn't have on his hilt to punch or throw his opponent into the wall.

His ability to use hand-to-hand combat in lightsabre duels is made lethal by his cybernetic wrists. The metal in them is heavy enough to cause serious damage if swung with enough force. They also prevent JThe Unnamed from worrying about hurting his hands when he does such.

Force Powers[]

The Unnamed has always been able to read people's emotions to an extent. While in DLoTS, Jaron was taught to use Force Push, Force Pull, Force Dash, and use the Force to increase his reflexes. He will probably never be able to use Force Lightning, though, due to his cybernetics.


The Nameless' Lightsabre[]


Like all other Sith, The Nameless had constructed, and carries around, his own lightsabre. Unlike most lightsabres, The Nameless's hilt has a curve at the end, which resulted from him overheating the metal during it's construction. However, the curve isn't a problem - instead, it's proven useful, as The Nameless is training in the Lightsabre Combat Form known as Makashi.

The Nameless stores his lightsabre inside a special holster in his sleeve, allowing him quick and easy access to it with the flick of a wrist. This is usually a good thing, due to Nameless's tendancy to be attacked by strangers.


Growing up in a Droid Factory, The Nameless was introduced to mechanics at a VERY young age. He's built several ships himself, and retrofitted many more. These are a few that he owns

The Lost Prophet[]

The Nameless' original starship, which he had to leave behind on Byss during his escape.

The Hierophant[]


The Hierophant is the Nameless' personal starfighter. Although one might think it's an X-Wing at first, the Hieropaht is actually an "Ugly Fighter", or the result of two starships being taken apart then their pieces put together to form a new ship. In this case, the Hierophant has the wings and fuselage of a Incom T-65 X-wing, and the body and controls of a Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor (aka, a "Jedi Starfighter")