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The Spiderclan during a council session.

The Spiderclan (Siblings of Ammara) is a Nightsister Clan formed by Kheeea Aboma in early 2010. The Clan consists of 10+ members, and is currently recruiting on the Dathomir sim. The current leader, or Clan Mother, is Calypsa Phelan.


As said from Star Wars canon itself, that the spiderclan was formed by a Nightsister by the name of Ziralo, after imperial prison within the planets wastelands. Ziralo contacted Gethzerion to seperate the clan, therefore the Spiderclan was formed in the Spidercult cave. The Spiderclan was named after the Gaping Spiders that lived within the caves.

The Spiderclan Nightsisters, preforming a ritual.

How we developed[]

The Spiderclan developed very slowly. Kheeea Aboma was known as the Clan mother at the time, but after moving to the Chandrila SIM, and having a massive skybox in the air for the Nightsisters from the donation of the NJO, Kheeea moved as a OOC Coordinator and Leader, leading Calypsa Phelan to be the clan mother. The skybox had a temple, and a forest with many huts. In late 2010 the SIM was took down, but in early 2011 the nightsisters moved back to the new Chandrila SIM for a week, when that Chandrila was took down too for payment issues. Recently (May 2011) the Nightsisters formed an alliance with Izumi Voughts Nightsisters, and now has a space in a castle like structure at the top of a mountain, givving them access to spaceport, archives, etc.

The Spiderclan with a tamed Rancor

IC Information[]

The Spiderclan is ran by Calypsa Phelan, she is the clan mother, their alliance lies with the spellweaver clan, by High Mother Kia. The Spiderclan has several members, dedicated to Gethzerion's book of laws. The clan uses Rancors, and sometimes even Gaping Spiders. Their weapons consist of swords, vibroswords, lightsabers, lightwhips, or Laserbows.

The Council - » Mother Phelan » Elder Bosskari » Elder Loshana » Nightsister Master Gennifer

Contact Information[]

To join contact Kheeea Aboma, Calypsa Phelan, Bosskari Tzal, Gennifer Edwyn, or Loshana Bruun.