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The Rodian Civil War occurred partway into the period of the Imperial Republic, not long after the devastation of the Onderon port of Iziz by the Sith Marauder "Ravens Harvest."

In the ancient days, Nivkk the Red of the Rodian Chattza clan had all but exterminated the Rodian Tetsu clan, driving them off-world to live a life creeping in the shadows of the galactic south. However, the Tetsuan dream of a return to their home world of Rodia did not die.

At this time in the galactic southlands, a rivalry had developed between Mandalorian strongman Tyber Kassar and Hutt warlord Huttila the Hutt.

Huttila had gained control of the Black Sun pirate fleet, and with the help of several strong supporters on Nar Shaddaa had built the fleet into a small but effective armada, raiding all along the Corellian from Cularin to Ryloth. In the meantime, the Kassar Tyber had moved his base of operations from frozen Hoth to Ryloth, seeking to gain control of the ryll trade. A three way struggle developed between criminal organization The New Exchange, the Black Sun, and Tyber Kassar.

Seeking to advance his position in the galactic south, Huttila, with blandishments and generous gifts of supplies and wupiupi, kindled the hopes of clan Tetsu. Not to be outdone, Tyber Kassar began to work with the clan Chattza, pushing them to suppress clan Tetsu all across the galactic south. Desperate, clan Tetsu launched a series of attacks on Chattza holdings on Rodia, and across the galaxy aimed at clan Chattza, precipitating several noteworthy terrorist incidents.

What began as a tribal war soon spread, engulfing Rodia, and the Rodian population of various regional systems. The simmering violence coupled with an increase in commerce raiding all along the lower Corellian, began an unraveling of the fragile peace that had been won with the fall of the Kluggan Empire.

These events would soon draw in the forces of the Imperial Republic, drawing the core worlds into the southern turmoil.

From the Historian of Ossus:

The Rodian Civil War was a multigenerational event that has its origins in ancient times. With the ascendency of Clan Chattza, Rodians of Clan Tetsu were forced off-world, marginalized into a wandering and mercenary existence. Between the time of the Fall of Onderon and the rise of Klugga the Hutt, Rodian clan Tetsu began to plot against clan Chattza. They would soon be championed by another rising Hutt Lord, Huttila, who agitated among the Tetsu, sparking a civil war that spread along the worlds of the lower Corellian at the beginning of the collapse of the Imperial Republic. The Chattza in turn found support among shadowy figures within the Sector-88 branch of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, who were seeking to undermine Hutt support for the rampaging Revenant Armada.
At the height of the rebellion, fleets from several Successor States were sent into the region to quell Rodian piracy and restore order along the lower Corellian. Many famous Rodian clan Tetsu mercenaries were employed by the Black Sun Pirate Armada of Huttila the Hutt.