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Klugga the Hutt was one of many Hutts that emerged from Nar Shaddaa and sought to dominate the galactic southlands (the arc extending from: Kessel - Nar Shaddaa - Ryloth - Alzoc III - Endor - Naboo - Toydaria. Includes Tatooine, Dagobah, the Cularin system (and of course many more Outer Rim and Mid Rim territories)).

The history of Klugga's brief rise is interesting because, though not particularly original, it represents the classic Hutt rise to power. The events surrounding Klugga's rise take place starting near the middle of events described in The Onderon Crusade (see Fall of Onderon).

Klugga had his beginnings on Nar Shaddaa and from there moved to Tatooine, establishing a Palatial Household in Mos Espa. After a brief period of rivalry with Pado the Hutt, Klugga and his Palace came to dominate Mos Espa. Klugga presided over several pod races, and sponsored a number of sabacc games, earning a great deal of credits, woopie-woopie (local spelling) and fungible trade goods, including various spices. It was at this time that Klugga won the protocol droid C4P9 in a game of sabacc.

Klugga's activities brought him into contact with the Black Sun crime syndicate under the leadership of notorious spice smuggler Captain Tesserian. With a combination of muscle and guile, Klugga wrested control of the Black Sun away from the smuggler and had the Captain banished to the galactic north. With the Black Sun firmly in hand, Klugga moved his Household to Mos Eisley.

Klugga came into immediate conflict with local thuggery in Mos Eisley, especially the Mandalorian Darasum clan. After several street battles and attacks on his Palace, Klugga managed to stave off defeat and come to a modus vivendi with the proud Mandalorian warriors.

The situation in Mos Eisley being more settled, Klugga brought the rogue Black Sun pirate fleet into his fold, under the command of pirate admiral Sid Ryonn. Shortly thereafter, Klugga formed an alliance with the notorious General Raiden, who had seized several large asteroids orbiting Dagobah. Black Sun scouts of the pirate fleet were able to seize one of the larger Kessel moon asteroid bases (in the asteroid field formed from the remains of Kessel's moon).

Klugga's activities, especially the spice trade emanating from his Palace in Mos Eisley, attracted the attention of Imperial authorities. Although many of them proved open to bribery, the local base commander, the incorruptable General Hoon, remained his implacable enemy. It was about this time that Klugga's protocol droid C4P9, was possibly reprogrammed by the Imperial spy network, Spectre.

With the arrival of the renegade 506th stormtrooper unit from Bastion, Mos Eisley was thrown into turmoil by the rebel General Kraze. Klugga benefited tremendously from the conflict, dealing with both sides, and emerging as a local hero among many citizens of Mos Eisley. Eventually the local Imperial troops under the command of the heroic General Hoon were able to break the siege of the garrison.

Starting with this framework, the Black Sun entered a period of rapid expansion with the return of Black Sun Queen, Cayce Urriah. The Black Sun began to cast its shadow as far south as Ryloth, and northwards into the galactic core. This expanded influence brought the Black Sun syndicate into conflict with a rival crime syndicate, the Galactic Exchange.

The Black Sun - Exchange Crime War raged from Kessel to Coruscant, claiming many lives and causing much chaos. Klugga and Queen Cayce were forced to deal with many defections and assassination attempts. Still, the Black Sun continued to grow. With the addition of the Red Fury pirates as nominal allies, Klugga had reached the height of his Empire, stretching from Kessel, to Nar Shaddaa, Rodia and Gamorrah, Cularin and Dagobah. Klugga was never able to fulfil his dream of gaining a foothold on Onderon following the collapse of Queen Hyacinth's dynasty, and had to fight a constant struggle with the Exchange for even limited gains in the Coruscant undercity. While he remained a major player in the spice trade, especially Glitterstim red spice from the Kessel asteroid field, Klugga was also never able to gain any traction with the Twi'lek on Ryloth.

At the height of his power, as his partner Queen Cayce expanded her influence among many Mandalorian clans, Klugga began to succumb to a mysterious illness that ate away at his massive cephalopod body from within. Taken to Nar Shaddaa, Klugga lingered for several months before dying under reduced circumstances in a Nar Shaddaa upper city fortress.

Thus passed one of the more powerful Hutts to emerge in the galaxy.