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The Laido Emporium, commonly shortened to The Emporium is an organization originally created by the founder in an act of redemption of her past crimes and sins. Initially, Laido'lyn'udoloro, or Lynu Laido, had created the business in order to help the poor of Nar Shaddaa and employ them to learn everyday skills and supply them with enough credits to begin their lives as normal citizens of the galaxy. But, in the end, one thing led to another and everything she stood for began to screw up and change. She had realized that her training or effort made towards these citizens meant nothing. Thus the beginning of Laido Emporium.

Soon it became something that was close to every other criminal syndicate out there. It was an incredibly deformed and distorted version of what it used to be. From it's humble roots as a charity group, to a full flown criminal organization, it was a metamorphosis that many did not expect. Quickly, within months, it had begun to take over parts of Nar Shaddaa and made many contacts to make itself one of the powers of the moon formerly controlled by Hutts. Although it is a rather new organization, it has already demonstrated it's power upon this moon by controlling a majority of the lower city and an even larger portion of the mid-city.

There are two sides to the Laido Emporium, the criminal side and the legal side. The legitimate side owns many businesses, such as the cantina in the mid-city of Nar Shaddaa and the hotel in the lower city, with the banners hanging off the walls and the enforcers wandering the streets sporting the symbol on their shoulders. They wish to show their authority upon the moon, and do very well to show it. They also have a legitimate trade throughout the universe, employing traders to sell merchandise supplied by the Emporium. Their presence in the void called space is commonly represented by the countless trader ships and frigates that would travel in convoys. Only recently, however, have they managed to make a presence on multiple planets.

It isn't necessarily common knowledge that there is a criminal side to the Emporium, other than its very strong bond with other criminal syndicates such as Imperious. There was an unspoken rule on the street to never necessarily mention the groups darker side, but it was clearly obvious, yet never confirmed fact that they were related to the black market trade that came in and out of the moon. Known only to them, were the spice and spliced weapons trade that they managed, and on occasion the slave trade as well.