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The Work and the Authors[]

The Fragmentation of the Empire is a vast, multi-generational work completed by an individual identified only as "the Historian of Ossus" who may or may not have existed. The Fragmentation itself draws from many works, and exists only as fragments. It is often translated in its more poetic form as Fragments of Empire. Extensive monographs exist on The Historian of Ossus.

Immediate Issues[]

As the work is drawn from many sources, there exist numerous contradictions as to the significance of many events, and even the veracity of what has been reported. Further, the work has undergone many translations and revisions through the centuries. It is still considered the best scholarly work for the historical period that begins with the 'Rise of the Imperial Republic', but scholars and historians are cautioned that all source work should be cross-referenced for accuracy of reporting.

Synopsis of Events[]

The Fragmentation describes events that are sweeping in their scope, encompassing the entire galaxy, and perhaps more than a quarter millennia of historical time. While the main narrative begins with the reign of Empress Talmerith and events leading up to the Onderon Crusade, there is discussion of the rebellion of Grand Moff Ravyne Rayne, the defection of the Bastion garrison and rise of the Imperial Remnant, as well as discussions regarding the origins of the ancient library on Ossus and the inability of the Jedi Orders on Yavin to form a true consensus concerning Force Theory.

Harbringers of Dissent[]

It has become a truism in the study of history that attempting to establish any sort of beginning and end to the continuous flow of historical formation is abstract and artificial at best. The same is true for attempting the determine the origins of the current collapse and fragmentation of the Imperium, and by extension, galactic unity in general. However, several key events stand out that form a prelude to the era of collapse:

  1. The revolt of Southern Command Grand Moff Ravyne Rayne and following revolts of the Tatooine garrison, leading to a breaking away of the southern Imperial Remants and garrisons.
  2. The defection of the giant naval base on Bastion.
  3. The repudiation of the Empire by former Imperial supply base and fuel depot on Ord Mantell.
  4. The loss of internal cohesion of the Jedi Orders on Yavin IV, home of the largest and most influential Jedi Orders in the galaxy.

Successor States[]

The Successor States are those political and economic entities that arose with the definitive fall of the Imperium and the fragmentation of the Imperial Republic. The period of Imperium (but not of fragmentation) is considered to have come to an end with the Rise of the New Republic (alternately the Jedi Republic of the New Republic of the Jedi).

The Rise of the New Republic, following the Fragmentation of the Imperium, ca 201103