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The lush forest moon, one of nine moons orbiting the gas giant Endor, has a diverse ecosystem brimming with life. Ewoks and Yuzzum created a complex society in and around the vegetation despite their somewhat primative technology. The moon has remains of the Imperial occupation. An abandoned AT-AT stands guard-like near the landing platform seemingly protecting the Imperial bunker. Care must be taken through the forest as hostile mynocks attack the unwary. Ensure you have the proper equipment to hand.

Guarding the forest.

The Imperial bunker

The Imperial bunker, which has been left almost intact from its occupation, leads to an extensive network of underground corridors and rooms, a dank prison cell bay and a medical outpost. Wherever you are within this complex you can hear the buzzing and clunking of the bases past still haunting it today.

Overlooking the Imperial bunker.

The smouldering remains of past battles litter the soft ground and, surrounded by towering trees and dense brush, you will soon get the feeling that you are being watched. You cannot fail to be too far from lifeforms when on the forest moons surface.

The ewok village

Reaching dizzying heights in the rich forest canopy is the ewok village. This vast interconnecting labarynth of platforms and walkways was once home to hundreds of ewoks and woklings. The whole area feels alive and though only a few ewoks remain, the spirit of their civilisation here lives on. The echo of beating drums pervades the damp air and surrounds the camp which consists of many circular platforms, ropeways, spiral staircases, huts and an area which appears to have been home to strange rituals and spiritual rites of passage. The village is currently home to The Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, a group run by Laelia Demonia, who you should contact in-world for further details at this current time.

A group of Ewoks

Navigation to and from the moon

Fortunately for those arriving at the orbital trading station without transport of their own there is a regular shuttle service. The shuttles, which run every few minutes, will easily transport three travellers to and from both The Forest Moon of Endor and nearby Taris, which is also in The Outer Rim. Whilst this service is provided free of charge by the administrators of the orbital trading station it is to be noted that they take no responsibility for your personal safety whilst using this transport.

The Endor and Taris shuttle departure bays are both located on the upper floor of the orbital trading station.

Further information

The Forest Moon of Endor is owned and administered by Leanne Karas. She also runs the popular Binary Star Cantina in the orbital station, as well as Binary Star Designs, which sells exceptional quality Star Wars avatars, clothing and accessories.

Staff and administration

List of in-world contacts for The Forest Moon of Endor, Binary Star Designs and The Binary Star Cantina.


This sim opened in the first quarter of 2008 after a long period of conceptual design by Leanne Karas.

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