The De'evan project is the ongoing search for Darth Nikkan De'eva's holocron and, ultimately, that of his distant ancestor, Lord Kaissen De'eva. It was initiated by Sith Apprentice Valermit Mindseer, with his Mistress' approval, after he found a partially-corrupted holo-disc containing an excerpt from Darth Nikkan De'eva's holocron which referred to the legend of Lord Kaissen De'eva's mastery of Mechu-deru.



Shortly before the Sith and Mandalorians clashed on Bandomeer, Sith apprentice Valermit Mindseer discovered a partially-corrupted holo-disc in the Sith Archives on Byss while researching Sith history. The only part he was able to view with his limited technical skills was an excerpt from the holocron of Darth Nikkan De'eva which had been discarded as a suspected fraud some time before Valermit noted the similarity between the background information given by Darth Nikkan in his rant against the Jedi and the search which Enclave historians claimed Nawair Highmind made for the holocron of an ancient Sith alchemist, but which the future High Sorcerer had to call off due to the prophecy of impending doom for Tund. He also noted that Zuguruk Sorcerer Saihaz had performed some significant research on an ancient Sith master of Mechu-deru, which led the Sith apprentice to suspect that there may be some truth behind Darth Nikkan De'eva's claims. Valermit brought this to his Mistress' attention, and she gave her approval for continued research on the subject.

War on BandomeerEdit

Due to the pressing urgency of the war on Bandomeer, Apprentice Valermit had to sideline his research for a time. However, after being part of a Sith strike team which failed to reach and gain control of two ancient Basilisk war droids due to the intervention of a rogue AI, Valermit decided to return his research project to top priority.

The rogue AI was eventually driven off of Bandomeer, but it remained at large in the galaxy and could strike anywhere at any time, killing countless sentients regardless of their alignment or allegiance. Thus, what was once his personal pet project has now become a quest for (someone's) survival.

First breakthroughEdit

Vaermit quickly became a hermit aboard his Mistress' starship, from whence he searched not only the Archives on Byss, but also the Holo-net at large. Eventually, he thought to try the search term

De'eva AND "Basilisk war droid".

This led him to a mention of a researcher at De'evan Industries who had proposed a method for controling Basilisk war droids. Unfortunately, there was no mention of either what the method actually was, or what the outcome of attempting to apply it may have been. It did, however, plant the suspicion that the ancient master of Mechu-deru in question was associated with this droid design and production corporation, thus providing a possible link to the De'evan whom previous scholars had confirmed to have existed during the correct era.

Seeking alliesEdit

((Coming in due course.))

Behind the scenesEdit

The De'evan project is being used not only as part of Valermit Mindseer's character story, it is also an RP arc aimed specifically at Sith disciples of the Byss Sith Empire. However, thanks in part to Darth Nikkan De'eva's history with the Jedi, individuals from at least two other factions have become involved at some level in the on-going research project. Other than those individuals (they know who they are!) and members of the Dark Lords of the Sith and of the Imperial Sith Military, pretty much no characters have any way of knowing about the project - yet.

When this story-arc was first conceived, Vatharn had not yet heard about the hostile AI which the Mandalorians accidentally released on Mandalore. Once he noted the coincidence, he quickly embraced the possibility of the two story-arcs intertwining with each other.

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