The De'evan was an unscrupulous businessman who founded De'evan Industries presumably some time before the Eternal Empire of Zakuul invaded the Core Worlds.


Even during his lifetime, he was known simply as "the De'evan"; it is unclear whether this was his name, his surname, or a nickname. Regardless, the name was still in use by his descendants as late as the rise of Darth Krayt's One Sith. Presumably, he was married, since he had three legitimate sons, though his wife is not mentioned in any extant records. His eldest son married and entered government service; his second son became a starship engineer working for an unidentified shipyard; his third and youngest son became the black sheep of the family, and he remained so even after his Force sensitivity was discovered and he ran away to attend the Sith Academy on Korriban.

The De'evan had a view of the Sith which was unusual for a citizen of the Sith Empire: he hated them, yet he did not fear them. However, he numbered many Sith among his customers, suggesting that he loved their credits more than he hated the Sith themselves. As for the Sith, they found him and his business to be useful tools, not only for helping provide the Imperial Military with much-needed droids, but also for the occasional valuable item or piece of information normally found in hostile space.

De'evan Industries may have been a cover for a smuggling ring, at least in part, especially considering the kind of care the De'evan took to cultivate friends in the right places, and his own taste for expensive luxuries which were difficult to find in Imperial space.

Some time after the Eternal Empire of Zakuul conquered the Core Worlds, the De'evan ran afoul of the wrong Sith lord or Darth, and, after two failed assassination attempts, a third assassin finally made it through his extremely tight security to poison his food. The identity and rank of the assassin and their master is not known - it is not even known whether the assassin was male or female. However, the De'evan's favorite grandson, Lord Kaissen De'eva, avenged the De'evan's death, apparently destroying any legacy his killers may have left.

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