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Dark Order symbol

The Dark Order is a Sith Occult group found in 250-(Current) ABY on the planet Betal. The group was named The Dark Order from its evil practices of Rituals, Magic, and Alchemy. The Dark Order practices the Sith Religon and Philosophy.

The Dark Order Code

Through Darkness I gain eternal Power,

Through Power I gain the upper hand,

With the upper hand all goals are achievable,

Once they are achievable all shall be destroyed,

Once all is destroyed I will raise a new Eternal Dark Kingdom,

And with this eternal dark kingdom we will hold the power of chaos and darkness.

-Dark Order Code

Founding on Betal (250 ABY)

Betal was a Mid Rim planet uncharted in the archives very little information was known about it a perfect set up for a growing Sith Order.