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Mandalorian Clan's Mereel, Skirata, Karr - Declared Hostile
Mandalorian Clan's Mereel, Skirata, Karr - Declared Hostile
Domain Vorrik a yuuzhan vong clan - Declared Hostile
==Houses of the Tetan Empire.==
==Houses of the Tetan Empire.==

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The Tetan Empire is a monarchy which controls the Empress Teta System and it's nine planet's. Many years ago they had taken part in two great wars under the legendary Empress Teta, the Unification Wars and the Great Hyperspace Wars leading to the ultimate defeat of Sith Lord Naga Sadow. In 3997 BBY the Empire would be siezed by Krath and aid Exar Kun in his wars, though following such the Krath influence on the Tetan Empire would retract to the shadows. In more recent times the Empire had been ruled by Empress Lani Keto but the return of the Krath would spell her doom, she and her husband and many other nobles were murdered in a 'Krath uprising' Her daughter, Xera Keto would ascend to the throne at fourteen amidst utter chaos. The Revenant Armada would be asked to restore order, and they did so with a heavy hand. Despite some tension and accusations that the Armada had been behind the Krath uprising, the Armada and the Tetan Empire worked in coordination -- the cooperation growing over time as the young Empress seemed more accepting of the Grand Admiral's counsel as years went by. Infamous bounty hunter and Tapani noble Gen Morane would marry the Empress gaining the post of Emperor in what many saw as a political union, but after a few years it would be discovered by the Grand Admiral that Morane had been working with what remained of the Imperial forces, he would be banished and the marriage dissolved..but his life spared on the Empress' request..leaving the Empress as the sole ruler of the Empire. Years later the Empress would revolt against the Armada Occupation revealing that the Grand Admiral had been behind plots all along to take control of the system, including the murder's of her parent's. After a lengthy struggle the system would be damaged heavily yet liberated of it's oppressors.

Planet's of the Tetan Empire

Capital of the Tetan Empire.

*Empress Teta, formerly known as Koros Major, Koros, and also known as Cinnagar, was an ecumenopolis world in the Deep Core. It was named after the Koros system's ruler Empress Teta, who unified the system following the Unification Wars in 5,000 BBY.

It was the capital of Teta Sector and was located on both the Koros Trunk Line and the Carbonite Run, and for a short time on the Daragon Trail. Empress Teta was the main hub of galactic civilization in the Deep Core and was also one of the few highly urbanized planets in the region to rival Coruscant itself in fashion and amenities.

- Iron Citadal (Capital)

- House Keto

- Alderaan Museum of Fine Arts

- Great Library of Cinnagar

- Club Corellia

- Coruscant Fashions

- House VenHalgon (Minor House)

- Hyperspace Navigator's Guildhouse

- Monument to Lost Navigator's.

*Keres I was a moonless searing rocky planet in the Empress Teta system.

- Tetan Mining Guild headquarters.

- House Azinimas (Stripped of all land and status as nobillity [Only within the Tetan Empress's Court])

*Ronika was a world in the Empress Teta system, which was used as a prison colony around the time of the Great Hyperspace War. Ronika was the eighth planet in the system, and had one moon. It was the longest holdout to accept the relationship between the Armada and the Empire.

- Tetan Empire Military HQ

*Gillad was a planet in the Empress Teta system with one moon. It was destroyed in the war's against the Armada, nothing was left behind.

*Mozos was a planet in the Empress Teta system with two moons

- Koros Spaceworks Shipyards (destroyed)

*Tryast was a planet that was located within the Empress Teta system, in the Deep Core region of the galaxy. It was orbited by one moon.

- House Daragon (Minor House) (Loyalist)

*Phiris was a planet in the Empress Teta system with two moons.

*Phoros was a planet in the Empress Teta system with one moon.

- Temple, it's origin unknown (Krath)

- Droid Factory (Krath)

*Keres II was a moonless frozen planet in the Empress Teta system.

*Koros Minor.

- Museum of the Great Hyperspace War

- Museum of the Unification War.

*Kirrek - was a planet in the Empress Teta system.The planet boasted a highly advanced population which survived, for the most part, off Kirrek's abundant plant life.

- Temple of unknown origins *Belderone - originally known as Vartholium, was the sector capital of Belderone sector, on the Triellus Trade Route, with 2 inhabited moons. The planet was left in turmoil after it's defeat by the Yuuzhan Vong. It fell into chaos, order finally resestablished by a distant relative of the Tetan Empress.

*Kathalon - Originally a Commonwealth Colony world the Commonwealth's government was badly ruptured by it's enemies causing them to ask the Empire to look after it's colony world's. Unlike most planet's in the Tetan Empire no new nobles would be appointed to Kathalon or the other Commonwealth Colonies, instead they would be governed by elected Regional Governor's. Kathalon however would become the Tetan's homeworld outside the Empress Teta System

- Kathalon Citadal

- Commonwealth Station

- ?? Shipyards

Alliances and Enemies

Allied to the Tetan Empire

The Wandering Jedi.

Order of the Jedi Covenant.

Order of the Calling.

The Pantoran Assembly

Grand Army of the Republic


The Pantoran Assembly.

The Galactic Alliance.

Enemies to the Tetan Empire

The Revenant Armada - Declared State of War.

Mandalorian Clan's Mereel, Skirata, Karr - Declared Hostile

Domain Vorrik a yuuzhan vong clan - Declared Hostile

Houses of the Tetan Empire.

After the extensive damage to the Empress Teta System and many nobles amongst the over 100 billion dead, the noble houses and government are under renovation

House Keto

  • Empress Xera Keto
  • Lord Mezrin Kenin (Lord of Phobos )

House Dark Rose?

  • Duke Apparition (Duke of Keres II)
  • Lady Nemu (Lady of Keres II)

House Blackadder

  • Count Lucien (Count of Kiros Minor)

House Rejkus

  • Baron Soze (Baron of Belderonne)
  • Lord K' (Lord of Kirrek)

House Delacroix

  • Viceroy Delacroix (Viceroy of Ronnika)

House Qoida

  • Viceroy Echk Qoida (Viceroy of Phiris)

House Starstrider

  • Viceroy Lorien Starstrider (Viceroy of )

Some backstory/flavor text credited to Meralin Sabra.