The Telos Jedi Order

The Telos Jedi Order was created from a group of Force Adepts on the planet Telos IV. We are followers of the Light Side of the Force. The order is of honorable Jedi who follow the Jedi Code. Telos IV and it's Jedi always maintain high standards of code, conduct, and RP.

There is no Emotion; There is Peace
There is no Ignorance; There is Knowledge
There is no Passion; There is Serenity
There is no Chaos; There is Harmony
There is no Death; There is the Force

Telos Jedi 'Elevations'


  • Receive Entrance Notecards and White Telos IV Robe (which is optional)
  • Get to know at least 5 people in the Order - Tell some things about them
  • Know and talk about the three groups that are housed here on Telos IV
  • Know and Recite the Jedi Code
  • Know and Recite the Sith Code
  • Know and Recite the Pillars of Strength
  • Talk about what it means to be a Jedi


  • Get to know 10 people in the Orders (Telos Jedi, Telos Sith, RSF) - Tell some things about them
  • Know and Recite the four different classes/professions of Jedi
  • Choose a class and talk about why that class was chosen
  • Purchase RCS System and understand the system
  • Update RCS to show proficiency to display correct title (Telos Jedi Youngling - Setinel/Consular/Guardian/Healer)
  • Display good behavior and understanding of basic RP Skills
  • Be able to articulate each Jedi Rank and describe them (adept, youngling, padawan, knight, master)


  • Chosen at least one individual that they would like to be their Master and able to articulate why that person was chosen
  • Build their own lightsaber
  • Write a detailed character notecard describing their character and full background and submit a copy to the Order's Chronicler for archiving. (Currently the position is held by Master Cyclone McLeod)
  • Continue to show loyalty to the order
  • Be able to talk about Telos IV and the Star Wars Galaxy as a whole
  • Continue to display good behavior
  • Continue to display good RP Skills
  • Discuss lightsaber colors and what they represent
  • Be able to discuss and show a true understanding of the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Discuss what they envision their future to be with the order and in the Star Wars Community


To create and maintain an intricate and cherished close working relationship with their Jedi Master. The Jedi should continue to display strong proficiencies in RP and maintaining good relationships on Telos IV and in the Star Wars Community as a whole. A Jedi Padawan seeking to become a Knight will prove loyalty to their Master, the Order, and the betterment of the Star Wars Community as a whole. To become a Knight, the Padawan will prove proficiencies in all aspects of being a Jedi and successfully pass the Knight Trials set forth by their Masters, which are approved by the Telos Jedi Council.

Noteable former members

Diakonos Delcon
Atticus Jetaime
Nyx Kavanagh
Pandora Regent
Cyclone McLeod
Fionnbhar Holyoke
Ranma Yoshiro

Knights of the Old Republic

The Telos Jedi Order thrived as an order, but the arrival of KOTOR eventually saw the merging of Jedi Orders, with the members of the TJO joining KOTOR and becoming one. KOTOR is no longer active, but some of these Jedi are still in the galaxy to this day.


This rp group was formed by Diakonos Delcon along with Atticus Jetaime et al following the departure of the Shadow Jedi Order from the new sim 'Telos IV'. At this time Telos IV only had 3 main rp groups, The Telos Jedi Order, Shadow Sith Order (later would be known as the Telos Sith Order) and the RSF based on the space station above.

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