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"Titles mean little to me personally, the ones given to me I will use of course as to others they mean something. They are just another tool to me that I can use."

— Te


Life as an Initiate[]

The one known as Te was once know as Primalus and he was taken by Dark Lord Infestus to the planet of Byss where he spent some time reading through the expansive library, and completing assignments.

Life as a Disciple[]

As time went on he was accepted by the Dark Lords of The Sith and allowed to start his training as an apprentice to Dark Lord Infestus, though that would change, he had met the Lady Invidia, a human female who he shared much in personality with, and had more than a few conversations and duals with. He felt something in the Force, guiding to him, he knew that she was the one that was destined to train him. He asked to be realeased from Infestus, and was granted the permission to continue on his training under the tutelage of Lady Invidia. He would hold mixed feeling about her, she had both a nurturing and abusive nature. He learned to greatly hate and deeply respect her for this. Early on in his training his left eye was destroyed by Darth Ulterus after the blood vessels in the eye burst from the pressure put upon it from being force chokes and his struggles against his attacker.

During this time he truly tapped into the Force, and focused on its uses more than any weapon, as his body would be his true weapon. He would travel to Rhand, searching for a lost detachment of imperial troops, he discovered that they were all killed by some strange entity he dubbed "The Shadow Man". On Rhand he fought for both survival and the possibility of one or more Rhandite artifacts, he discovered a Mask and in amulet, but not before losing his left arm to one of the many beasts that roamed Rhand's surface, it was worth it however, the artifacts were mysteries of the past that may hold unknown powers locked in the past.

Te eventually left the Dark Lords of The Sith shortly after having his tongue ripped out by Darth Ulterious. He thought he would retire to a life of crime, hopefully become a Crime Lord in Byss's undercity. The identity that was Primalus had died, Tred Dredurn, his old identity resurfaced for some time but that too would not last.

The Order[]

Te joined The Order after some time, he was recruited by Darth Nemesis to join The Order, he accepted under a few conditions, one of which was a new body, specifically that of a Shi'ido. A he finally took the name Te and his new appearance, though he often wears a mask over his face.

Personality and traits[]

Unlike most Sith, Primalus was not filled with hatred for the Jedi, though he did act like it, he found them to be as much a part of the Galaxy and the Force as he and the Sith were, two sides to a coin. He never believed that either side would ever fully wipe each other out and rule the galaxy. Infact he viewed them both idiotic in their views of the Force and viewed only one individual to be truly a "Master" of the Force: Revan

He had a strange obsession with Revan, he would horde any knowledge about the Sith Lord/Jedi Master he found him to be the only user of the Force that could truly master it fully, and the only individual that he knew of that mastered both the Light and the Dark equally, he viewed Revan has his spiritual Master, one to base his knowledge and understanding of the Force, he would take all other teachings with a grain of salt as he viewed them to viable but, limited.