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Taste of Rodia

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The Taste of Rodia is a strangely named Bakery found on the level of 1313 on Coruscant. It is one of the more popular destinations of the district and is known for it's use of exotic ingredients and strange smells not found elsewhere in the area.

The Taste of Rodia opened in 7BBY during the Galactic Empire and is frequented even by the more xenophobic imperials, During the conflict on 1313 the store has been entirely unaffected and undamaged. During this time the founder and owner of the store is a Jedi by the name of Tissk Brukeekca whom remained under cover here.

In later years following the wars and after the Rebel victory, Taste of Rodia further expanded notably housing a popular cafe on Telos' Citadel Station and on the surface capital.

In 260+ABY Taste of Rodia can be found on most popular urban locations and many non-urban on near every world in the galaxy. Currently it is pushing it's stores into Corellia after some turmoil preventing the chain from opening on the planet's urban centres.