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Taris is a Star Wars planet, located in The Outer Rim. It features vast city-scapes, and a multi-level architecture where the wealthy inhabitants of the Upper City live far above the squalor of the Undercity. In Second Life, Taris is a non-combat roleplay sim, where all are welcome (roleplayers and nonroleplayers). Taris is owned and administered by Furia Freeloader.

Points of Interest

Taris contains numerous points of interest.

  • The Taris Upper City Cantina.
  • Furious Star Wars Avatars (home store), the leading purveyor of Star Wars themed items in Second Life
  • The Taris Upper City - featuring luxurious apartments for rent on separate land parcels
  • The Taris Undercity - home of the Taris Undercity Resistance and Krank's Dragoons
  • Taris Swoop Racetrack - active racetrack with speed boosters and timekeeping
  • Krank's Dragoons hideout
  • Shuttle to space station in The Forest Moon of Endor.

The SWQS or Star Wars Quest System is a major feature of Taris and can be found throughout the sim.

The Taris Upper City Cantina

Main article: Taris Upper City Cantina

The hub of social activity on Taris and the starting point for SWQS quests, The Taris Upper City Cantina has 4 rooms surrounding a central hub room. It is based very closely on the Taris Upper City Cantina in KOTOR.

  • The Hutt Room features Ajuur the Hutt, the starting NPC (Non-Player Character) for the SWQS quests.
  • Bar room (with entrance to Furia's office)
  • Party room - where the Sunday Taris Upper City Cantina parties are held, sundays at 4pm SLT.
  • Cantina Roof - where the Taris Building Contests are held (sundays at noon SLT)

NPCs inhabiting the cantina include Ajuur the Hutt, Capt. Dax Vando, Xana, and a mysterious cloaked individual.

Furious Star Wars Avatars

This is the home store for Furious Star Wars Avatars. All items made by Furia with a Star Wars theme are available here, as well as a few other items.

Taris Upper City

The Taris Upper City features elegant breezeways, a landing pad for a shuttle to the Endor Space Station, a central sculpture, and 9 different privately owned apartment buildings (5 small, 4 large). From the Taris Upper City it is possible to take an elevator to the Undercity.

Taris Undercity

Taris slum, the Spice Fleet office and the Crazy Nuna cantina

Despite its industrial and impoverished appearance, the Taris Undercity is where many important features of Taris can be found. A central slum area features inexpensive hovels for rent, as well as the discreet Crazy Nuna cantina.

Swoop Racing and the headquarters of Krank's Dragoons can be found here.

Many SWQS NPCs can be found in the Undercity. It is rumored that the Undercity Resistance is active here.

Taris Swoop Racetrack

The entire Undercity is a large track for Swoop races! Each race consists of 7 laps, and requires 3 contestants. Anyone can race any time. Best times are stored by the track entrance, located by the entrance to the hideout of Krank's Dragoons.

Krank's Dragoons Hideout

The hidden base of the powerful Undercity gang, Krank's Dragoons. Many NPC members of the gang are present here. The base extends deep under the Undercity.


The Taris Upper City Cantina hosts weekly events.

Cantina Party Flier

  • Sunday Taris Upper City Cantina party! Every week at 4pm SLT, this party is DJed live by Leanne Karas and lasts 2 hours and change. Each week there is a new theme, but all are welcome, IC and OOC. Easily the most popular and long running Cantina party in SWRP
  • Taris Building Contest, Every week at Sunday, noon SLT, on the roof of the Taris Upper City Cantina. A two hour building contest on a theme announced at the start, the contest evolved from a previous contest held in Little Mos Eisley run by Helga Eusebio. Prizes are awarded to the top three contestants in Lindens, and often scripts and other goodies are given out as well to all contestants.


The main group for the planet of Taris is the Community of Taris group. Contact Furia Freeloader or Dirjha Summers to join. In addition there are several independent smaller groups used in roleplay in Taris (The Taris Sith, Taris Undercity Resistance Force, Taris Swoop Gang).