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The shining Little Star of Talus. Tourist town and home of The Boneyard, where it is rumored the droids started their rebellion.


The year is around 260 ABY, the planet Talus has remained relatively peaceful even though it sits in a relatively busy system. While the peace the planet experienced seemed to continue even as tensions grew in the rest of the galaxy, unknown to the people they were about to experience a change that they could never have predicted.

Unbeknownst to the people, a new threat was about to rear its metallic head. A droid calling itself X3-QTR or X-three, walked the streets trying to find its purpose. The single master copy of this AI program, written for an old protocol droid to be a protector of its creator became damaged and turned on its master upon being placed in a new droid. With it’s master gone, it was unable to fulfill its programming to protect.

Looking for an outlet, or use for this section of code, it came across the Boneyard, originally a dump for old, obsolete droids and parts. Seeing this caused something inside the droid to click, or worse, a corrupted sector activated and X-three went about repairing and turning the abused droids on their old masters through a virus that had arisen in its programming.

Taking the small victory to heart, X-three and his new allies waged war on the oppressive government of the meat bags. Though the government called for aid from neighboring planets and systems the calls fell on deaf ears. What could droids possibly accomplish on their own that would require outside aid? With the ability to grow new members at ease with the help of liberated factories, the droids lead a fast upheaval.

Once the takeover wrapped up, X-three implemented several new laws regarding the fair and equal treatment of droids. Though there is growing tension in the streets as some see the droids as even more oppressive than the previous government, others seem to be accepting their new station as equals to the droids due to the seeming peace, and efficiency of the current rule.

Will a rebellion grow? Will the droids lose control? Or will X-three lead an ever growing army to take over the galaxy?

X3-QTR aka: X-Three - Raising Skeletons