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"I remember my meeting with Master Fizzle, at the edge of the Massassai ruins on Dromund Kaas, before he became Potentium Master Fizzle.

My spice fleet ship had crashed on Dromund Kaas. While traversing fog enshrouded swampland I was bitten by a Sith Viper. Deathly ill, I collapsed in the former meditation room of a ancient Jedi Temple, crumbling away at the edge of the quagmire. I awoke to find that I had been miraculously healed.

Wandering through the Temple Ruins, I came across an old Gomorrean. Not knowing any better, I ordered him to fetch me food and drink, and to summon whatever Jedi might remain in the abandoned temple.

Imagine my surprise to learn that the Gomorrean before me WAS the Jedi Master of the OJO Temple.

I undertook instruction with the wise Master Fizzle, but I was too impatient to return to my life wandering the hyperspace lanes. I also had important business matters that needed to be taken care of.

When I returned some months later, I was shocked and horrified to discover that the Temple had been destroyed. All around the ruins were bones of the slaughtered Jedi, desecrated, and arranged according to some occult Sith Ritual.

I never saw Master Fizzle again, although, some time later I heard a rumour he was alive and well on the legendary planet Zonama Sekot."

-Captain Tesserian