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Talia Kristan-Seda, formerly Talia Commodore. Politician, second Chancellor of the of the Galactic Senate of the New Republic. Third Queen of Bakura. Mother of Caesar, Cale, Mia, NathanielAristus, Marlee and Valentin


To be covered:

  • Battle over Chandrila
  • Flying under the recently fallen PGA banners
  • Talia's cruiser had fallen under attack from the Galactic Dominion
  • Crash landed in the Chandrilian Forests.
  • Talia and her men stumbled across a jedi temple.
  • stuff
  • She reformed the Planets Governments

Personal Life

Talia's personal life has always been a conflicted one. She would always put her work before her own family. For this, some of her children have chosen to break ties with the stern ruler, attempts on her life have been made by some of her children in order to gain attention.

However, she will always do what she can to protect those she loves.

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"You have to understand that Bothans think in terms of political and persuasive influence, not military power. The typical Bothan's goal is to go through life getting more and more people to listen to what he has to say."

Sena Leikvold Midanyl

Talia's journey on Bothawui started in the former capital Drev'starn. The city was occupied by the militant force of the Galactic Alliance- Former Galactic Dominion. She was summoned to the city by General Ranx. Ranx had big plans for Talia. His aim was to have her use her wits and charm for publicity. The Galactic Alliance had Talia as a "figure head".

During the formation of the Galactic alliance, a meeting was held. One where members from various systems come together to discuss negations. One meeting where the Galactic Alliance put forward a vote to have the Sith faction of Obsidian Dominion removed.

"To the people of Bothawui, I am formerly standing down and removing my Monarch from this system. I am giving full Power to the Council, the council will share equal power within the system, there will be no dictatorship only team work. I bid you all fair well and great success."

— Talia Kristan-Seda

Talia remained on Bothawui where she was requested to take on the role of Senator, the newly formed Bothan Council was now at lead of the systems political stability

The Galactic Senate

The liberation of Bothawui sparked a new era in the Galaxy. The Republic had been reformed, the efforts of Ma'at Nephthys had payed off, the hard work and determination of the former Bakuran Queen sparked a bright light in the Galaxy.


The newly elected Chancellor of the Republic Ma'at Nephthys contact Senator Talia to arrange a meeting about forming a strong alliance with the Republic. Chancellor Nephthys proposed that Bothawui enter the Republic. The proposal from the Chancellor was not one she took lightly. The thought of joining the Republic had come up in previous meetings with the Bothan Council. Prime Minister Sia the lead of the council expressed the need of security. The growing threat of the New Trade Federation was taking it's toll on the local security force. Bothawui needed militant support, something the Republic could offer. The day after the meeting adjourned Talia left for Coruscant where she was requested to present Bothawui's application to the Galactic Senate. Chancellor Nephthys opened the meeting with a vote, the vote for Bothawui's acceptance was unanimous.

The acceptance to the Galactic Senate was a glorious moment in Bothawui's rich history. Prime Minister Sia had a banquette thrown as a celebration of Bothawui's acceptance. Bothawui's council building flurrished with Political leaders from all parts of the Galaxy. Xera Keto and her husband Fox Bralor Keto of the Tetan Empire and many others had come to show their support for Bothawui. The festivities carried on for hours. Later that night Senator Talia had received a transmission from the Republic, one which almost crumbled the Republic. Chancellor Nephthys had been captured on Dantooine by the Dark Lords of the Sith. The news of the Chancellors kidnapping had the Senate in a frenzy. The Senators of the New Republic were called to Coruscant for an emergency session.

Coruscant's capital was on high alert. The senate building under heavy security. All the Senators were searched and escorted to their Repulsorpods. The whispers of Ma'at Nephthys's death were racing through-out the Senate chambers. Talia seated with her Bothan companion El'Rah sat in silence as Master Moonsoon took to the centre Repulsorpod. Her words were short an blunt. There was no political dealings behind this meeting. It was complete strategy.

Returning to Bakura

Talia Kristan

Drawing of Talia Kristan-Seda done by Hazek


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