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Early life[]

Taellinu Aichi was born the daughter of a wealthy banker on Corellia in Coronet city, the birth of the small girl brought great joy to her parents, and all of the pride that the parents could have in their newborn daughter. As with all young children Tae grew up easily enough with a minimum of fuss and futile arguments from her parents about how she was doing. All in all her very young life stayed unremarkable for quite some time, just a happy baby girl.

Several years later around the age of four or five, shortly before most children begin their schooling, Tae's force sensitivity was first discovered through use of through minor telepathic contact with her parents. Specifically, asking quite clearly 'what was fordinner' when she clearly had a lollipop in her mouth. So it was seen at an early age that she had some potential with the Force, but her parents decided to keep her from Jedi training, wishing instead to keep their daughter and raise her as their own, not seeking to give up their only child to the Jedi for training, instead wishing tohave her start school like any other normal child not sensitive to the force.


Tae continued her education, not quite with a silver spoon in her mouth, compared to others that grew up in a similar position as her financially anyway. Discipline and mandatory study sessions were common place for the still very young girl, the usual school lessons for a child her age, literacy and basic mathematics in addition to, and more unconventionally, martial arts to give their daughter a sense of discipline, and something to work toward.

After she started school, Tae continued to be average in most respects, though she seemed to take great joy in learning new things and in the basic subjects in school. There were some day where she would have to be pried away from her books and studies to be reminded to eat lunch. While not a stellar student form the start Tae would improve, and looked to one day have a bright future ahead of her possibly brought on by her academic accomplishments. The day that she made the honor roll for the first time was one of the proudest accomplishments for the then ten year old Tae. At this point, she'd found that her goal in life, at least for any school child was to do well in school, so she did, with her first real sense of drive she would go on to try and make her parents proud.

For the next several years of her life this is what her life would be, one of academic dedication and accomplishment with hopes of one day going to attend a good university on Corellia or maybe even her father's home of Arkania, studying, well, whatever it is in the mind of a thirteen year old to study, and keeping up the years of martial arts practiced had honed Tae into a very driven individual, at least as driven as any 13 year old could be when the accident happened. On the way home from a theatre one night the speeder her parents were in went down, with the crash ruled an accident (mechanical failure), and Tae not yet the age of majority worthy of inheriting what her parents owned, she was placed under the care of the state with only a small allowance given to her as a 'condolence' by the Corellian government. Feeling abandoned in life that none of her Parents friends or family had come for her, or had paid any attention to her, and none of her friends at school had cared enough to console her she took what money she was given and ran away trying to make a life for her on her own.

This is when Tae turned to crime and mercenary work. Starting the profession as a young girl just trying to stay fed, she took any job that she could to get by. Small things really, picking pockets,small assaults, whatever she had to do to get enough credits from people to get enough money to feed herself. During this time she took up with a youth gang that did mostly the same thing, operating out of an old warehouse theft of recyclable materials was the most common crime that was committed despite anything else, Tae hoped to make a real life for her. When the opportunity came, she'd take it, that was her vow until the age of 16.

When the opportunity for something better came, it wasn't anything to look forward to. The small youth gang had attracted attention of one of the more minor crime rings in the area, apparently the last part they'd stolen off a speeder had been that of the leaders of the gang. When the large Zabrak stepped forward out of the shadows to to 'break some skulls' as he'd said, Tae stepped forward to defend her fellow street urchins. And of course, although her training in martial arts was old, she'd never stopped practicing, she needed it on the streets well a bruiser with no real skill wasn't much of a match.

Taking up with the small gang that had crashed her friends party out of having no chooice, while she saved their lives by defeating the Zabrak bruisre, this caused blasters to be drawn, and she was given the 'opportunity' to join them or die, and well, it not being much of an option, she took up with teh gang to live. While not the most ideal situation for her to be in, Tae did what was asked of her if only because it was something that allowe dher to live. Picking pockets, petty thefts, nothing major that would attract attention, small things really. Over time, the yung girl got into it well finding new ways to test herself, however she wound up beingwhat she had defeated, a bruiser, not because of her size, but because of her speed and skill with martial arts. As time went on in the gang, in order to stay fed and sheltered she didexactly what was asked of her, pick a pocket here, rob a store there, always small snatch and grab jobs, minor, harmless, but still very much illegal. Then one day she was asked to steal a sword fromsomeone's house, this job would be the fateful one, the one that would change her life.

On the way to the job the now 18 year old Tae bumped into a robed man and tried picking the man's pocket, finding only a lightsaber she froze in shock for amoment too long, as any moment frozen istoo long while picking a pocket. The robed man caught her hand and looked into her then sky blue eyes, his countenace a peaceful one. the only words that he spoke to the young woman would hang with her for the rest of her life. 'Walk away' he said, nothing more than those two syllables that would haunt her for the rest of her life. And so she left, ran rather towards the house that she wa smeant to rob,still thinking about those words that had been spoken to her.

Asthe hours passedby and light became dark, a way into the house would present itself, a trellis of plants up teh side of teh house and into an open windo. The young woman then darted forward and left uponto the trellis seeking to gain access to the house and the room with the sword. It owuld be then as she creted the windowsill that she saw tehlast thing shewanted to see, a mercenary guard with the crest of the Black Sun on his back. weighing her options quickly, of being thrown out of her home or possibly being caught, she took what in her mind offered survival beyond tonght and the slim girl crossed teh threshold and embarked on the rest of her life's journey.


As Tae raced out the back of teh house towards a private shuttlepad, hounds barking and blasters firing behind her she tried streaking off into the night only to hear teh security alarmssound at a different pitch an dbooted feet behind her closing in, she did the oonly thing that she could, hop into oneof the idle shuttles and try to make it fly. Getting in and locking teh canopy were one thing, makingit fly was something else, and a combination of luck, and perhaps guidance from the force allowed herto cold start the enginesjust as they took a hit. Now with the damaged shuttle streaking off towards the heavens, and her troubles behind her, the young girl realized thta she had no plan at all sheidled in orbit to get her bearing an dto mor eimportantly, make sure that she had her meal ticket. Checking over the sword the young woman found a series of odd inscriptions on it and a dark presence. While she sat in orbit and thought it allover, the Black Sun fighters would be closing in slowly but surely on her position.

In te middle of thought about what she had been told by the robed man, and perhaps driven on as a laser boolt struck her hull tae decided to walk away fromher life on the streets and ry to find somewhere that she could start anew.Unsure of how to work the navi-computer a series of coordinates would get keyed in, and just as a missile from one of the fighters closed on her positions the young woman entered Hyperspace with a damaged shuttle, headed no place she knew where.

Only to crash on Yavin IV...........


Shortly after Arrival Taellinu was accepted into the Order as an apprentice under Master Iria Tuqiri, She rose quickly through the first few ranks to realize that she needed time to reflect and so began to pace herself. It was during her time as a Padawan that the Blade she arrived with began to become active imprinting strange visions on he remind. While mediating one night with her Master and her wife a fellow Padawan, Koraa Aya, their minds became filled with visions from the blade.

After deciding it should be kept safe, when Tae reached for it the blade threw her back and then glowed bright silver and then dissolved. What became of the images and writing on the blade is unclear. Surely something must develop.

It was later revealed that the blade contained an evil that could destroy the Galaxy, which inhabited Tae for some time. Upon arrival on a planet made of the Force she was cleansed of the burden and given the resolve to do whatever is needed to protect those she loves.


As a Knight Taellinu has sought to uphold all that is good in the world and all that truly matters. She seeks to help rekindle the Jedi Watchmen, and she seeks to be an inspiration for everyone that she meets. Those were her ideal many years ago of course back when she was first Knighted. Fighting in defence of the Kalway Order for a time, the woman grew in force ability and grew to love a fellow knight a Koraa Aya. As the relationship between them grew so did their skill in the force, each time they trained together that bond grew and grew until that fateful day when marriage between the two came. While never having been a perfect match, they loved each other as best they could. Taellinu's Knighthood ended on the same day that another Padawan of the Kalway became Knighted. Taellinu feeling that her time was at an end used an obscure technique to coalesce herself into a manifestation of pure force. As the woman slowly ascended into the Force she took the form of a crystal of pure force energy. And with that her legacy died for a time. Until a fateful day when she was brought back to life...


Awoken from her long slumber as a Crystal on the world of Onderon Tae found herself changed.


Personality and Traits[]

Taellinu is usually quite kind and helpful, however she thinks tactically, and will attack an 'unarmed' potential enemy before they go active. She is quite caring and gives her full effort to help people. Her personality simply put, is one that willsometimes put the needs of others before her own at all costs.

She is quite obsessed with her training to the pointof having a nevervarying schedule to an almost OCD degree. Her weekly schedule sits on a five day cycle based on the Onderonian day of 28 hours, with 9 hours a day dedicated to mental, force, or physical training depending on the day. To further her obsession, every second day is physical for her, with added weights being used in her training. The mental training as of now consists of a knowledge of botany and horticulture with a focus on blending teas.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • A near master of sensing abilities.
  • A master of telepathy
  • A focus on defensive abilities including barrier, and energy absorbtion.
  • A heavy focus on physical training and natural abilities for combat.

Lightsaber Training[]

Extensive training under Master Serg and with Koraa Aya, but lacking when compared to these two.

Practioner of Ataru and Djem So

Force Abilities[]

In work



She has two main outfits. A set of Diplomats robes reminiscent of the old orders of the colors white and gray, along with a series of more athletic suits and every day wear. Most of her clothing is weighted for training purposes.

Light Sabers[]


  • Formerly: A modified Imperial Prototype stolen by the rebellion many years ago. Very fast, but not maneuverable.
  • A modified A-24 for two seat with a currently unregistered engine.


  • Founded the City of Iziz Independent Jedi Order
  • Negotiated with a Mandalore at the behest of the Chancellor
  • Named Minister of Diplomacy September 8th 2012
  • Trained Two Padawans to Knighthood