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TD-084: "Yes master, but Darth Dolusion has ordered me to protect you while he is gone, let us remain put on his freighter."
Dae'dah Haj'ra: "Well, I guess that you're going to have to come along if you want to protect me."
― TD-084 to the young Sith Apprentice, Dae'dah Haj'ra


TD-084 was the droid product of Dae'dah Haj'ra III while upon his Sith Master's freighter before the young man began his training under the Sith Lord, Darth Dolusian to become Sith.

After the child had destroyed his last droid-teacher, TD-084 was built from the ground up, using only various spare or junk parts issued to him. Dae'dah completed TD's design by the age of 10 years old. Throughout the young Sith Apprentice's life, even as a boy, TD had taught him general knowledge of the Galaxy (like all children should) while being the closest thing to a parental figure or friend. Over time, TD had been used for training purposes such as lightsaber techniques, advanced hand-to-hand combat, blaster training and more. The droid was programmed for various things over time and had retained its programming for specific reasons of his owner.

After near completion of his Apprenticeship, Dae'dah had locked the droid in a vault for the reason of protecting his creation, however, the droid's power cells died over time and TD-084 awaits to be reactivated and rebuilt into a new shell, as promised.


The Droid, while programmed as a Protocol droid was capable of a variety of skill sets and was considered to be an all-around, multipurpose, stable model, even if being a one and only, unique model of its kind.

Various skills ranged from being programmed as an assassin droid to Information Extraction (Torture or interrogation droid), however TD was capable of many skills and programs that ran from Class One to Class Five Droids. By the time that Darth Morior had finished his Sith Apprenticeship, 084 was locked away for safe keeping.

TD was equipped with a standard male voice package.

Basic List of Skills and Programming

  • Assassination (and affiliated skills)
  • Battle
  • Education
  • Interrogation
  • Maintenance
  • Medical
  • Piloting
  • Protocol
  • Training