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T-8011 was once a Clone soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic.


A semi-recently activated Clone Trooper, T-8011 "Otty" took his name from research of the Jedi Master Otama Kuhn-Sol, a member of the Jedi Order of the Old Republic.

Otty headed the prestigious Parjai Company as its head ARC Trooper and mentor, aiding in combat on multiple occasions.

While his strategic prowess is quite acceptional, it often goes unnoticed due to incomplete objectives and/or overpowering opposition.

Recent Events[]

He has recently undergone a designation transfer and is now designated D-1464.

Also, for some reason, he has come down with a severe cough and slight fatigue. He's traced it to a possible Nano-destroyer that may have been administered to him during one of the recent times he was captured.

Supposed Death[]

Feeling the sith parasite slowly taking him over, Otty knew it was time to leave GAR. He staged a solo mission to Malachor V, his V-wing burning up upon impact. Playing it off as if he had died, D-1464 allowed his helmet to be found by a Verda Commando, further solidifying the illusion of his death.

Return to the Fold[]

After months of lonely soul searching and whatnot, Otty returned to the fray when the Imperial Remnant made its appearance. Taking the alias "Solus", meaning one in Mando'a, Otty became a rogue under the services of the Fel Empire. During his time with GAR, Otty hoarded multiple suits of Beskar'gam, just for kicks, so he broke into his old digs, grabbing what he could. He's been constantly modifying them into his own ever since.

As the Revenant Armada insurgency grew, Otty caught wind of a new "Mandalore" who wasn't deserving of such a title, and as of now plans to side against said 'Mandalore', if nothing more than to gain honor in the eyes of the true mando'ade that despised him so.

Combat History[]

Otty's active sets of armor.

T-8011 has seen more than his share of combat since his induction into active duty during the time of GAR's occupation of Agirus.

He took part in multiple battles during the waning days of the Mandalorian Conflict on Telos, helping out quite a bit. More recently, as a Sergeant, Otty led missions and commanded squads during the Battle of Coruscant.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Only dead men become legends."
  • "The best things to come weren't always the fastest to be introduced"
  • "Life is like a banana. You peel it open, thinking about how good it's gonna be. Then when it's gone, you cry alittle inside..."

Service Record[]

T-8011 during his tenure as a Verda Squad Commando

  • (former)501st Elite
  • (former)Epsilon Squad Sergeant
  • (former)333rd platoon Lieutenant
  • (former)Parjai Company Captain
  • (former)Verda Squad Demolitions Technician
  • (former)Verda Squad Leader
  • (former)Parjai Company ARC Trooper/Head Officer
  • (former)A'denla Company ARC Trooper/ Commanding Officer (Twice)

About the Player[]

T-8011 is played by Otty Ling.

Otty loves to take part in Roleplay in SWRP, as well as Starfox and Halo. He has a cluster of multiple characters that he roleplays with in these environments.

This account is managed by a young man named Lee. He is very thankful to have great friends within GAR and NOJ, and will gladly work alongside them to get the job done right. He is happily married.

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