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Sverra Korr, also known as Ala'ne Mala and Kadika Ordo.


Early lifeEdit

Ala'ne was a Twi'lek born on Ryloth into the heavy Slave Trade, sold at age six along with her mother and sister when her father was killed by a local criminal cartel run by the Hutts. She lead a life much like that of livestock, due to her young age made to do manual labour tasks rather than the usual professions forced upon Twi'lek female slaves. She was separated from her family by her hutt masters, and spent the next two years suffered under the whip of Zaborra.

Aged eight, she was bought by a Jedi whom came across the flotilla that was transporting her and others to the Tatooine system to be sold. His motives at the time were unknown, and Ala'ne was not quick to trust the man, whom introduced himself as Eideleos Mala. He revealed to her on the journey to his homestead that he was an exile, alone like she, but in more free conditions. He offered this to her, and the young girl hesitantly, and rather nervously accepted from him.

By the age of ten, Ala'ne 'Little' Mala, had grown rather accustomed to her new life, her father, a former Jedi in exile due to the loss of his force abilities taught her of his order. These stories fascinated the child, and she aspired to become just like her 'papa', even as far as constructing a toy fencing lightsaber, built from left over junk pieces from the vehicle repair garage Eideleos owned. It looked, and felt like a lightsaber; however the blade was a long woven steel tube, much to the ire of her father, Ala'ne tested this new weapon with 'expert' efficiency, wounding two Rodian children, and breaking a Moisture Vaporator before her beloved Jedi weapon was confiscated.

The jedi realised that he would need to teach his young charge about the force, and the policy of non violence that the Jedi often took upon themselves as paramount. This calmed the child, and she began to lead a slightly less chaotic existence, but made very few friends upon the planet due to the violent nature of most of their initial encounters. This made her rather self reliant, and reclusive. To the point where she herself referred to herself as an Exile, just as her father did.

Loss of FreedomEdit

To Ala'ne, her freedom was prized above all else, though she knew she would never see her family again due to it. She could think of nothing worse than to go back into survitude, and thanks to the selfless act of her father, she never would. Or so the young Twi'lek thought. Little did she know how poorly things would go for her and her father. Eideleos's Vehicle repair shop had become the target of a criminal protection ring, and whilst the brave Jedi Exile fought away many attackers, the eventual happened. Ala'ne was taken captive by the cartel, and Eideleos caved in to their wishes, he was forced to place his shop under the control of the local Hutt cartel. Worst of all, as a part of the bargain he agreed he would do anything for the crimelord he now worked for to ensure Ala'ne's safe return to him.

The Hutts bode their time in this. The girl would make a fine slave, and a young buck named Garidola had grown quite taken with her. they allowed her to grow to the age of fourteen before they made their move, demanding a game of Sabacc to decide the future of Eideleos's store. They rigged the game, and once they won his property, the game continued to decide the fate of Ala'ne. They didn't give a winning situation, if Eideleos won, they would kill her to keep her from the slave's chains, if they won however she would become the parlor slave of Garidola.

The exile had no chance, the rigged game out of his favor, he lost Ala'ne that day. And as he watched her being taken away from him, kicking and screaming, with tears streaking her cheeks. He vowed a vengeance that would never come to pass.

The lure of the Dark SideEdit

As a parlor slave, Ala'ne was forced to entertain, accompany, and please her new Hutt master. Demeaning tasks and even more demeaning clothing trust upon her. She was no longer a person, she had become property. To begin, her fiery nature had her resist, try to escape. But she was not strong enough to break the chains around her neck, nor the hold over her family that the cartel held. She spent many years unable to celebrate her life, days molding one into the other, until her will was entirely broken.

To keep it that way, Garidola would laugh and jeer at her, telling her that her father had abandoned her willingly to them in order to save his shop, which unbeknownst to her was no longer his. He had been kept as a worker, to keep the appearance that the store was his, and to ensure that he was always close enough to watch. They didn't want him to attempt a breakout after all.

She began to grow resentful toward her father, and toward the things he had taught her about the jedi. Their policy of non violence blamed as the reason he would not come to save her, and eventually, his wish to be rid of her, which Garidola had planted within the Twi'lek's mind. This hate that welled in her became a powerful catalyst that drove her into a darker mindset, and opened her up to the temptations of the darkside. She was untrained in the force, as her exiled father could not teach her, or did not wish to. But there was a force sensetivity that was left untapped.

Ala'ne grew colder, more calculating. She spent two years planning and plotting her father's death, she would steal any vehicle being worked on in his store and escape, start a new life away from Tatooine.

Finally, one night she would be able to put this plan to action. She had acted loyal to Garidola for months, and the chains had come off. She had been given more duties, and more freedom to carry them out. This particular night, Garidola's parlour had hosted a party for various underworld scum and employees of the hutts. They would all die. Ala'ne was sent to prepare drinks, and in them she would squeeze a very potent tranquillizer. The gathering drank, ate, was merry, watched the twi'lek dance for them, and partook of pleasures best left undescribed before they all fell into a very deep slumber. That was where she made her move.

The halls of the parlour became stained with the blood of twenty species, as she tore, bit, and eviscerated every one of them, freeing the other slaves to do as they wished, before taking off toward her father's shop. She encountered him there, he was over the moon to see her free, but perhaps if he had retained his jedi perception he would not have been. She butchered him on the spot, stealing the access codes from his data-pad for every ship in his workshop. She then ransacked the house, taking all of the possession she found use for. The greatest of which was her father's old Light saber. Left unused and possibly unworking for years. She could repair it though.

And then she took off, stealing a small freight ship, changing the identity codes and went anywhere but Tatooine. Beginning her life as a smuggler and mercenary.

Life of crimeEdit

Ala'ne smuggler

Ala'ne as a smuggler.

Ala'ne's smuggling career kicked off on the planet Manaan, approximately aged sixteen. She was green, and she didn't know her ups from her downs. This meant she was taken advantage of by a local criminal cartel, hired as a spice runner between the regular routes. She was usually successful only on luck combined with skill with a blaster, and a growing aptitude for knowing when something wasn't right on a mission she was undertaking. She was beginning to awaken to the force.

This wouldn't bode well with her boss, not one bit, and so she subtly took her dealings toward Imperial City, Coruscant. There the Jal Shey order had taken up residence in a small temple. She believed that this would help her learn of the force, and for a time it did. Until the order crumbled in upon itself and she was once again left on her own. However, this lead her into the sights of the Manaan cartel. She was on the run, forced to rely on her own wits and prowess to survive. She travelled to Korriban, hoping to hide out amongst the dead in the tombs of the valley of the dark lords. This proved a poor idea, as she was shot down over the planet and left for dead amongst the Sith spirits.

She remained there for three months, surviving on whatever she could manage, and dealing with her own wounds from what medical supplies she could salvage from her ship. Force training assisted her survival a small amount, but she was still green. She decided that she would need to seek more tutelage, especially as she was now officially dead by Imperial record.

Tutelage in the forceEdit


Ala'ne in the Indal, facing off against her instructor with another initiate.

Ala'ne's new journey to be trained in the force lead her back to Coruscant, where rumours of a neutral group of Force Assassins had made it's way into The Exchange. She joined as a bartender, her intention being to be accepted into the ranks of the Indal via the Exchange's front. It didn't take long for a beautiful and deadly Twi'lek to achieve this end. She joined regular training regimes, growing into a powerful saber combatant, repairing her father's lightsaber finally and wielding it with precision under her instructor's guidance.

She had found a home again, even though it was a grimy, underworld home. She laughed, she cried, she did her job and did it well. Until the Peoples Galactic Armed Forces invaded the planet, and things began to get very heated between them and the Empire. Eventually the Empire was beaten back from the world, and the republic gained a massive foothold. This strangled the Exchange, and caused an incredible rift. For a time, Ala'ne joined the anti republic rebellion, a small splinter group of imperials fighting to reclaim the planet. Using her force abilities to aid the Empire instead of use it to further her own powers.

Teacher Teacher

Ala'ne with Ardonis commodore, her master in the force.

Through this, she met her major teacher of the force, the imperial Executor, Ardonis Commodore. A man who had been the scapegoat of choice for the republic for many a year. She knew of him, there was little in the galaxy who didn't. Tales of the darkside, of murder and dispicable acts. She of course didn't believe a single word; the republic's habits of spinning tales of pure fabrication was near legendary amongst the underworld cadre. You got to see the real Galaxy from there, and it was a great deal more complex than the good and evil struggle the jedi and republic portrayed.

She trained with Ardonis, joining the Stormtrooper Corps to learn the military application of her abilities whilst secretly training under the Executor to become one of the elite Shadow guard units of the galactic empire. She served loyally and rose in rank to Stormtrooper Sergeant. She wore her uniform and armor proudly, whilst moonlighting in the faceless armor of the elite shadow guard. Her skills with a lightsaber grew to rival that of some of the greatest Knights the empire had seen. And in order to improve her force training, Ardonis had her enroll in the Imperial Knights.

Training in the knights was... slow. Her mentor, and the Grant Master of the time, Christopher Novastar did not agree with her mothodology or beliefs. He was trained in the Jedi way, a view which Ala'ne had grown mistrusting of, and as such, butted heads with her tutor constantly. This lead to him no longer trusting her, and even when ordered by the then Empress Naja Fel, he utterly refused.

Not peturbed, Ala'ne sought to gain the favor of Novastar, a move she will always regret.


Ala'ne travelled to the planet Korriban in order to gain Novastar's favour, posing as a smuggler there on a pit stop, she went information gathering for three weeks. She was there unofficially, and therefore no-one; not even the imperials knew she was there. She gathered interesting information to relay back, but was caught in the act by Darth Dolor. The Dark lady of the sith of that time. The two entered into a furious lightsaber duel, to which Ala'ne appeared the victor, standing of the fallen form of the dark lady. Ala'ne's confidence saw to her defeat, as she went to check the Dark Lady's pulse and was stabbed in the back of the neck with a needle filled with a strange knock out toxin.

She was taken captive by the Sith, stripped of her belongings and laid upon a restraintive table. She awoke to the faces of three Sith, though drowsy and blurred, she could not tell whom they were. All aside from Darth Dolor, who leered over her, barking commands to the other Sith. Another figure was brought into view, a human female. She was unmoving, and had been dragged out of a cryogenic chamber. She was likely dead.

Ala'ne could not move, and the drug in her system prevented all use of the force. With this, she was helpless as Dolor grabbed her by the chin, hovering over her and literally sucking her spirit out through her lips, the bindings of her soul severed by the dark side. Dolor then moved to the human, repeating the process in reverse. Ala'ne awoke to the sight of her own body being hoisted and carried away by the sith. She was provided a mirror, where she saw her new face for the first time. Stunned and horrified, the now human Ala'ne was thanked for her 'participation' in the experiment. Which the Sith would be unable to recreate later due to the intervention of the Sith Trooper legion.

Ala'ne was then thrown from the bridge leading to the Korriban Academy, left broken upon the rocks below. She was rescued by Hulio, her former employer in the Exchange. Though he would not recognise her due to her new... condition.

She was returned to coruscant, where she was informed by Ardonis that her former body had been destroyed by the sith. She could not return to her former self. This left her distraught, but eager for revenge against those that had wronged her. Her right eye was found to be a bug planet by Dolor, and set to record anything she saw, it was quickly removed in surgery, and a new implant was fixed for her there. Ardonis and she arranged a plot to have her removed from the knights, no longer seeing any point to seeking Novastar's tutelage any longer. It didn't take much to have him throw her out of the knights, and the empire itself. She explained what she had endured at the hands of the Sith, which put Chris's trust in her at nothing, less than nothing it was revealed. The Grand Master had been investigating Ala'ne as a possible Sith infiltrator, a fact that enraged and hurt the former Twi'lek.

The Imperial RemnantEdit

Following her transformation, and 'retirement' from the Empire, she went into Ardonis's tutelage full time, training to be one of his elite shadow guard, her identity kept a secret under the alias 'Jade'. She was trained heavily in understanding and manipulating the dark side, a set of skills that would earn her the ire of the Republic, but would ultimately serve her well in a future role. She carried out various missions, varying from simple assassinations, to more complex tactical operations. Each time, she grew more familiar, and able to shut off her emotions. She would distance herself from everything except for the battle.

It turned out that her training was merely a facade, as she was later approached by a burgeoning Imperial Remnant, secretly lead by Ardonis to oppose the republic centric empire that was being shaped under the senate's thumb. They wanted freedom from the occupation, a return to their rightful place as planetary government instead of being suppressed by the Republic and their sense of moral supremacy. Ala'ne was offered the position of Grand Master within the Remnant's division of Imperial Knights, a position she accepted with honor. She lead the knights proudly, standing as a leadership position amongst her Remnant peers, and aiding from the sidelines with the liberation of Onderon from Sith rule.

Ala'ne later was transferred to the Kuat system, after Ardonis became a major share in the company, and was able to construct a base close to Kuat city for the Remnant's use. There she was charged with ensuring the safety of a large collection of dark side artefacts. These were of great interest to the Sith, and needed to be kept from them. The duty was boring, but necessary. This lead Ala'ne to take a less active role in operations, instead sending her knights out to perform recon and assault missions in her stead.

Eventually, the Artifacts were moved to Ardonis's personal star destroyer, and Ala'ne was restationed on Onderon, charged with rooting out corruption within it's boundries and bringing it to light, either through negotiation with the royalty, or with a lightsaber blade. All the while, a war was raging on Coruscant, the republic facing a new force of Sith warriors known as the Revenant Armada.

Personal BetrayalEdit

A few months later, a Remnant Shock Trooper Squad, lead by Captain Folcon of the Imperial Shock trooper legion, simply dissapeared. She was forced to enact an investigation, sending out her agents to gather information from the last points they were heard from, working with Remnant intelligence to try and track them down. It seemed that they had simply gone missing. Along with a small star destroyer and a hundred tonnes of weapons and supplies. Ala'ne decided to use a contact she still had on the planet's capitol, gaining audience with the Empress of the time, Calliope Quan, who had risen to the throne after the death of Naja Fel, whom had married her former commander, Christopher novastar, whom had declared himself Emperor in her wake. Emperor Fel, as he had now chosen to call himself, was not happy to see his former pupil as ambassador of the Imperial Remnant, war having been declared only recently between the two factions by his hand.


Ala'ne's heavily burned face left scars that will never leave her.

He had Ala'ne surrounded infront of the Imperial Palace, Ala'ne herself unarmed and there in a manner to attempt to garner peace, if only for the day. He would not have it, and ordered a squad of eight stormtroopers to open fire with stun rounds, so he may take her alive and throw her into detention. This was against the wishes of the Empress, whom was kept in the dark about this incident. The troopers followed their orders as expected, the unarmed Ala'ne taking the stunbolts as she was betrayed by her former master. She was left unmoving on the floor, but barely awake due to her affinity with the force. Novastar knew this, he had the stormtrooper commander stand over her unmoving and dazed body, and unload a stunbolt point blank into her face. The discharge of ionized particals left her face heavily burned, causing the cybernetic eye to explode violently and shred the flesh around the socket. Her nervous system was left in tatters, leaving her paralyzed for weeks, until she was able to recover through expensive treatment offered to her by Ardonis. She still bears the scars of that incident to this day.

The Revenant War and Reformation of the EmpireEdit

The Revenant seemed to be a distant threat, but when they sacked Coruscant, destroying it's buildings with orbital canons, and invading in full force. It became clear that they were no longer simply a watch and see threat. The republic was quickly overwhelmed and locked into guerilla warfare, and called out to the Empire for aid. However, depleted from losses they had endured, the empire couldn't offer a great deal of assistance, and so turned to the Remnant for aid. However, this put the Remnant into a beneficial position, having various conditions enacted, and a treaty worked up. The terms were agreed upon, as both leaderships wished to end the infighting that the Empire had been subjected to, and the Empire was united as one.

Ala'ne was given control of the Inquisitorius, a special branch of the empire, charged with rooting out corruption and slaying it, a task that Ala'ne had grown quite accustomed to so far. She repurposed her knights, bringing them into their new role easily, giving them the same training that she had received from Ardonis, and sending them out as elite shadow agents. Seeking evil, and killing it without prejudice. She understood however, that corruption, and beliefs were two different things. This lead her to separate dark siders from the corrupt. Seeking only those who would actively do harm.

Sleepingmaster 001

Ala'ne as Grand inquisitor of the Galactic Empire

Ala'ne sat on the moff council, due to her status, and was able to actively vote on decisions on this new empire. One of the largest issues being, the Fel blood line. The decision was made to abolish the bloodline, as it had been deemed impure and no longer suited by those gathered. A head of state was introduced, and full control of Imperial affairs was given to the Moff council. This made them like a mini senate, able to deliberate on issues that affected the entirety of Imperial space.

Their might now combined, the empire was able to concentrate it's forces, offering aid to the ailing republic to mend old wounds, and gain a political standing within the galaxy that had so coldly brushed it aside. They sent a team of their best, and a small batallion of Troops to aid them, shuttling them through the Revenant blockade and into the battle. They remained for days, scores of revenant, imperial and republic troops falling to eachothers weapons, points of interest being contested for control over a period of days, days turned to weeks. And the Republic began to pull unusual moves. They would steal control points from imperial personnel, and had reportedly killed a number of them also. the Empire decided to leave the traitorous Republic forces to fate, pulling out of the conflict, and returning to Onderon for a time, whilst a new imperial sector was being built on the planet Kuat.

Memories and MandaloriansEdit

Only a month after her return from the latest battle of Coruscant, Ala'ne began to lose herself. Her memories were merging with another set, dormant in the brain of the body she posessed. She began to see sprawling fields, blaster bolts, short swords. And Mandalorians. She began to identify with them, moreso than her research into their culture had offered. A name kept breaking her lips when she introduced herself, a foreign name not her own that confused and frightened her.

She took a leave of absence from her position in the Empire to seek out more of this locked knowledge. Using her resources to track down family members, and to unlock more of this girl's history. She found out that her name had been Kad'ika. A Mandalorian girl from Concord Dawn. Her family was listed as deceased, but with Mandalorians, it was hard to tell. She set off for the planet, recognised by none of it's inhabitants, unable to locate any family members there.

Not put off however, she sought out other relatives, finding only one registered living. She had no memories of her, but others had come back. And she grew increasingly merged with her persona. She went to find Kysei Ordo, the Alor'ad, and soon to be Alor of clan Ordo. Explaining the situation, who she was, why she was there. She was accepted into the clan, shortly after adopting her Mandalorian name and becoming Kad'ika Ordo.

She continued to work for the empire, with Kysei's blessing, and draws the mandalorians closer to the Empire through this. Her agenda remained the same however, furthering her own strength whilst forging loyalties and finding family. It seemed she finally had, and was comfortable for the first time since she was transformed.

Leaving the Empire, Life of a NomadEdit

The view is incredible 001

Kad'ika Ordo gazing out of the window of her Kuat home.

Settling in well with the Mandalorians had made it's mark on Kad'ika, and the growing lack of action by the Empire in defending it's interests, and questionable decisions made by other Moffs distanced her from the career she used to find so much valour within. The retirement of Ardonis Commodore was the first step to her distance.

The last was the decision to Merge the inquisition with the Imperial Knights. It was no secret within the Empire that Kad'ika did not get along with the new breed of Imperial force user. They were jedi in bright red armor, and to her, that was a terrible thing for the Empire to become. She clashed regularly with their views and tennants, and was accused of being a Sith many times, or of falling down the path leading to becoming one.

This brought memories to her she wished to expel, and forced to work along side them under the same division was unacceptable. She tendered her resignation, and became a full time part of the Mandalorians. But staying in one place had never been comfortable for her, especially with the new experiences granted by her resurgent memories. She found herself travelling once more, trying to act as a wandering defender of her opinion of justice. Heard often explaining that "Others see me as unorthodox, i'm too darkside for the jedi, too lightside for the sith. Some say i walk a path of insanity. I call it getting things done."

The Remnant, Born againEdit

Somethingsomethingsomethingdarkside 001

Her wreckless use of her powers for good left Kad'ika in the grip of the dark side.

Her travels took her throughout the galaxy, righting personal wrongs, impersonal wrongs, and leaving before any could thank her for her troubles. She tried her best to be a vengeful force for good, using her powers to be more. This willful misuse of the force began to make her body deteriorate, corrupt. She was upon the brink of falling to the dark side when she was tracked down by the son of her master, Ardonis Commodore. His name was Kael, he initially simply offered her a chance to rejoin the Empire, and was outright refused by the jaded woman. He saw in her the corruption of the dark side, he knew that she hadn't long before she would fall to her rampant use of her powers. He forced her to look within herself. There she saw a side of herself she hadn't known for a long time, the peaceful side of her, laughing in the company of her allies, leading the forces of the Remnant Empire's knights. She found her old self. With his help she was able to calm the two conflicting sides of herself, Ala'ne, and Kad'ika.

She agreed to join with him, and he saw to her rejuvination. She underwent full body reconstruction, repairing the damage dealt by the dark side, cloning new appendages and grafting them upon herself. Her tattoos were removed, her eyes replaced by newly cloned ones. She grew out her hair, and the pigment was altered to a fiery red. Lastly, she took her Mand'oa name, and crushed that side of herself underfoot, taking control of her destiny. The only remnant of that time for her the Beskar'gam which is enshrined in her home, alongside the armor formerly donned by Ala'ne.

She was now Sverra, Age 26, race human. The empire erased all former records of her, and she became finally able to truly start anew, as Justiciar of the Remnant Imperial Knights.

Going RogueEdit

Sverra cropped

Sverra, sitting in the dim lights of Mos Espa Cantina

It didn't take particularly long for Sverra to realise that things had not changed within the Remnant, the galaxy was a very different place, and the empire just was no longer a part of it. Red tape was everywhere, her hands were tied by rank and file. She set to taking steps... appropriating funds, making alliances under the table, away from the eyes of her superior, Kael Commodore.

Finally, she made her move, sending a transmission to the knights, offering them the chance to join her. She took the Knights. She took them rogue, she made them a separate entity, and shed their ties to the Remnant. They had to after all. Her plan was simple, take the knights rogue, and wage a crusade against the Sith. She would not be tied by law, by jurisdiction, or by morals. Any route taken, was worth it, if the result was the complete annihilation of the sith.

And so her crusade began.


Ala'ne, Kad'ika, Sverra, each of her selves learned a great deal in her reletively short time alive. From the simple mind tricks of the force, all the way to the self corruptive Force Lightning. She trained for some time with the Jal Shey order of force adepts, learning initially from a much different type of viewpoint.

Her training took a different turn when she was taken under the tutelage of Ardonis Commodore, who would become her long time mentor and something of a father figure to the woman. He taught her many of the seven forms of lightsaber combat, some very unorthodox uses of the force, and molded her into his ideals. She quickly took to them, mastering forms I, V, and VII, whilst gaining some mastery of forms II and IV.

By far her greatest feat of force ability, was the strength of her force lightning, easily enough in the shortest bursts to bring a Rampaging rancorr to it's knees. She believed this 'rationing' of the power would keep her from it's corruptive grasp, and for a time, it seemed to. However her moral judgements subtley changed, and once she cut herself loose from the empire, it's rampant use took it's toll upon her.

She was also a great diplomat, settling disputes between the empire peacefully on many occasion. She was however a stern supporter of 'aggressive negotiation'. It was quite certain that when necessary, she could quickly solve a situation on the tip of her lightsaber.


Sverra is versed in a remarkable number of languages, able to go toe to toe with even the most sophisticated protocol droid. This is due in part to her flash training as an imperial stormtrooper, most of the languages she knows, including Kubaz, and huttese, were taught to her using memory flashes in the imperial academy.

However, others came from personal experience, such as the subtle motions by Lekku and Montrals to converse.

There are some however, that she learned during her Shadowguard career. She had been taught by Ardonis to look into the minds of others, and to great affect, she used this power to lift the spoken languages that they knew right from their minds, allowing her to understand them aswell.

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