<TIC><TIC>...is this thing even on? ohh.. here comes the words... Hey! silly thing! not those words...<recording device turned off>

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Lovely, it seems to work right now. Now where to start.. ohh I know! Hi! I am Susallia, or just Susa, and they have hammered me to put an entry of myself on the archives. Not really sure why as I am here and alive. Not even sure why people are willingly spend.. nay waste, good time reading.. or in my case, hearing, through dusty boring books. I mean, there is so many other things you can do instead, like giving hugs, pull pranks, do something thrilling!. But I guess some are like that. So for those, here I am.

About Me[edit | edit source]

<Mutters softly> Guess Leysha wasn't so happy about what I wrote, that it is way to short and holding no real information at all. <voice seems to directed to somewhere else for a moment> So about what should I talk about now?... background?... whats the fun of a background? ...fine fine.. no need to lecture me...

Hmm.. my background, guess that means my history. Well I am a Zeltron off course, and am born on Zeltros. Well I think I am born on Zeltros seeing there has been no information about any zeltron birth not on Zeltros. But then again, we never put much effort in keeping data like that. <pauses to stick her tongue out to Leysha>

Pre-Zonama[edit | edit source]

Zonama Era[edit | edit source]

<Munching sound of someone eating something crunchy> ...Why I never put Lambent fruit in cookies before I don't know, but yay! its tasty! can't wait to let Lanya taste it.

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