General InformationEdit

Name: Stew Atlas

Born on: 4/26/08


About: Loyal guard of Klugga the Hutt


Stew started out wearing jeans and a t-shirt on ((United Galaxies)) Coruscant. A nice Jedi approached and welcomed him to Star Wars Role Play. The Jedi then gave him some Star Wars clothes. After that Stew explored the other sims and found more free clothes. He went back to ((UG)) Coruscant to thank the Jedi, but instead found an advertisement for Raithal Academy.

Raithal AcademyEdit

Stew submitted his application to join the Raithal Academy. He was accepted and Matrix Amiot took Stew shopping. Stew bought Dazzo stormtrooper armor and an E-11b rifle. He later upgraded his rifle to the Titan Industries SFOR rifle. Stew was killed in the Battle of Yavin IV fighting with the Clone Troopers. The Raithal Academy would later closed down sending Stew back out into the galaxy with a new character.

Mos EspaEdit

As soon as it was announced that New Kashi had been changed to Mos Espa, Stew became a part of the sim. He later rented a home and became a guard of Klugga the Hutt.

Mos EisleyEdit

When it was announced that the Mos Espa sim was closing down, Klugga the Hutt moved to Little Mos Eisley. Stew followed Klugga and he now lives in Klugga's Palace, where he serves as one of Klugga's most trusted Majordomo's.

Rolga the Hutt's Palace, Mos EspaEdit

When Klugga the Hutt returned to Nar Shaddaa, Stew decided to return to his hometown of Mos Espa. He was soon hired as a palace guard by Rolga the Hutt. One of his duties is the care and feeding of the aklay.

Character HistoryEdit

Stew was born in Klugga the Hutt's palace on Mos Espa, Tatooine.

His mom was a cook and his dad was a guard.

No one knows his real name because as a youngling he loved his mom's cooking so much they nicknamed him Stew.

His childhood consisted of games that prepared him to become one of Klugga's guards.

He played, "Pass the gaffie", "Who's got the blaster?", and his favorite, "Toss out the drunken Bith".

Klugga returned to Nar Shadda, and Stew stayed on Mos Espa to guard Rolga the Hutt.

Current RPEdit

Stew is a Gamorrean guard in the service of Klugga the Hutt and a member of the Black Sun Syndicate criminal organization. He is available for hire as a guard for the day if you need him.