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SWQS Giver

SWQS (Star Wars Quest System) is a free system for doing Star Wars themed quests in Second Life. It is worn as a HUD, and tracks your characters progress on various quests at once, showing information about your progress. Many quests for SWQS are available in Taris, as well as Ajuur the Hutt, the starting character for SWQS quests. Completion of quests gives quest rewards, which range from silly to very nice items.

How to Obtain SWQS

To obtain your own free SWQS HUD, travel to Taris. You can find a SWQS giver box located by the shuttle pad and another by the entrance to the Upper City Cantina.

SWQS Developer Information

SWQS is open to developers from other sims! There is a SL Group for SWQS Developers. If you are interested in hosting SWQS quests in your RP area, contact Furia Freeloader. Developers design their own quests and NPCs entirely.


SWQS was developed by Furia Freeloader.