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The generic name given to a loose collection of Merchant Fleet Captains, freighter Captains and smugglers engaged in galactic trade.

Involved in the transport and distribution of various spices as well as exotics, sundries and basic supplies.

Often organized into loose Guilds or Mercantile Associations.

Besides forming the backbone of galactic trade all along the Outer Rim, the spice fleet maintains a number of small offices as well as supply and fuel depots on various planets.

The spice fleet maintains the large fuel depot on Ord Mantell and has (reluctantly) cut a deal with Reecko's Gas and Fuels to keep the fleet running during times of (probably artifical) hyperspace drive fuel shortages.

The spice fleet currently deals in two kinds of spice- Glitterstim red spice from the Kessel Asteroid field mining station (750m above the region Klaw), and Rakian spice, from a small cluster of planets in the unknown regions.

The spice fleet makes 3-4 yearly trade expeditions to the unknown regions, funded by vaarious investors and the InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Largest group: The Spice Smugglers Mercantile Association