The purpose of this article is to share information with and among all in the SLSWRP community who want to have space travel as part of their RP in SWSL. This includes but is not limited to Captains, groups and crewmen aboard: (The name of this page should be changed to reflect SWRP spece travel in General.)

  • Frigates
  1. Covert Assault Class Frigates
  2. Assault Class Frigates
  3. Interceptor Class Frigates
  • Destroyers
  1. Interdictors
  2. Imperial Destroyers
  3. Mon Calamari Class Destroyers
  4. Old Republic Class Destroyers
  5. Corillian Class Destroyers
  6. Sith Class Cruisers
  • Cruisers
  1. Heavy Assault Class Cruisers
  2. Logistics Class Cruisers
  3. Recon Class Cruisers
  4. Heavy Intradictor Class Cruisers
  5. Imperial Class Cruisers
  6. Mon Calamari Class Cruisers
  7. Old Republic Class Cruisers
  8. Sith Class Cruisers
  • Battlecruisers
  1. Command Class Battlecruisers
  2. Imperial Class Battlecruisers
  • Battleships
  1. Marauder Class Battleships
  2. Imperial Class Battleships
  3. Mon Calamari Class Battleships
  • Dreadnoughts
  1. Imperial Class Dreadnoughts
  2. Sith Class Dreadnoughts
  3. Mon Calamari Class Dreadnoughts
  • Shuttles
  1. Imperial Shuttles
  2. Republic Shuttles
  3. Sith Shuttles
  4. Mon Calamari Shuttles
  5. Mining Shuttles
  6. Civilian Shuttles
  • Industrial Ships
  1. Transport Class
  2. Blockade Runner Class
  • Freighters
  1. Cargo Freighters
  2. Jump Freighters (Blockade Freighters)
  • Mining
  1. Mining Barges
  2. Mining Crusers
  3. Processing Barges

Examples Edit

Groups that encourage RP aboard ships:

(Enter "Spice Fleet" under search/places in SL.)

(Enter "Perlemian" under search/places in SL.)

(Commerce Raiders is a group formed by pirates and Onderon freedom fighters to raid imperial commerce along the Perlemian Trade route.)

(Reecko's Fuel Tanker Fleet)

  • The Trade Fleet

Space Stations Edit

Anyone who has a Premium account and isn't using the land offer (512 acres tier free land) should consider getting 512 acres of land through the SL auction (you can often get 512 acres for L2400) and placing a ship above the land (with LM) at the 700m level.

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