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— Soron's typical farewell (Mando'a: Stay alive)

Soron Skirata was a renowned Mandalorian bounty hunter, mercenary, and assassin. A human from Sundari, Soron was born into Clan Almec on the planet Mandalore, only to undergo a series of unusual events throughout his life that had him renounce tribe after tribe before he was finally adopted into Clan Skirata. Having been a part of Clans Almec, Ruus'la, Mereel, and eventually Skirata at different points in his life, Soron played key roles in Bre Vizsla's conquest of the Outer Rim Territories, Sek'nos Fah's as well as Adam'ska Rau's group of Ori'ramikade (Mando'a: Supercommandos), and Araniik Almec's governorship over Mandalorian space. After being recruited into the Mandalorian Protectors by Jekai Kryze, Soron committed himself to Jaster Mereel's Supercommando Codex, and, with time, was pronounced the commander of this group of elite Mandalorian warriors. As Protector of Mandalore, Soron called upon the best and brightest of the Mandalorian Clans to resurrect a network of Clan representatives that aimed to establish a common goal for the Mandalorians by structuring the Clans into a mercenary military machine.


Youth - A Path to Warriorhood & Becoming a Full-Fledged Mandalorian (Birth to Age 13)

Soron was born to Dia and Araniik Almec on the planet Mandalore, within the prosperous city of Sundari. Clan Almec, renown for producing an array of politically ambitious Mandalorians, was the tribe that raised Soron. At the early age of 7, Soron took interest in Mandalorian politics and philosophy. He spent countless days and nights studying ancient texts with his mother in search of deep intellectual knowledge about Mandalorian history, religion, and culture. He became well versed in the Resol’nare (Mando’a: Six Actions) by the age of 7, at which point he began his advanced training program under Araniik, his father, while Dia fostered his cultural education. Araniik sought to prepare Soron for the verd’goten, a final trial that tested a Mandalorian youth’s survival skills and military capabilities. Passed at the age of 13, this final trial confirms a youngling’s ability to fight—if passed, then the youth becomes a full-fledged Mandalorian warrior and, by societal standards, an adult. If this "coming of age" ends in failure, however, then the trainee dies on the field more often than not.

By the time that Soron turned the age of 12, Araniik’s duties to the recently inaugurated Mandalore Bre Vizsla diverted the old Almec’s attention from his son to the rally of the sole ruler. Araniik entrusted what remained of Soron’s training to the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jaster Ruus’la, who Soron was to shadow for the remaining year of his military conditioning. After wishing farewell to his mother, father, and his favorite cousin, Jekai Almec, Soron traveled the galaxy with Jaster so as to assist the man in hunt after hunt. The young Soron established a strong bond with Jaster and gradually resented his biological father for abandoning him in the most vital aspect of his education—his very coming of age. With time, Soron started to call Jaster buir (Mando’a: father; parent) and eventually renounced Clan Almec in favor of being adopted into Jaster’s family, Clan Ruus’la, as a ge'verd (Mando'a: almost-a-warrior; trainee).

In the city of Mos Gamos, on the planet Tatooine, Soron passed his verd’goten under Jaster by hunting down a deadly gang of Wookiees who owed a hefty amount of credits to a local Hutt. Having successfully tracked down and killed the militant Wookiees, as well as collected the bounties on their heads, Soron celebrated his coming of age with his adoptive father and new tribe as Soron Ruus’la, a full-fledged, adult Mandalorian warrior. At this ripe age of 13, Soron donned his full set of duraplast Mandalorian beskar’gam (Mando’a: iron skin; armor) proudly, and made it his mission to uphold the Resol’nare throughout his life. He occupied himself as a bounty hunter, taking up underworld contracts much like his adoptive father did, and he diverted a great portion of his welfare to the nomadic Clan Ruus’la.

Bre Vizsla's Conquest of Outer Rim Territories (Ages 13-18)

After his training, Soron and Jaster rallied to Mandalore Bre Vizsla, who led a number of Mandalorian Clans into combat in his conquest of neutral star systems in the Outer Rim. Bre targeted worlds which were unaligned with either the ambitious One Sith Empire or their adversary, the rebellious Alliance and their Jedi Order. The sole ruler of the Mandalorians instead encouraged crusades across planets such as Rodia and Duros. Conquered species were subjected to Mandalorian rule or inducted into the ranks and philosophy of the warrior culture.

After a series of disagreements with the alor (Mando’a: chieftain) of Clan Ruus’la, Jaster grew closer to Bre and came to respect the traditional warrior codes and ideology that the war chief of the Mandalorian Clans preached. The ruthless bounty hunter was so inspired that he renounced Clan Ruus’la in favor of adoption into Clan Vizsla, whereas Soron chose to remain with the tribe that adopted him. Until the age of 18, Soron served alongside Jaster Vizsla in warfare across the Outer Rim Territories, but father and son gradually grew apart.

Soron became well acquainted with one of Bre’s sons, Arue Vizsla, while they fought side by side during a handful of battlefronts; after their military operations, the two of them often hunted game together in Hutt space, on planets such as Tatooine. For astounding success on the front lines, Soron received Bre Vizsla’s disruptor rifle, a deadly weapon that was commonly illegal throughout most of the galaxy for its ability to disintegrate a target in one shot by ripping them apart atom by atom. Soron found this weapon to be particularly useful in battles against the Jedi Order, which came to the stalwart defense of the several neutral star systems that the Mandalorians aimed to conquer under Bre's rule.

Soron Later Uses Bre Vizsla's Ion Disruptor Alongside Arden Kryze (Biological Nephew) & Mercenaries vs. Droids & Tanks

By invading Geonosis and acquiring control of its droid factories in the early stages of his campaign, Bre outfitted Mandalorian infantry divisions with battle droids of an ancient design. Although his time in command saw to an increase in the induction of conquered species into Mandalorian culture and the expansion of Mandalorian influence over neutral Outer Rim worlds, Bre Vizsla’s regime was not without its flaws. Bre had allied the Mandalorians with the One Sith Empire, which helped the Mandalorian leader grow out his capital and build up his fleet, but ultimately led to a period of extreme oppression of Mandalorian space by Darth Vrana. In the aftermath of Bre’s death at the hands of a Sith who was seemingly unaffiliated with the One Sith Empire, the Mandalorians were in disarray. Out of anger for the disobedience among the Mandalorians, Darth Vrana utilized a Sith artifact—the mysterious Phobis device—against the planet Mandalore and thereby spread hysteria among its population, which resulted in a considerable portion of the populace's extermination due to the horrors and abominations that were created by way of the Force.

Sek'nos Fah's and Adam'ska Rau's Supercommandos (Ages 18-23)

Upon Bre Vizsla’s death, Soron joined the ranks of the Ori’ramikade, who were under the command of Sek’nos Fah, a Mandalorian warrior of Clan Runi, and later Adam’ska Rau, the chieftain of Clan Rau. Soron painted his armor green so as to represent duty, traveled from covert to covert, especially across the Core Worlds region of the galaxy, and partook in special military operations against the One Sith Empire as part of this elite Mandalorian group. He adopted the callsign “Foba Bett,” both out of humor and to distance himself from his past as the son of Jaster Vizsla, whose crusader actions were deemed to be dishonorable by Soron’s warrior peers.

The Supercommandos borrowed heavily from Jaster Mereel’s True Mandalorians of old, although both Sek’nos and Adam’ska never enforced the Supercommando Codex, as Soron was instead held to a handbook that outlined professional military conduct. From the age of 18, Soron followed the command of Sek’nos and later Adam’ska for four years as an Ori’ramikad, partaking primarily in infantry and boarding party operations against the high command of the One Sith Empire, as well as any Mandalorian Clans—or "zealots," as his commanders often identified them—still loyal to the Sith.

With the Mandalorians generally disorganized, thwarted, and leaderless in the years after Bre Vizsla's rule, Mandalorian space devolved into civil war. As the years progressed, Sek'nos Fah renounced not only his status as the commander of the Ori'ramikade, but also his Mandalorian ways, for he shed his armor in order to reclaim his once abandoned Jedi lifestyle. Disgusted by Sek'nos' conduct, Adam'ska Rau took control of the Supercommandos, branded the previous commander as an adversary to the Mandalorians, and, what is even worse by custom, officially proclaimed him to be dar'manda (Mando'a: one who has lost his Mandalorian heritage, identity, and soul; soulless).

Adam'ska continued to target star cruisers and territories that belonged to the One Sith Empire, as he directed the Supercommandos to defend Mandalorian space and the people of Mandalore during what became known as the Phobis Wars. For years, the Supercommandos led the offensive against the One Sith Empire, destabilized its government by way of decisive strikes, defended Mandalore from Sithspawn, and, in conclusion, assisted the Alliance in the defeat of Darth Vrana on Coruscant.

Araniik Almec's Governorship Over Mandalorian Space (Ages 23-29)

Soron lost faith in the Ori’ramikade after Sek’nos turned his back on the Mandalorians, so after a few years of warfare under Adam’ska’s command, Soron finally decided to resign from his occupation as a Supercommando. He returned to his life as a bounty hunter and reached out to his underworld connections in order to score bigger jobs. The Mandalorian abandoned his sense of duty, scrubbed off his green colors, and donned a set of blue and black, which reflected his professional reliability and pursuit of justice as a mercenary. It was around this time that Jaster Vizsla, who had become a sort of rival over the years, dueled against Soron, broke many of his bones, and abandoned him on streets of Coruscant to crawl to the nearest medical station in a gesture of renouncement, which urged Soron to pay credence to Jango Fett's agent-for-hire code as a simplified version of some commandments of the Supercommando Codex—from that day on, he trusted no one, but used everyone to achieve what he believed was an honorable way of life for a Mandalorian, i.e., to be a highly paid soldier of fortune.

After he successfully undertook a series of operations for a number of (in)famous employers, including the Black Sun, various Hutt kajidics, and especially the Bounty Hunters’ Guild, Soron was contacted by his biological father. Araniik Almec told his son that in the years after Bre Vizsla’s death, he had amassed leftover Imperial machinery and naval warships in hopes of bringing order and unity to Mandalorian space. Araniik asked Soron to give him a second chance, to help him in his endeavor, and to ultimately repair the familial bond that the two once shared. Easily persuaded by promises of political stability that his affectionate parent vowed to deliver, Soron accepted his father’s proposal and renounced Clan Ruus’la in order to rejoin his bui'tsad (Mando'a: biological family lineage).

Araniik and Soron contacted Clans not only across the Mandalore sector, but also throughout the thousands of star systems which fell into the eleven sectors that extended beyond the capital one. They offered the tribes that had relatively big amounts of warriors large sums of credits to form a militia. Working with what he had, Araniik welcomed all kinds of Mandalorians into his ranks, so he formed an army of cloned Mandalorians, rogue Clans, and even Force using or lightsaber wielding warriors. Although he never claimed the title of Mandalore, the old Almec fancied himself to be the self-declared governor of Mandalorian space, repurposed Bre's massive leftover Imperial fleet to enforce his rule, and bought or forcefully demanded the loyalty of the Clans that supported him. Araniik, however, recognized a grave threat to his ambitions in the form of two Mandalorian factions, namely the Supercommandos that were still commanded by Adam’ska Rau and a Death Watch movement which was led by Overlord Slade Kryze and evolved out of Arue Vizsla's group of traditional warriors, the Aka'liit (Mando'a: Mandalorian Faithful). Araniik branded both Mandalorian groups as criminal entities and traitors to Mandalore, then established military blockades around most planets across the twelve sectors, with or without the support of local Clans.

While Soron rallied the militia, blockaded planets in the Outer Rim, and commanded battalions across Mandalorian space to assist his father, Death Watch and the Supercommandos united their military forces out of necessity rather than desire. They combined their troops and engaged in a guerrilla warfare offensive against Araniik's government so as to reclaim planets for the Mandalorian Clans. They liberated planet after planet until the governor’s rogue warriors were routed to the Mandalore sector. Soron's forces fell to Death Watch warriors on the moon Concordia, at which point the group of warriors took the governor’s son captive. By then, Adam’ska Rau had restructured the Supercommandos into the Mandalorian Protectors, so once Concordia’s shield generators and Mandalore’s defense cannons were sabotaged, Protector Jekai Rau, Soron's biological cousin, sent a spade through the governor’s head amid a raid on the throne room in the city of Sundari. The Protectors killed Araniik Almec on Mandalore and thereby brought the war of liberation or reign of terror to an end.

Soron Skirata's Clean Slate (Ages 29-39)

Devastated by his father's death and its widespread coverage across Mandalorian channels, Soron spent weeks on Coruscant as a prisoner of Death Watch. His old acquaintance, Arue Vizsla, set him free on the condition that Soron would support Slade Kryze as Mand'alor if the Overlord of Death Watch defeated any and all other challengers. Once the Overlord killed all the other contenders and rallied the Clans to expand the borders of Mandalorian space, Soron repainted his armor black and red in memory of his dead father, heeded the Mandalore's call, and joined the battlefront to invade Taanab. Amid the conquest, one of Slade's warriors—an aggressive rally master who was known to Soron only as Min or Lucky—killed an unarmed farmer, which evoked outrage from the commander of the Protectors, Adam'ska Rau. He challenged Min to a duel but was cut down in single combat, which inflicted grief upon Adam'ska's protégé, Jekai Rau, who took up command of the Mandalorian Protectors.

Soron Repaints Armor Black & Red to Represent Justice and To Honor Dead Father

Unable to stand the dishonor that was portrayed by some warriors of Death Watch, Jekai Rau challenged Slade Kryze and decapitated the cyborg's head with the ruler's own lightfoil, which was stylized to mimic the Darksaber as a symbol of authority. Although Jekai did not initially claim the title of Mand'alor, he claimed chieftainship of Slade's tribe, adopted the Kryze name, and guaranteed that the dead war chief would be remembered as Mandalore the Merciless. He called in various warriors who fought for the governor or Death Watch, including Soron and Min, in order to urge them to swear an oath, vow, or pledge that would renounce their past factions and allegiances. Soron readily renounced his biological father and was pardoned for his war crimes by association, which included, but were not limited to, the use of warriors who were twelve years old or just shy of becoming full-fledged Mandalorians, i.e. child soldiers, the establishment of illegal clone factories in Mandalorian space, and the issuance of orders for chosen champions to challenge the command hierarchies of Death Watch and the Mandalorian Protectors. Min, however, refused to swear by such an oath and so retreated into self-exile in the Outer Rim. Being Soron's cousin by blood, Jekai gave the warrior a chance to reclaim his glory and honor by way of recruitment into the Mandalorian Protectors. With this present of cin vhetin (Mando'a: fresh start, clean slate; literally virgin snow), Jekai gave Soron an opportunity to prove himself as an elite warrior and worthy Mandalorian. Among his first acts of rectification was the infiltration of a dangerous Death Watch chapter on Corellia that was headed by Jorval 'Kad' Ordo, the grandson of A'denla 'Kad' Socarras who came to be remembered as Mandalore the Reclaimer for the successful conquest of Coruscant. Soron masterfully penetrated the organized terrorist group's security and remained in place as an entrusted operative who acted as a spy completely in-uniform; he managed to suppress Jorval's comms broadcasts, destabilized the rally of Mandalorian warriors to the cause, and conducted useful din'kartay (Mando'a: the sharing of military information and planning; SITREP; wash-up; intelligence) work for the Protectors.

Assigned to a hangar base on Concord Dawn, Protector Soron soon proved himself to be an expert pilot as he patrolled the Mandalore sector in search of any civil unrest across Mandalorian space. During this time, he came across mercenary warriors of Clan Mereel, who adopted him as their own, helped him develop an appreciation for Jaster Mereel's Supercommando Codex, and set him on an ethical path as Soron Mereel. He repainted his armor midnight blue and yellow to embody the spirit of reliable vengeance that was aimed at aruetii (Mando'a: outsider; foreigner; traitor) influences and practices, many of which he associated with his dead father. Whenever he did not repel unwanted outsiders (mainly criminal entities, pirates, and ex-military scavengers) across the twelve sectors of Mandalorian space to help Jekai maintain financial power, economic stability, and the minimization of conflict between the Mandalorian Clans, Soron honed his skills as a highly paid soldier of fortune; he once again occupied himself as a bounty hunter and even learned how to employ himself as a plasma-based weapon-smith with the assistance of Vyssh Vizsla, a Kaleesh Mandalorian blacksmith.

Mandalorian Blacksmith Vyssh Vizsla Outfits Soron; Armor Repainted Midnight Blue & Yellow to Represent Reliable Vengeance

Soron & Gray Jedi on a Job

Soron & A Mandalorian Hunt Acklay

Soron & A Mandalorian Warrior of Clan Skirata Atop a Canderous-Class Assault Tank

Although Clan Mereel helped Soron regain his sense of self as a warrior, he disliked how scattered the tribe was, as most of his vode (Mando'a: brothers; sisters; mates; comrades) preoccupied themselves with industry or mercenary work in different cities on Mandalore, yet almost never ventured out as a united company. During a lonesome hunt on Tatooine, Soron ran into Shev'la Skirata, whose mission it was to rebuild his tribe after it experienced a long period of infighting. Soron and Shev'la hunted down a local Jawa who terrorized the populace of Mos Espa and, with time, they grew close enough for Soron to renounce Clan Mereel in favor of being adopted into Clan Skirata as Shev'la's brother. Together, they adopted worthy Mandalorians into their tribe, among them Min "Lucky" Skirata.

Armor Repainted Blue to Represent Reliability

Soron & Min on Corellia

Soron fell in love with Lucky despite their vast differences in personality and the two Mandalorians eventually formed a traditional love bond by way of marriage. He respected her tenacity and resilience as a warrior, although he often criticized her ruthlessness and compared it to Jaster's. He repainted his armor blue to reflect his reliability as a Mandalorian Protector, and adopted two children: Ekuwa Skirata and Cruor Ordo (the latter of whom eventually renounced Clan Skirata in favor of adoption into Clan Ordo). With Lucky, Soron reared a natural born child whom they named Jango Skirata; they raised and educated their very own Mandalorian. Clan Skirata grew big, powerful, and respected as a tribe, as it attained an affinity for mercenary work, consistently defended its own, and built up a strong infantry that was supplemented by Mandalorian tanks or other armored fighting vehicles.

Min Saves Soron From Wildlife on Hoth Amid the Great Hunt

Mandalorian Protectors (Incl. Soron, Min, & Vyssh) Conduct Sector Patrol

Soron & Cruor Ordo (Adoptive Son) Jetpack Hover in the Throne Room of Sundari

Protector of Mandalore (Ages 39-PRESENT)

A time came, however, when Jekai finally claimed the title of Mandalore. He pronounced Soron the commander of the Mandalorian Protectors and rallied as many Clans as he could so as to urge them into pledges, oaths, and vows of loyalty to him. Jekai sought to foster independence and security across the twelve sectors of Mandalorian space with his plan to help the Clans achieve solidarity on the planets that they inhabited. In his attempt to safeguard Mandalore from any future invasions, Jekai instituted the Office of Mandalorian Intelligence, which erected defense structures such as hypervelocity cannons, shutter shields, and even a laser defense grid. Throughout his cousin's rule, Soron served as Jekai's royal guard and commanded patrols across the sectors.

Jekai was killed by one Zakkeg or Cantar of Clan Gra'tua, who won his duel through brute strength but fell thereafter in a duel against Nicci Ordo. Nicci refused to take the title and made it known across Mandalorian channels that only a warrior with a natural following should rule the Clans. Soron agreed with the notion and reached out to various warrior Clans to resurrect a network of Clan representatives that would convene to address common needs among the tribes even in times when the Mandalorians were leaderless. The Protectors refurbished the throne rooms in the cities of Sundari and Keldabe to call upon Clan chieftains, which resulted in a mercenary contract with the New Republic, occasional warfare on behalf of the Cress Empire, and Mandalorians claiming much of the glory and fortune in a Great Hunt. Mandalorians who were willing to fight on battlefronts or hunt most wanted bounties (even Jedi and Sith) were offered fair rewards for their honorable work, which allowed the network to unite the Clans into an effective mercenary military machine.

Mandalorians & Elite Republic Warriors vs. Wildlife

Mandalorians Kill Jedi Master Beriil on Ossus & Exterminate The Temple's Defenses as Collateral Damage - Turns Out a Frustrated Senator Levied Sham Charges

Soron & Arden Kryze & Cassus Ordo Conduct a Successful Assassination + Critical Explosives Detonation for the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Andoweel

Soron & Cassus Arrest Infamous HoloNet Superstar Vesharia Syphex Aboard Her Luxury Space Yacht

"Ah, kriff-shch... he's right behind me, isn't-sch he?" - Vyssh Before He Nearly Gets Eaten on Hoth

As Protector of Mandalore, Soron committed himself to the maintenance of the balance that Jekai instituted. He recruited more elite warriors into the Mandalorian Protectors, among them Lucky, Ekuwa, Vyssh, Tracyn Solus, Kote Kryze, a Mandalorian Karkarodon, Ne'tra Ky'ram, and a Mandalorian blacksmith, T'riss, with whom he often commandeered forges. During a patrol along the border of the Mandalore sector, however, Soron's Fang-class starfighter was shot down by an overwhelming force of hostiles, which routed him to the planet Ordo, where a tribe bearing the archaic symbol of Death Watch took him captive. For two years, he was dragged across the dune seas without armor and threatened with murder by an explosive collar, until he managed to re-wire a moisture vaporator with a stolen commlink to send out an SOS message. After his rescue by Protectors and nearby warriors alike, Soron adorned his armor with golden stripes again to signify his vengeance against any tribes who professed themselves Death Watch, as he was driven by retribution to exile or honorably execute their kind.

Jai'galaar (Mando'a: Shriek-Hawk), Soron's Fang-class Starfighter, Inherited from Jekai

With Mandalorian space yet again declining into civil war, Soron helped gather intelligence on four Mandalorian factions who vied for control: the Mandalorian Space Protectorate (remnants of Jekai's OMI), the Death Watch movement on Ordo (Soron's target for personal revenge), Imperial Mandalorians (who served the Byss Empire), and Mandalore's standing army (which was eradicated on Mandalore by Imperials). Each faction had limited access to the variety of war technologies which were scattered across the Mandalore sector. Amid the indecisive squabbles of the network of Clan representatives, the chieftain of Clan Gra'tua nearly pushed an ultimatum which would have turned the laser defense grid on the planet; he expressed no hesitation as he nearly urged an allied faction into the obliteration of Mandalore. Sick and tired of the dangerous indecisiveness, Sho'tal Kata, a Mandalorian doctor, claimed the title of Mandalore and rallied the Clans to fight for Mandalorian space. The Protectors readily became her royal guards as she proved herself to be a hopeful prospect in the settlement of the disunity among the Mandalorians. Soron was ordered to hunt down and exile the chieftain of Clan Gra'tua for his carelessness; Jekai's son and Soron's biological nephew, Protector Arden Kryze, personally dueled and executed the man. Vulk'ta Gra'tua succeeded the chieftainship, joined forces with the Imperial Mandalorians, and submitted to the command of the Dark Lords of the Sith—his tactical expertise in the first and final major space battle of the reclamation effort resulted in the deaths of thousands of Mandalorian warriors who were brave enough to push through the planetary blockade. The Mandalorian Clans joined efforts with Mandalore's standing army or the Mandalorian military, which was obliterated in the early stages of the war by way of the Eclipse, an orbital cannon that the Imperials employed over the planet. Although split due to varied hostilities at first and a disagreement on whether to use Arc Pulse Generators, a deadly war technology that targeted beskar (Mando'a: Mandalorian iron) armor, remnants of the Space Protectorate ultimately allied with and folded into the Clans after they put an end to the terrorist movement on Ordo. These elite warriors served as scouts, intelligence operatives, and special agents amid the trench warfare on Mandalore once the Clans narrowly punched through the planet's blockade only to be stuck in dug out camps under massive shield generators. Although just before the war Shev'la had relinquished chieftainship of Clan Skirata to Soron, he bestowed the duty unto Min during the war to focus on his responsibilities as a Protector, who later pronounced their daughter, Ekuwa, as the chieftain. Months if not years of back-and-forth stalemate combat, whereby Sith and Mandalorians alike died either by way of duels or specialized military operations, gradually battered down the armored warriors. Some, such as Soron's brother, Shev'la, remained behind to wage guerilla warfare offensives, but the vast majority of the Mandalorians prudently retreated to survive, live, and fight another day once the Sith Empire's massive troop count took control of the advanced war machinery only to threaten the planet's complete destruction or annihilation.

Soron & An Elite Mandalorian Fire Team (Incl. Lone, Min, Vala Dralshy'a, etc.) Successfully Strike + Eliminate an Imperial & Sith Trench on Mandalore

Sho'tal Kata stepped down from the title and came to be remembered as Mandalore the Bonecarver. The retreat left many Clans bereft of pride and in desire of revenge. While the network of Clan representatives preoccupied itself with squabbles over how to continue the war effort without the loss of Mandalore, Empress Rowe of the Dark Lords of the Sith on Byss appointed an Imperial Mandalorian, Kandosii Kata, as the governor, viceroy, or ruler of the planet. In opposition, Min Skirata, Soron's wife and the very rally master who bested Adam'ska Rau in single combat on Taanab, proved her mettle through spars against the chieftain of her own tribe and the champion or alor'ad (Mando'a: captain; second-in-command) of Clan Ordo so as to claim the title of Mandalore. The Mandalorian Protectors supported her cause to reclaim the ancestral planet from the Sith and rallied the network of Clan representatives. Soron was among the few advisors who recommended that the Clans imprison, rather than execute, Kandosii for his traitorous betrayal. The network of Clan representatives grew restless due to the absence of aggressive conduct by the Mandalorians, however, so at a regular rally for the preparation of war plans they put it to a vote whether or not they support Min as Mandalore. Each and every chieftain either abstained from the vote or announced their lack of faith in her, except from Soron, who proclaimed support on behalf of the Mandalorian Protectors. Min cursed the chieftains and vowed to kill them all before her disappearance into self-exile.

Min Bloodied on a Hunt

Without a sole ruler, the network of Clan representatives only grew more indecisive. Two prospects for the throne, Cassus 'Kad' Ordo, who gradually became Jorval's adoptive son, and Saxon Kast of Clan Tal, were equally favored by the Mandalorian Clans in the capacity of war chief. They agreed to spar for the title and eventually Saxon defeated his adversary. One Darth Nemesis, a Sith who Soron once hospitalized for the Guild, persuaded Empress Rowe into an audience with the newly inaugurated Mandalore. With the power of negotiation once again in the hands of the Mandalorians, Saxon, Rowe, and Soron finalized a treaty or non-aggression pact which successfully levied more positive obligations against the Sith Empire than it did against the Clans. Saxon Kast came to be known as Mandalore the Oathmaker for his cunning ability to restore Mandalore in a feat of remarkable transitional justice. The Mandalorian Clans, represented by a sole ruler and war chief, were recognized as a sovereign entity within the galaxy with the right to govern the thousands of star systems which stemmed from the Mandalore sector. Mandalore the Oathmaker reorganized the Mandalorian Protectors into professional ranks with distinct color schemes for various defense roles, resurrected the Mandalorian military under the guidance of Field Marshal Cassus Ordo, and instituted bazaars, largescale trades, as well as festive sports games throughout Mandalorian space.

Soron Repaints Armor Green & Yellow to Represent Duty & Vengeance as a Journeyman Protector or Lawman on Patrol

While Mandalore the Oathmaker reinforced the Mandalorian Clans as a galactic power base, a Mandalorian warrior who was known only by the namesake of his Clan, Lone, became the Overlord of Death Watch. He purposefully engaged in acts of aggression against the Dark Lords of the Sith and their Empire by way of the theft of holocrons from their temples on Byss, but once he was deemed as a threat to the Clans, he challenged Mandalore via an open comlink channel which the vast majority of the Mandalorians who lived across the galaxy were connected to. Distrustful of the challenge due to rumors that Death Watch murdered regardless of who won duels, Mandalore nevertheless accepted the traditional fight. The Mandalorian Clans convened on Concordia to observe the combat. The Overlord wielded the Darksaber and commanded the respect of his war band, whereas Mandalore fought with a shield that was made of beskar and a Mythosaur axe. The Overlord eventually bested Mandalore the Oathmaker, claimed victory by way of the defeated one's death, and announced himself as the sole ruler of the Mandalorian Clans. The victor's first order officially dissolved Death Watch and made each warrior without a tribe the first of their Clan by right of namesake. The network of Clan representatives consolidated its united strength, secured a sense of political stability, revised several of its contracts with galactic governments, namely the Republic, criminal syndicates, especially the Black Sun, as well as the Hutt Cartel, and hunted down outsiders within Mandalorian space with the aim to exterminate them all. Some Mandalorian warriors, such as those of Clan Kryze, even fought alongside the droid empowered Sabaoth Coalition that was headed by Kyle Voss of Clan Tal'galar to conquer worlds which were just beyond the borders of officially charted Mandalorian planetary systems in acts of expansionism. Given that Min was somewhat absent from his life, Soron repainted his armor from green to gray as a sign of the fact that he mourned a lost love. His son, Cruor Ordo, also decided to settle down once and for all on his homeworld Dathomir, so the emancipated Zabrak gladiator respectfully shed his armor and returned it to Clans Ordo and Skirata; to honor him, Soron repainted and donned the warrior's helmet with metal spikes or beskar horns atop the dome.

Overlord Lone vs. Mandalore Saxon Kast - Soron Observes Duel on Concordia


Identification Card

Identification Card Holographic Visual

Publicly Available Identichip Information:


  - Name: Soron Skirata.

  - Titles: Protector of Mandalore; Commander of the Mandalorian Protectors.

  - Residence: Keldabe, Mandalore; Nomadic.

  - Born: Sundari, Mandalore.

  - Species: Human (Mandalorian).

  - Hair Color: Black.

  - Eye Color: Brown.

  - Height: 6'0".

  - Weight: 79Kg + 45Kg Armor.

  - Age: 49 Galactic Standard Years.


  - Araniik Almec [Father - Deceased].

  - Dia Almec [Mother - Deceased].

  - Jekai Kryze [Cousin - Deceased].

  - Arden Kryze [Nephew - MIA or KIA].

  - Shev'la Skirata [Adoptive Brother].

  - Min Skirata [Spouse].

  - Jango Skirata [Son].

  - Ekuwa Skirata [Adoptive Daughter].

  - Cruor Ordo [Adoptive Son].

  - Coqa Skirata [Adoptive Granddaughter].

  - Kelsari Skirata [Adoptive Sister].


   - Bounty Hunters' Guild.

   - Mandalorian Protectors.

   - Mandalorian Clan Skirata.

- Various Hutt Cartel kajidics.


  - Mandalorian Protector (Royal Guard & Lawman, Journeyman on Defense Patrol).

  - Bounty Hunter.

  - Mercenary.

  - Assassin.

Languages Spoken (BY FLUENCY):

  1. Mando'a.

  2. Galactic Basic Standard.

Ship Registration:

  - Jai'galaar (Mando'a: Shriek-Hawk).

    * Fang-Class Starfighter - Protector Fang Fighter.

    * Wing-Mounted Laser Cannons (x2).

    * Hidden Ventral Proton Torpedo Launchers (x4).

    * Hidden Ventral Seismic Charge Ejectors (x2).


  - Mandalorian Combat Armor.

    * Mandalorian Iron (Beskar) Alloy.

  - Mandalorian Vambraces.

    * Right: Electrified Grappling Hook, Dur-24 Wrist Laser, Kamino Saberdarts, Explosive Darts.

    * Left: Serrated Mechanical Chainsaw Dagger or Gauntlet Blade, Sonic Weapon Emitter, CZ Flamethrower, Repulsor, Personal Combat Shield.

  - Mitrinomon Transports Mandalorian Iron (Beskar) Alloy Z-6 Jetpack.

    * Anti-Vehicle Homing Missile.

  - Registered Carried Munitions:

    * Amban Phase-Pulse Disruptor Sniper Rifle.

    * Mandalorian Iron (Beskar) Saber or Beskad.

    * WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistols (x2) w/ Custom Modifications: Stun Setting & High Velocity Gas Cartridges.

    * Thermal Detonator(s).

    * Thermal Imploder(s).

    * Concussion Grenade(s).

    * Glop Grenade(s).

Comlink Frequencies:

  - M5E4R7C2S (Public Frequency).

  - S5O4R7O2N (Personal Frequency - *PUBLICLY REDACTED*).

Criminal Record:

- (Mandalorian Space) Governor Araniik Almec Civil War Crimes - BY ASSOCIATION.

    * Deployment of child soldiers or underage warriors into battle on the moon Concordia.

    * Establishment of illegal clone facilities or factories on the planet Ordo.

    * Issuance of orders for chosen champions to challenge the command hierarchies of Death Watch and the Mandalorian Supercommandos.

    * Myriad of other war crimes that are *PUBLICLY REDACTED* or concealed from common knowledge.

    * Pardoned by the Mandalorian Protectors.


- Wanted Dead or Alive Within Most Outer Rim Territories for: (i) Possession of Illegal Weapons; (ii) Assassinations or Murders of Government Personnel & Armed Forces; (iii) Operation of an Unlawful Starship; (iv) Aiding & Abetting Criminal Activity.

    * Capture & Deliver to Any Non-Mandalorian Law Enforcement Agency in the Region.

   * Armed & Dangerous - Kill by Necessity.

   * Payment Upon Delivery of Body & Proof of Hunt to Security Officers or Peacekeepers.

   * 100,000 Credits Reward & Right to Loot Treasures or Spoils of the Hunt.