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Sith Legends original symbol

The Sith Legends was a Second Life Sith Order originally founded on Orion, later to become based on Ziost

Code of the Sith Legends

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall set me free.


The history of the Order of Sith Legends can be broken into several distinct phases, as the group was founded, then moved from planet to planet, and underwent various splits in membership and rebirths. The phases can generally be defined as: Prelude, Foundation, Ziost (1), Dantooine (1), Byss (1), Ziost (2), End of an Era, Guardians.


The Sith Legends trace their lineage to the original Sith group of Second Life, The Dark Lords of the Sith. Originally formed by Darth Padar, the Dark Lords of the Sith was the strongest and largest of the Sith groups. Dark Lords of the Sith even managed to outlast most of the Jedi groups which formed, fell and reformed over time.

The original home to the Dark Lords of the Sith was Korriban. This land prospered for a while, until Darth Padar withdrew his support from DLotS and took his sim with him. Many members left or were expelled during this time. The time after the end of Korriban is normally referred to as the First Fall of Korriban.

Dark Lady Malice stood forward and guided the Dark Lords of the Sith, following the fall of Korriban. Based in the Orion sim of Azure Islands, the DLotS group was able to rebuild and restrengthen itself. During it's return to power, Dark Lady Malice took on a new officer, Dark Lord Vega. It was during this same time that Darth Zen worked to regain Korriban for use by the Sith.

Just prior to the rebuilding of Korriban, Dark Lady Malice took a leave of absence and raised Darth Zen to the title of Dark Lord and officer of the group. The ruling time of Dark Lord Zen and Dark Lord Vega was prosperous to the Sith. Never had their numbers been so large, nor their power so influential.

As Korriban was being finished, trouble stirred within the group as Darth Padar attempted to regain control of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Still an officer during his absence, and the sim still under his ownership, he made a grab for power and attempted to exert his influence over a group which had been rebuilt in his absence. This upset many of the Sith who felt loyalty to their Dark Lords. Dark Lord Zen left the Order in protest of this power grab and retired to the outworlds for some time. For while Darth Padar had once ruled Dark Lords of the Sith, he had also quickly abandoned them and only returned as they outgrew his original order.

Chaos Carducci, a 3rd Rank Sith and Lucifer Kirkorian a 2nd Rank Sith followed their Dark Lord in leaving, but their path would lead them to form a new order.


With Dark Lord Zen having retired to the outworlds, Chaos Carducci and Lucifer Kirkorian felt the need to continue on with the essence of the Dark Lords of the Sith as they had come to know. Feeling the pull of the Dark Side within them and receiving the consult of their Dark Lord, they formed a new order near the ruins of the DLotS Temple in Orion. They are credited with being the first to re-established RP ties with the multitude Jedi orders, which had since been abandoned by DLotS and the Jedi Alliance.

The order was founded on the basic principals of the Dark Lords of the Sith and much of the earliest scrolls of the order are based upon the fragments that were held by Chaos and Lucifer. Both founders kept their original rank during the formation of Sith Legends, as they did not wish to promote themselves simply because they had splintered. The new Order did seek to differentiate itself in how it's loyal members interacted and influenced the future of the group.

Within days of the formation of Sith Legends, as Korriban and the Dark Lords of the Sith fell to the ashes during what is called the Second Fall of Korriban, many exiled members of the Dark Lords of the Sith were invited to join Sith Legends and offered their rank as it was in DLotS. With more members joining quickly, it became necessary to better organize the group and decide it's future. The first council was held within a week of the Second Fall and members began to refer to the founders as Dark Lords or Darths. Seeing it as a great honor, they accepted their titles as conferred by their fellow members. It was during this phase that all future leaders of the Order were recruited, including Darth Malice, Darth Ptas, and Darth Summanus.

Shorthly after the fall, a second group was formed from exiled members: Legacy of the Sith, led by Darth Devarii.

Darth Ptas (left) with Darth Knave in the old Sith Legends office.

The first Jedi/Sith roleplay to exist since the era of New Holstice began between the Sith Legends under the command of Darth Knave and Dark Master Chaos, and the Knights of the Old Republic under the command of Jedi Masters Revan and Veronna on Dantooine. The majority of Sith Legends roleplay in the beginning existed mostly on Dantooine, with additional and smaller RP events taking place at their home within the Sith Legends Temple. This brought about a new era for Jedi/Sith roleplay, many epic battles took place as the Sith Legends spread their influence.

The Sith Legends took several turns in direction under the command of Darth Knave and Dark Master Chaos. As the Foundation period drew to a close, the Legends had quickly grown to a massive and almost unmanageable size. Meanwhile, the Legacy of the Sith made grand promises of having secured a new home on Ziost: land and power far beyond the meager scale to which the Sith had been accustomed since the legendary fall of Korriban. These promises were irresistible to the majority of the Sith Legends high command, but the founders were wise in their vision, and resisted the temptation to merge. Seeing the opportunity to clear out their ranks, and dispose of unwanted members, the Sith Legends agreed to merge into the Legacy of the Sith. Yet secretly, Knave and Chaos held onto their original vision keeping the Legends alive in the shadows as the group supposedly disbanded. A number of members were kept within the folds of the Elite in order to reorganize and when the time was right, they re-emerged.

The time of rebirth is thought of by Darth Knave and Dark Master Chaos as a golden age of the Sith Legends. Kave had committed himself to his creation, giving each and every member his personal and undivided attention. With the addition of Darth Despair into leadership, the Sith Legends were now a very strong and tight-knit community by their own right. Roleplay continued with the KOTOR, and began anew with the Jedi Unity.

Around the end of this period, a Legacy of the Sith member known as Amanda Black claimed to be founding a new base for the Sith in Ziost. However, after acquiring resources from prominent Sith, most notably Darth Malice, she vanished with the funds never to be seen again. At this time, the lies exposed, Legacy of the Sith imploded and all its members who had left Legends to join it, returned back to Legends. Then Darth Malice acquired a new Ziost, and a new era began.

Ziost (1)

Ziost Forest

In the wake of Amanda Black's betrayal and the reformation of Sith Legends, it now seemed that nothing could stop Legends. It could be argued at this point to be the only major Sith group remaining, now that Darth Devarii had joined Darth Knave and Darth Malice to lead it. However, Darth Malice being the owner of the land, and the leadership now forming more of a broad council of Masters, Darth Knave felt the power squeeze. No longer in full control over Legends' own land, Knave abandoned the Legends to found a new group, Sith Enigma, on Dantooine.

This first Ziost, ((a 1/4th sim)), featured the same Citadel that would later find its home on Dantooine, and then Byss. It was constructed by Lian Hornet, who also built much of both the first and second iterations of Korriban. Darth Malice can truly be said to have been the saviour of the Legends at this time, as also later. It was a short-lived period however, as new opportunities soon led to the relocation of the Legends to a larger plot in Dantooine.


The Sith Legends fortress moved to Dantooine at this time ((something around July to August of 2006)). It was also a short-lived time, since one day, everything was gone, and Dantooine was no more. Following this, it was truly a dark time for the Sith, as for the first time in a long time, they truly had no decent home.

Byss (1)

The dawning of another golden age of Sith Legends, and perhaps its most extended period of dominance, began with the foundation of Byss by Darth Validus ((Oct. 2006)). At this time, Darth Knave and Darth Chaos appointed Darth Ptas to lead Legends along with Darth Malice, who had arranged for the relocation of the Legends fortress on Byss. Ptas spent much of the first month of Legends' existence on Byss repairing the fortress, as it had been badly damaged in the move. Then, she spent the following months repairing the Order itself, as the period of long inactivity led to much delapidation in the membership.

It was during this early time that many future prominent Sith first were brought into Sith Legends by Darth Ptas and Darth Malice. Among them were Darth Chimera, Darth Surya, Darth Chaos, Darth Melanchol, and several others. The founding members of Sith Dynasty broke off from Legends during this time, as did the founding members of Telos Sith Order. It was also during this time that Sith Era merged into Legends, bringing the two most active Sith groups at the time together.

At the time when Sith Legends Marauders Darth Starr and Darth Surya were brought back into the Order by Darth Ptas, along with Assassin Darth Guyvir, the Legends enjoyed a time of terrorizing the Galaxy that has rarely been seen. Lian Hornet had also constructed a giant holocron machine at the new Legends fortress, that replaced the previous one. At one particular battle, the Jedi slain were: Atticus Jetaime, Zoffa Morico, Evelyn Syaka, Pandora Regent, Justin Duell, Samirah Nagy, Salem Ames, and Serenn Earp. Others were captured and tortured in the holocron machine; those attempting rescue were who was slain.

There also came conflicts between Sith Legends and Dark Ancients during this time, a war that truly saw no ultimate conclusion ((its end seems to have been for OOC reasons)). Another event during this time was when Darth Surya, aided by Darth Knave (who again was working against his former Order), split off once again from Sith Legends to form Sith Insurrection.

Ultimately, the night before Byss ended, Darth Ptas tortured the Teräs Käsi Jedi Master Xoza Shadow in the holocron chamber, though he refused to turn to the Dark Side. The next morning however, Byss was no more.

Ziost (2)

Ziost Citadel

After the fall of Byss, Darth Malice secured massive land for the Legends once again: Ziost ((this time, its own full sim)). Now for the first time, the Sith Legends had full dominion over an entire planet, though they shared it with Sith Ancients, Dark Lords of the Sith, and Sith Enigma at various points. When Darth Adazca vanished and his Sith Ancients left Ziost, Sith Legends became the only major, active Sith Order on Ziost.

Especially from August through November of 2007, they prospered greatly and enjoyed a renaissance under the leadership of Darth Ptas and Darth Malice that rivalled any previous period in their history. This was truly a high point for Legends in prominence and activity, as several notable Sith from the past made cameos at this time, including Darth Ikijji, Ptas' former master, and Darth Knave.

However, shortly thereafter, Darth Ptas took a leave of absence leaving the order in the hands of Darth Malice, who appointed Darth Summanus and Darth Melanchol to lead in place of Ptas. During this time, the Order began to experience problems as many members split off to join the Cult of Ragnos, and a conflict arose between Ragnos and Legends.

With his return to Sith Legends and Ziost, Dark Master Chaos re-established the original Temple... The new leaders' began to attempt to salvage what was left over of there members, but with much failure.  Therefore they had no other choice and began to make new plans, and mergered with Assembly of Darkness who resided on Vjun.

Dark Master Chaos and Darth Knave continue to see Assembly of Darkness as the true heir to the Sith Dynasty and remain members.

End of an Era

Sith Legends final symbol

This symbol (right) was used by Legends towards the end of its existance.


Yet Dark Master Chaos and Darth Knave remain. Guardians of Sith Legends, awaiting the right time to again pull back the veil.