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"Why can't we just sit down, with a drink, and talk? We're both civilized, you a Sith and me a Jedi, so why can't we just discuss philosophy instead of attacking each other? Now your doing it again. Trying to kill me. How rude."

— Sion

"Others may whisper, but I will not sit quietly. Well? Where is your absolute now?"

— Sion

Character Information

Sion is an old, traditionalist Jedi. He has been through a large variety of orders and has also fought in three Major wars between the Sith and Jedi forces, once as a newly promoted Knight and once as a padawan and once as a lone Jedi Knight. After that he has fought in several minor wars and conflicts and has been actively on the front of battle for awhile now. He is also the leading Jedi expert in Force Crystals, using his considerable knowledge of science and Force to create Force Crystals and research them.

Sion focuses mainly on furthering his knowledge of the Force and Crystals, not overly concerned with the other Jedi.

Sion also has a long history, going as far back as the Telos IV Jedi order where he was trained to be a Jedi Knight under his master, Pandora Regent. He also met Salem, also a padawan at the time, there as well as many others such as Boba, Church, and more. After being Knighted, coincidentally at the same time as Salem, after about six months of training Sion was immediatly thrust into the Telosian War against Morpheus and helped fight on the front lines. A large number of Mandalorians joined the Jedi war effort for a time and he learned how to respect them and even speak their language, leading to many pleasant encounters with Mandalorians in his future. After a time Morpheus was defeated and the Jedi moved on but were sorely weakened. Enough so that for a long time other groups took charge of the scene. After a time the Jedi order was lured to the forests of Ziost and betrayed, their own padawans and Knights turning on the rest and the Masters the majority of the Order was struck down. Sion himself barely survived the massacre, and it created a fire and lonliness in him that defined the rest of his life. Sion has waited ever since, to help a new Jedi Order grow and take control. After awhile he joined the Jedi Covenant and tried to help his friend Lucas Atlantis, as well as Xoza, Kishoshima and Rykianna rebuild the Jedi. While bidding his time he was a significant annoyance to the Sith, his passion alike to that of a Sith he struck down many, leading covert operations to their homeworlds and inflicting as much damage as he could.

Sion was never given the official title of Jedi master, nominated multiple times but ultimately never completing the process with the Jedi Covenant. The reason being his unconventional methods and the passion that never left him after the slaughter and dissolution of his order. However, his powers were on par with such and towards the very end of his known life he was substantially powerful though not always willing to use it. As he aged, he became more tolerant and started to return to the young Jedi knight who would negotiate with a sith and vie for a peaceful solution to conflict. He wandered for a long time, encountering many different characters, some who grew to become leaders of Armada's and some who faded from existence. He found purpose in guiding those less fortunate and truly following the path of the Jedi to be a beacon of light if not a leader in the dark places before he disappeared. Notably he was last known to sit on a bridge on Nar Shaddaa when the Revenant Armada had its base there and speak to passing Revenant staff and Sith, befriending a number and hoping to show them the value of acceptance and tolerance. After his successes on Nar, he was confronted by the ghosts of his many deceased friends and loved ones, convinced to finally rest as one of the last of his generation and kind. He went back into the Outer Rim to Chiss Space, old and battle-scarred but feeling accomplished. His respite lasted a span of years, leading memory of him and the generation of Jedi to which he belonged to fade from common talk.

When he returned years later, older and significantly more grey haired, he was confronted with a new generation Jedi who by and large had never known his name or most of his peers. By chance he stumbled upon a small order, the Solari Jedi, led by a friend of his who had been mentored when he was a Knight. Serenity offered him a chance to teach and he took it, granted both a chance to help the new generation and to finally be given the title of Jedi Master. He taught there for several months before disappearing once more, to the edges of the Outer Rim he had found his passion for crystal rsearch re-ignited, leaving several artifacts to the young order in hopes it would serve them well.

The aged Jedi came back after that time to Nar Shaddaa, where he quickly made friends and allies, such as the felactian Jay. The hunt for the alchemical sithspawn was already in progress and the protectors of the common folk found themselves another ally in him. He was critically injuried before the final attack on the origin of the sithspawn and took some time to recover. When he returned to Nar Shaddaa he found one of his few living friends, Serenity, was now known as Akiva. Her memories shattered, Sion slowly became more involved with tracking down her assailant until he let his power consume him; he began to ruthlessly track down leads and use his power and experience from war to take what information he need. Nearing the end of his search as he prepared to confront the Sith who had laid waste to his friend's mind, he was confronted by Jay. The battle was reluctant on both sides and ultimately, before Jay could strike Sion down, he let himself fall off the platform they fought on, disappearing once more...

He has currently returned after half a year, alive and well to the galaxy. After the confrontation with Jay and Akiva he had gone to meditate and to figure out his place in the galaxy. His age and experience made him a significant force, but he also needed to realize it did not give him the right to be the sole decider in the fates of others. He still has the fire that has defined his actions through his life, but he is more careful in how he lets it out. He is currently wanted for 50,000 credits for attempting to take down Verne and starting a riot after a public execution of the GLA.  He was assisted by several Mandalorians in the fight, with a particularly brave Mandalorian leading the assistance.


Sion is confident in himself and his experiences. He also dislikes anyone non-Chiss by default, though he has come to like some of the Jedi rather well. He also disregards the local and Galatic laws because he doesn't think that they are suitable and until there's a set of laws which are, he will continue doing that in favor of doing his job. He has a disposition to believe that anyone under his rank and abilities should give him respect and is quite annoyed when they don't give proper respect. He also has a tendency to drink large amounts of brandy so that he may relax, the lack of Chiss-ness around him normally makes this quite impossible. Notably he has learned how to detoxify himself with the Force so that the brandy doesn't give him too much trouble. Sion is also a scientist and quite intelligent, while not tactfully he can create Force Crystals like no other and learn Force techniques at an expedited rate. Sion in his late young life was somewhat suicidal after the loss of his Order. After aging quite a bit, he is currently much more good humored and tolerant of all peoples. He has soldified his passion as a Jedi and researcher, and it makes his will still a stubborn and relatively immovable force when he sets his mind on a decision. He has become quite selfless in his old age as he is rather convinced the best way for him to die would be protecting someone, and that makes him willing to put his life on the line quite readily. He requires alcohol to make it through the day (still). It is a common misconception that his luck is part of his character through planning. His luck occurs whether or not the author intends it and is a veritable force of its own.

Powers & Skills

Specializations: Force Crystals & Tutaminis,  Force Push & Pull (Repulse by extension),  Malacia,  Morichro,  Force valor, Hibernation trance,  Levitation,  Force Stun,  Droid Disable,  Electric Judgment/Force Lightning (He was rather bad at being a Jedi for awhile),  Force blinding,  Force Light,  Force weapon,  Breath control,  Enhanced Coordination,  Force barrier,  Force Forms;  Saber Forms: Soresu, Niman, Juyo;  Battlemind,  Torture by Chagrin,  Precognition,

History - Jedi lore and Knowledge; Sith lore and Knowledge 

Research - Force related technology, Holocrons, Artifacts

Knowledge - Lightsabers, The Force, Force Philosophies