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"Expect the unexpected.."

— Darth Exitium to Darth Sae'hal II during a training exercise

Sila-Haj'ra, later known as Darth Exitium.

Young Arch Lord Exitium or known as Sila-Ha'jra, named by his mandalorian mother, Sa'he Dai'hau. Born on Korriban, he was naturally going to become a sith...constantly surrounded by the darkside aura. His father, a red zabrak, Dae'dah Haj'ra, known as Darth Sae'hal.

Sila-Haj'ra was sleeping in his room one day and he woke up to his mother patting him to wake up. He did so and she told him that Sith Troopers were here to take them away. His parents became wanted by the sith for helping a friend of the boys mother who was indeed, a jedi.

Sila-Haj'ra was sent with the jedi away from his home on korriban to go to the jedi order on coruscant to become a jedi. Sila-Haj'ra's father did not want this to be, for he saw his son to become a great sith, and that future would not be reckoned with.

Sila-Haj'ra's father escaped the clutches of the Sith troopers along with his wife. They searched coruscant for the jedi and they found him. Darth Sae'hal told his wife to stay on the ship after they landed on Coruscant. Sae'hal finally found the jedi and attempted to kill him. The jedi defeated Darth Sae'hal and Sila-Haj'ra saw his father die before his eyes. At that moment he vowed to destroy any jedi who caused issues for him.

Sa'he Dai'hau, Sila-Haj'ra's mother set out to find the Jedi to find out what happened to her husband. But before she left the ship she made a comlink to her family friends, the Fett family/Mandalorian Clan.

She found the Jedi...The Jedi mistakenly killed her believing she came to kill him for revenge of the death of her husband. She died on the same floor as her husband.

Sila-Haj'ra saw this happen, once again...he saw his parent die before his eyes. He attempted to contact the sith troopers and was successful. The sith troopers came and destroyed the jedi that escaped. The Fett family came rescued Sila-Haj'ra from the sith troopers on his mother's request and took him to the planet of Mandalore. Sila-Haj'ra was adopted into the family of the Fetts but kept his last name of "Haj'ra".

Sila-Haj'ra had loved the Fetts and they had taken great care of him. Yet he had to return to his homeworld of Korriban due to the force calling him

He had run away during the night only packing a short supply of food and a blaster pistol. The fetts had taught him to shoot at least. He took the ship that he built out of scrap and went to korriban. There was a lightning storm and Sila-Haj'ra's ship was struck. He crashed landed into a sith temple on korriban. He was unconcious.

An unknown sith came and took him in, for a couple days. The sith turned out to be a spirit. The spirit of Marka Ragnos. Marka Ragno's Spirit taught Sila-Haj'ra the ways of the sith. It finally came the day that he was named Darth Exitium, Dark Lord of the Sith. The Disciples of Ragnos Order was reborn.

The Disciples of Ragnos

Young Exitium of the Disciples of Ragnos, hiding his order from the Sith'ari of Korriban became the young apprentice of Lord Ptas. One of the many Masters of the Sith'ari of Korriban.

Having allied with the Dark Lord of the Sith on Byss, Exitium found himself exiled from Korriban where he set out to find new masters to learn from.

For a time it seemed as if the Sith'ari of Korriban had disappeared. For a time the Disciples of Ragnos used the tombs and eventually for a short time used the Sith Temple Of Korriban.