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"One day I will be Queen and I will make you so proud."

— Sia Janick speaks to her Aunt, Queen Thalia Janick of Velmor.

Sia Janick (Birth name, Sia Fel but legally changed to Janick) of Velmor (affectionately known by the public as, Sia, also known as Her Royal Highness, Princess Sia of Velmor) is the only niece of Velmorian Queen Thalia Janick. Great great granddaughter of former Queen Hyacinth of Velmor and Onderon and granddaughter of the last Fel Empress Calliope Fel and cousin to renowned Republic Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff, Sia has a famous family legacy to uphold and is determined to see it through at the young age of just 14.

Due to her heritage, Sia has both Velmorian and Fel royal blood in her veins. This means that Sia has claim to both the Velmor Royal throne and the Fel Empire Throne due to being in direct line for both. This is because she is the great granddaughter of former Queen Hyacinth of Velmor putting her in direct succession perhaps after her aunt Queen Thalia Janick if she has no heirs of her own.

As for the long lost Fel Empire that perished after the death of its final Empress, Calliope Janick (Later known as Calliope Fel) Sia is her direct granddaughter, her mother being the oldest daughter of Calliope Fel herself. This puts her in direct line of succession before all other noble Fel houses as a direct heir of the Empress.


Early Life

Sia grew up on Velmor most of her life as part of the Royal house of Janick. She was raised around a loving family that tended to her every need and whim. While Sia aged, she lived the life of the highest ranking ladies of Velmor. Attending formal royal occasions with her mother the oldest sister of current Queen Thalia Janick. She is the only niece of the young Queen. Following in the steps of her Aunt Thalia, Sia is head strong, beautiful and short tempered. She knows what she wants in life and knows how to get it. She knows when to say yes and when to say no and does not hesitate to do either. Known to be blunt, ruthless and harsh, her political skill was unmatched by her class mates. A true lady of House Janick she did not have red hair like her relatives, instead she shares the dark curls of her Aunt and sovereign. Growing closer to her aunt than any other relative they may share, Sia has a strong bond with her aunt whom she treats as a role model. She hopes to one day become a respected politician serving the front line of politics in favor of Velmor.

At the young age of just 10, Sia surpassed her other class mates and graduated from Velmor Royal School for politicians, setting a record for then students.



Sia took to heart the lessons of self-sacrifice that had been taught to her by her parents, and throughout her life she continued to do what was best for her people and the Republic she believed in, without thought of herself. Her family sometimes scolded her for this attitude. She rarely gave in to personal desires, such as at a young age denying men her affection, saying that Velmor needed her more than they did. She was compassionate, always considering other people before herself, and she stood firm in what she believed in. She was also a persuasive and extremely empathetic speaker.