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Sia Boleyn was the youngest Queen so far to have ever ruled over New Alderaan, she was aged just 18 when she inherited the throne. Born as a princess of royal lineage, she was the only child and direct heir of the King and Queen that hailed from House Boleyn, ruling New Alderaan at the time of her parents death. Through her father, Boleyn was a great-granddaughter of many powerful nobles hailing from House of Boleyn. A Royal House of nobility originating from Alderaan that was off-world during its destruction.

Queen Sia Disapears

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Boleyn has been called the 'heart' of the family. She was very much happy with her life on New Alderaan. She is intelligent, caring, eager, kind, beautiful and brave. She likes to promote tradition and culture in her day to day life. Boleyn does what she must for the sake of her people, her family and her friends.