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Rich in military history, Shiro was a Jedi Knight Consular of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Prior to joining the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Shiro was a member of the High Command of his planetary Alpha Coalition forces, where he held the post as the Fleet Commanding Officer.

Brief military history

As a young adventurer specializing in technology, Shiro enlisted with the Alpha Coalition forces in the Manduca military installation, which was located nearby to a small residential area. He passed his basic training in a yet unfinished installation which was still largely under construction. During his whole stay in Manduca, Shiro often left the outpost to visit a lady living in the nearby residential area, where he often relaxed whilst chatting.

Serving alongside the forces in the area, Shiro once stumbled upon a hidden main military installation of a private para-military force, which the Alpha Coalition considered hostile. However, instead of being captured, Shiro was given an offer to desert the Coalition and join the hostile force as an NCO. Shiro refused, leaving the area and notifying his commanding staff.

During his service in Manduca, Shiro was told about an ex-member of the Coalition called 'Fox', one of the structure founding Grand Marshals, who was considered as rebeliant and dangerous in some of his ways. Fulfilling his duties as an enlisted member of the lower marine rank structure, Shiro came across Fox in an installation nearby to his area of operations. He began a long conversation with Fox and was the first and only person who managed to persuade Fox to return into the Alpha Coalition structures.

Upon return of Fox as an active Grand Marshal, Shiro's contribution to military efforts was acknowledged by Fox himself and Shiro was transferred to the Fleet Division, being awarded a Warrant Officer rank, skipping several ranks between. This was likely one of the biggest promotions awarded to an Alpha Coalition member. Swapping his uniforms, Shiro worked as a member of the flight operations crew and later became a commanding officer for several Alpha Coalition vessels.

Shiro was a dedicated member of the fleet Coalition forces and  successfuly applied to be transferred to an aerial-fighter section where he served a considerable amount of time, being awarded several merits for valiancy and performance. By that time, Shiro became very popular both amongst the High Command and his comrades.

""I cannot speak for all of my comrades, but I have known Shiro for a long time. He has always remained loyal, hardworking, and innovative. He progressed quickly, and proved himself worthy of much. Never thinking to change division, his passion residing so much in this. Congratulations, Belfire. You've done it again.""

— Grand Marshal Fox upon Shiro's introduction to the lower structures of the High Command.

After becoming on of the highest respected senior commanding staff, Shiro was one of the prime candidates to the 1IC of the entire Fleet Division. Offered the position, Shiro did not hesitate and immediately accepted the new role. Asked to select his 2IC, Shiro picked Warrant Officer Laval, who soon became his longtime friend and then a Grand Marshal.

The Fleet Division under the command of Marshal Shiro had its blooming golden age and expanded in several state-of-the-art vessels, mainly frigates and small transport spacecraft.

After the Alpha Coalition was deceived and turned upon in a military-political intrigue, the main base of operations was abandoned. As a result, Shiro was assigned to the lava-rock based planet of Helios, where he continued his duties until the end of the 'Battle of Helios'. The Coalition was misleaded by the information provided one of its allies and in result suffered a blasting attack, destroying almost all resources on the planet, leaving the Coaliton with many casualties and an immediate need to abandon the area of operations. In an emergency of several Grand Marshals being unreachable and temporarily reported MIA, Shiro alongside one other close colleague were promoted to Grand Marshals and prime members of the High Command. Shiro was the 5IC Grand Marshal of the Alpha Coalition.

The whole structure of the Alpha Coalition was completely reorganized and Shiro continued to serve under the respective banner and idea until the Alpha Coalition lost its prime military capibilities and in result ceased its operations in the current form at that moment. Shiro was given an honorable discharge with a multiple number of high commendations.

Joining the Dantooine Jedi Enclave

Realizing his connection to the force, Shiro eventually travelled to Dantooine after spending some time in Tatooine and Coruscant on his way there. Completing the student tasks in an unusual quick pace he met his first Master, Bianca Dallas. Shiro accepted the offer to become her Padawan with no hesitation, building a very strong relationship over time as his training progressed.

Shiro's Padawan training was interrupted by his sudden leave. Not much is known about this background of this event, but Shiro returned to short-term military duty to aid his homeplanet flotilla. After the end of the war Shiro became involved in, he finally resigned from those forces as well, due to one of the most fatal unsuccesful attacks he led and resulted in the destruction of almost his entire flotilla.

Upon his return, Shiro found that his old Master trained a new Padawan called Balachandra and then left Dantooine for a long sentinel mission. In this event, Bianca's long-time friend, Neren Valis (who Shiro knew already had a relatively good relationship with already) offered to continue Shiro's training. Shiro accepted and over the period of time required for him to complete his Padawan training, he also built a very strong relationship with Neren.  Shiro was eventually knighted and took up the path of the Jedi Consular Diplomat.

Battle of Coruscant

The "Outlaw" was a Capital Republic vessel that Shiro led into battle.

One of the major missions undertaken by Shiro included his participation in the Battle of Coruscant. Shiro was given the command of the Republic "Outlaw" Capital Vessel, a personal vessel of the Rebel Commander Chelsea Blauvelt. The 'Outlaw' was outperformed by the Imperial Capital Ship "Valiant" and faced complete annihilation. Shiro told the 2IC of the vessel to assume command and left the vessel in his Phoenix, making a suicidal attack at the bridge of the vessel, trying to stall for time and take away firepower concentration away from the retreating Republic forces.

Shiro was captured by a tractor beam and didn't resist the arrest. Shiro spent several days on Dagobah in his cell before being rescued by a special operation, trying to persuade the fallen Jedi Adrianne Romanov to find light in her heart once again, but without success.

""Look around, Adrianne. Look at yourself. What are you becoming? You were raised up so you could stand on mountains, love, protect others and empower them to do the same. Today you walk along cells, where many fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and sisters were killed by the Sith for dedicating their life to ensuring others can experience life in its beauty."


— Some of Shiro's words directed at Adrianne, whilst he was in th cell.

'Phoenix' and the 'New Hope'

Returning to Dantooine, Shiro brought the Alpha Coalition 'Phoenix M

The last of the Mk31 Phoenix starfighters was often seen in Dantooine.

k31' with him. The Phoenix is the last fighter of this class to be still operational. In addition, Shiro was given command of the 'New Hope' DJE Medical Frigate, which mainly performed sanitary duties and provided basic transport until its involvement in the Dantooine Obelisk crisis in which it took a major part in the final battle. Afterwards, the ship was permamently upgraded to also serve as a military vessle.

The DJE New Hope is a multi purpose specialist medical and military strident-class frigate. The design mainly features a highly effective hyper drive, making the use of enlarged versions of the J-77 Event Horizon thrusters to enhance its maneuverability and high speeds within its areas of operation. The hull features innovative, yet medium/light armoring solutions to maximize potential speeds. The upgraded deflector-shield generators provide the ship with a good amount of protection against damage to the hull from enemy firepower.  In its armament, the New Hope operates 3 turbolaser batteries, 3 heavy ion batteries and one mass driver missile launcher. The frigate dedicates a significant amount of its interior for high quality medical units, utilizing the same technologies as those used in the DJE medbay on Dantooine. The recently refurbished docking area of the New Hope allows space for up to 12 fighter jets.