"Shi'mo going to be dead by forty. So 'till Shi'mo die, Shi'mo going to have fun Shi'mo's way. Lots of Bang!"

— Shi'mo

Shi'mo is only interested in two things. Fun and Credits. And she has no problem earning credits with her fun. She was charmed with above average looks, even for a Hapan. She used her looks and her sexual energy to make credits in Adult Holo Entertainment and Prostitution, after two tours in the Hapan Military. When she became a known holo star and was discovered to be Hapan, she was outcasted by Hapan Society, and she put her career in the Adult Holonet Industry on hold. She still prostitutes for credits when needed. Shi'mo one day hopes to acquire enough slaves and credits to run a high class brothel in a major system, or run her own Adult Holo Network.

Shi'mo also likes violence. She loves the feel of a blaster in her hand, and loves the adrenaline rush of pointing said blaster in the face of another. She also likes explosions. The bigger the better. Her love of violence stems from her tours in the Hapan Military.

Shi'mo does not have many, if any, scruples. Her thrills and credits are her focus. She always works for the Highest bidder. Her prices for pleasure encounters are not for the cheap, nor are they for the faint of heart.

Shi'mo hates Jedi, for they tend to be the reason why she has such a large rap sheet of charges in various systems. Whenever Shi'mo did get caught, in most cases there was a Jedi involved.

She occasionally uses Deathsticks, Spice, and other drugs.

Shi'mo is usually seen in her combat armor and gear. She had it custom painted her favorite color, purple, and decorated it with 'very graphic' images and messages.

Shi'mo may not be able to speak Basic well, but she has no issues saying what she thinks or what is on her mind. Absolutely no tact at all. She thinks 'tailheads' (Twi'leks and Torgruta's) and Zeltron's are only good for pleasure, and are otherwise completely useless. Her lack of understanding of Basic and her broken speak of Basic sometimes gets her frustrated, and can frustrate others.

A rebellious and free spirit in the purest form.

Wanted in numerous systems for the following crimes:

  • Blackmail of Political Officials.
  • Lewd Public Behavior (Multiple counts)
  • Sexual Misconduct on Public Holonet channels (Multiple counts)
  • Sexual Misconduct with Political Officials
  • Prostitution (Multiple Counts)
  • Drug Smuggling
  • Weapons Smuggling
  • Twi'lek Trafficking (Multiple Counts)
  • Torgruta Trafficking (Multiple Counts)
  • Zeltron Trafficking (Multiple Counts)
  • Human Trafficking (Multiple Counts)
  • Destruction of Private Property (Multiple Counts)
  • Destruction of Public Property (Multiple Counts)
  • Instigation of Riot during Public Assembly.
  • Careless Speeder Piloting (Multiple Counts)
  • Possession of Illegal Blasters (Multiple Counts)
  • Possession of Explosives
  • Possession of Illegal Tech [slave collars] (Multiple Counts)
  • Droid Theft