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Clan Info

The Shell Hutts were the smallest of all Hutt clans. They were identical to regular hutts in all but the exterior. What set them apart was their shells welded together from heavy durasteel plates. Thes e shells were used to protect themselves from radiation. Their massive bulk was supported by built-in Repulsors . Shell Hutts grew to even larger proportions than regular Hutts, as this freed them from having to use their muscles for anything except for shoveling food into their mouths. Several times during their lives they would change to larger shells because of their growing masses. These events would be celebrated. They resided on Circumtore and had a tortoise insignia. The Shell Hutts hired Pollux Poi to design the A-series assassin droid against the Gejalli. Gappa the Hutt took over when the old crime lord abandoned the clan. The Shell Hutts currently supply the black market with Neuro-Saav Corporation products.

Hutt Crime Lord

Ku'gan The Hutt

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Shell Hutt Armor