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(Pre-SWRP) Born on a Rim World called Purgatory. An oceanic world on the edge of one of the smaller Sith Empires (Not the Coruscant Empire) which is led by a Sith named Leto. The world is almost entirely water and initially colonized by a lost colony ship, rediscovered a generation or two before her birth and a spaceport established.

Parents Jero and Amanda Connell. Jero worked as a spaceport technician. Amanda as a receptionist at the spaceport. Approximately 13 years later the planet went into internal revolt and all records of the Connell family cease. Known other relatives include a sister, Celeste, and an uncle who teaches at university on Messina. the capital world.

Celeste was born on Purgatory but adopted by another family at birth, also missing records. Celeste is Shans identical twin.

Shan reappears in the HoloRecord 3 years later on Messina, when she becomes Leto's ward. She lives in the Palace. A year later she leaves the Palace and for a few months there is a Bounty on her by Leto. At this time Celeste comes to live at the palace and is adopted by Leto as a daughter. Celeste marries a Sith, has 3 children, and eventually runs the medical services of the Empire on various Boards and through government agencies.

Public records on Shan grow sparse after her time on Messina. The bounty is withdrawn and Shan gains a freighter called the Silver Lining, registered on Messina and Nar Shaddaa. She spends a few years on Messina in the Palace and at the residence of another of Letos Sith believed to be his private assassin, later the new Empress of Leto's Empire after his disappearance. During this time she enrolls in medical programs at a university and continues them for several years as a non residential student until receiving a medical doctors degree in human species medicine, and a minor in Psychology.

Further chronological records are typical of a free spacer pilot. Tax records, ship arrivals, departures and so on to most of the known galaxy, particularly Tatooine, Vjun, Taris and Nar Shaddaa. Occasionally Shan has been registered as a mercenary as well.

(SWRP) Shan spent many years as a freespacer piloting cargo around the galaxy from Little Mos Eisley to Coruscant to Taris to Vjun. She spent a few months as the Senate Aide to the Senator of Taris to the Galactic Republic Senate and for the last months of its existence, filled in for the absent Senator.

Shan was registered as a slave briefly to a Hutt on the Outer Rim at age 16, and again to a Captain Khorrl Palen of Vjun several years later, and again registered as the owned slave of Anokou for a few months prior to her brief marriage in the Winter of 2011 to Baron Kabriel Le'Sanit.

Shan was named a Senate Aide to Bengat in April 2012.

Personality & Traits

A seemingly incurable optimist, with a stubborn streak and independent views that conflict with her desire to be accepted. A strong desire to cure everything and everyone, that has been systematically beaten out of her over time.

Powers & Abilities

Force User, partially trained in the Light Side. Her strongest genetic ability is Empathy, but through her career as a freighter pilot has developed strong ability in Force Navigation and Force Healing. Somewhat adept at Telekinesis, Force cloaking herself and stealth, as well as pickpocketing. Understands Huttese, Jawa and Shrywook as well as enough bits of other languages to get by in trading and bartering.


Battered old YT-Freighter re-named the Silver Lining. Lightsaber with a blue crystal. A holocron, several small Sith amulets, an antique assassin droid (currently non-operational).


Shan is not used to fighting with a lightsaber, other than in a defensive way, and has little formal training with one. Shan lacks the killing instinct and though she knows the weak points in bodies, she hesitates too long to use the information to her advantage.

Additional Information

  • Shan greatly resembles a Jedi Knight that went missing 30 years ago. She was very VERY briefly a Jedi student on Yavin (though I am told all old records of this time were destroyed or lost in an attack). For those who were there at the time, Shan departed after her Master and she... failed to communicate.
  • Spacers and frequenters of scuzzy cantinas may (but likely wouldnt) recall a very young girl travelling with an older woman and an assassin droid. Then with just the droid briefly and now alone. Freelance cargo hauler (No drugs, no slaves) on board the Silver Lining. Often under contract to the Hutts.
  • Medical professionals may but probably dont recall a blonde human of this description over the past dozen years who frequently turns up at random times at random hospitals, clinics, shelters or orphanages across the galaxy to visit a relative or friend. The residents of the facility tend to experience odd miraculous recoveries for a brief time thereafter.
  • Veterans of battle fields in wars and border skirmishes may have seen a blonde human girl of this description over the past dozen years on the battlefield assisting the injured and dying and may have been aided to a medical facility, or been healed by her.
  • Rebels of a failed insurgency against Leto's Empire may recall a medic by the name Shan but more likely Security Forces members would, as she was considered a possible security threat. Either way she was not in the insurgency more than 6 months and as the rebellion failed, most records were destroyed or lost, or taken by the rightful government. The Connell family records in the insurgency include both mother and father as under cover agents, though how well known that is after their deaths would be in question.