Shalk Inuzuka (Original last name Innovia but changed it) is a Male Human and Council Master for The Potentium Enclave (TPE) He is a Healer and Herbalist within their ranks.

Character BiographyEdit

Family & Early LifeEdit

(Made up as a back story)

Shalk was born on Onderon to the Entrepreneurial, Force-sensitive Innovia Family. The Innovia family had for a long time admired Mandalorian culture and sought to emulate it, when enough wealth was accumulated a small walled hamlet was established on Onderon. Shalk was of the third generation to be born within this hamlet. His father seeking the best for his family invited 2 knights of local Jedi Order to observe and test the children of the family, with the intention that they would find the one who was strongest in the force, and that person would be brought under the wing of Shalk’s Father and groomed to become the head of the family. However this inevitably back fired.

The Jedi singled out two of the children Shalk who was 4 at the time and Maria his cousin who was 2. The Jedi wished to take both under their order’s care, a meeting was held with the Innovia family asking to take both children; Shalk’s uncle swayed the meeting in his favour wanting Shalk to leave but Maria to stay under pretences that she was too young to begin any form of training, Shalk’s Uncle was putting a powerful plan in motion to lead the family in a new direction grooming Maria to be a puppet leader. Shalk’s father did not desire his son to leave as it was almost a dream come true to have his own son lead the family, however pressure from some of the more outspoken members of the family which backed Maria, caused him to have to give up this dream as to not risk any potential Coup.

Time with the JediEdit

(Made up as backstory)

Shalk was taken to the temple not long after. Sharing a dorm with 11 other younglings, it was here he met Taren Taurus, who at the time was a known trouble maker Shalk came to form a long-time friendship which got himself into all sorts of trouble in return, while with his fellow younglings Shalk did the bare minimum to stay on par with his peers always remaining unexceptional but never terrible, except for in classes that concerned Sentinel arts which he would be top in, becoming a potential candidate as a Jedi Shadow providing he finishes his training. Shalk eventually came to forget his family, actually believing they were a dream he had once and coming to treat Taren as if he were a brother.

At the age of 12 Shalk was taken on as an apprentice by Jedi Master Inuzuka, given their chosen paths this was a pairing that the order wished to not allow, however unbeknown to the order Inuzuka had sensed Shalk’s future and specifically requested to train him, this was a strange occurrence but the Order ultimately allowed it. Shalk found it difficult to adapt to his Master’s teachings, but the duo soon found a way to work together and became quite close, with Shalk beginning to see Master Inuzuka as a father figure. After 3 years of training Master Inuzuka passed away due to a heart attack a then 15 year old Shalk began to believe he could have done something had he known more of the healing arts, seeing all the good his Master brought and wishing to carry his name Shalk adopted a new path as a Jedi Healer. This sudden change in path made the council feel uneasy and led to them monitoring Shalk’s actions very closely.

Shalk’s thirst for knowledge grew stronger the more he had read. Healing was far more interesting than he could have ever imagined, beginning to break into areas that he shouldn’t have access to the Jedi feared this would happen and decided that it may be best if Shalk were to leave the order. Shalk didn’t hold a grudge and saw it as a chance to further his knowledge, Traveling and learning of new cultures, while also adopting his Master’s last name becoming Shalk Inuzuka

Zonama Sekot, the Potentium way, and the Innovia’sEdit

(Happened IN RP)

Shalk now 18 spurred on by a guiding force, found himself on Zonama Sekot, He introduced himself to Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev, and soon found out about the Potentium though cautious about this way of the force, he soon embraced it becoming a Hopeful, his affinity for Healing and Herbs eventually brought him under the arm of Nina the Amaran Healer as her Apprentice learning much and eventually becoming a Knight he found a place he belonged and was free to study all he wanted.

Now 20 and slowly becoming plagued by visions of home, he remembered Onderon but questioned who the people he was seeing were, he confided in Nina about the nature of these visions, and decided for the moment to ignore them and focus on his studies in hope he would soon find an apprentice of his own.

The vision’s soon became too vivid to ignore forcing Shalk to take action, he told only a few people where he was going and quickly left for Onderon.

(Happened OUT of RP)

Shalk landed inside the wall on the only available Landing pad of the hamlet where his visions had drew him upon stepping out of his ship, he was greeted by Maria, and his parents they knew he would return and had sensed his presence, later that night a feast was held in Honour of Shalk’s return in which he was re-introduced to the family, except for his uncle who had refused to attend due to Shalk’s Potentium way. Maria was thankful for Shalk’s return, due to him now having the possibility of leading the family instead of her, Months had passed and Shalk finally adapted to living with the Innovia family, but something still felt odd he couldn’t shake the feeling of impending doom.

One morning Shalk awoke to a crash someone had broken into his Ship with intent to kill him quickly reacting, he drew his weapons and dispatched the intruder, but soon realised this was his relatives attempting to kill him, Shalk didn’t have time to ponder this as more attackers came, he dispatched them just as quickly as the intruder, then everything seemed to go quiet. Shalk looked around some of the buildings had been damaged with doors or windows broken in, He quickly ran for his parents’ house, but he was too late both of them were dead, he grabbed his mother’s lightsaber began to gather the bodies, quickly realising many were un-accounted for, Shalk knew who was behind this and with Hate and Rage flowing through him, sought to bring about the destruction of his uncle and his followers, searching the rest of the Hamlet he killed all who opposed him, including his uncle.

This event changed Shalk, his faced was scarred and he was less prone to emotional outburst, donning a mask he went to Tatooine to see his Aunt, Anna Innovia (Maria’s mother) who was forced to leave the family long ago for her Jensaarai ways, Shalk realised she was ill and looked after her, before she died of illness, she forgave Shalk for his actions. Making Shalk and Maria the only surviving members of the Innovia family.

(happened IN RP)

Before leaving Tatooine he came across a Twi’lek named Nima she was of the Sith but Shalk saw potential, believing her to be an unfortunate product of slavery then quickly ending up in the hands of a Sith lord, the two Became good friends, and Shalk enjoyed their constant friendly debates.

The Enclave, The Girl and The ExileEdit

(Happened IN RP)

Upon returning to Zonama Shalk now 23 saw the Potentium order was in a bad way, he began to theorise that their location in the galaxy had ultimately been their undoing with new followers being hard to come by and many who leave unable to find their way back, Shalk Consulted with Taren now a Potentium, both went in search of a new more accessible home.

Eventually they established The Potentium Enclave in Naboo’s lake country, Shalk gaining a seat on Wanda’s royal council as a medical advisor, which also made him head of the medbay. The Enclave soon gained members which attracted the attention of the Universal Trading Corps’. Sabina forming a relationship, while here Shalk also met Jessica Sallatorin another Force-Sensitive whom he saw potential in.

His relationship with Sabina was ultimately TPE’s undoing he failed to see her plot to remove their home from Naboo, Sabina knowing she could never hurt the TPE physically, hurt them politically instead forcing them to leave Naboo, The Enclave moved to Bakura for a short time with Jessica becoming Shalk’s Apprentice, with Shalk contemplating how to strike back against the UTC this was short lived however, Sabina discovered Shalk’s intentions and brought upon them the same destruction as before, Shalk and Taren agreed the group would disband and go into hiding until they felt they could be safe from the UTC.

No more hidingEdit

After 2 Years Shalk has come out of hiding taking Nima on as an apprentice and is seeking to re-establish the Enclave.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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