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She born in Storrd, Major city of Seregar, a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories, she is the unique daugther of Calil O'connell and Megan O'connell, both recognized weapon engineers, Serg lived there until she was 20 years old, At that time she visited several planets because her parents works.

Early life

Serg was a very curious girl, several time she went to explore outside the boundaries of her city ... even knowing that it was dangerous and forbidden by her parents. She was never alone, her droid "CALO1" was always with her, a present from her father. The relationship with her parents was always interrupted by the work, but she was very loved daugther.


Her first experience with force matters was in one of her parent's travel, they descover a strange planet, strange because the trajectory of that planet was not the normal ... was not the galaxy's trajectory. That planet was Zonama Sekot.

In search of force sensitive elements and following a young Serg hunch, her parents lands in Zonama an found a large colonia of Ferroans and a force user order lead in that time for Master Linkin Thomsen.

Once arrived in the planet, Calil and his team went to investigate, and as usual little Serg find her way out of her parent sights by using calo 1 as a distraction, then she go sniffing arround, she felt a special attraction to this land, and there behind some bushes she found in the distance the temple of the Potentiums Order, awkward ... as only she could be, she fell off the hill from where sniff, people there ignite their saber and were preparing to attack her, someone yell: STOP!, was a young woman called Salene Lusch,she was the only one who could see that Serg was not dangerous, but even Selene deal Serg with caution while their took her to the Grand Master.

By the time Serg arrive in the temple, Calil was already talking with Linkin Thomsen and the young knight Dexem Voom.

"Master we found this little girl sniffing arround in the hill" - Salene Lusch -
"Master! I cant sense this girl" - Dexem Voom inclined towards the little girl -
"Yes i can barely sense her" - Linkin Thomsen -.

What all that mean?, what is that glow arround this people? ... that and more questions was in Serg's mind but she was afraid to ask. It seems Serg could easily sense force sensitive people but those could not sense her. Then Linkin Thomsen perform a test to Serg, he was traying to know the count of Midi-chlorian, what he found was amazing... this girl competed with rocks in Midi-chlorian counts, she was nothing or almost nothing.

"Oh!, this girl should be death, she is sterile of force" - Linkin Thomsen -

But actually she was full of life, how that could be?, Master Linkin Thomsen and Dexem Voom warn Calil about Serg's strange disease

" Yes my dear ... little Serg is with me, I'm heading to the ship right now" - Calil O'connell to Megan O'connell -

They leave Zonama, with greats and new force elements and amazing discoveries but with the worry to know that something wrong happens to Serg.

Parents Work

Calil O'connell and Megan O'connell were a successful couple, not only in thier married but also as a weapons engineers. Megan was helping Calil in his research about force sensitive elements , a kind of containers of force to use in Weapon and improve its performances. In that time she was pregnant with Serg. In several travels to Zonama and other planets they found a big and varied range of force sensitive elements, every one react in diferent ways to some stimulus, some of those elements had anti-force properties.

They worked for The New Republic Council but through some intermediaries. Those intermediaries would later betray them by selling weapons to enemies of The New Republic Council.

Strange Disease

This unknown disease had never been seen before ... similar diseases in which there is no Midi-chlorian are fatal. In non-born patients they rarely born alive and if so they only live a few minutes.

But this strange fenomeno was inducted by force sensitive elements, those used by Serg's parents. It seem there are several kinds of Midi-chlorian, those few that had into her, was a kind of macro Midi-chlorian those one are still unknown.

But what she would discover later, was that these Midi-chlorians allowed her to feel and live, but not allowed her to move or interact with anything sensitive to the force and vice versa. In her later research she will call to this Midi-chlorians: Neutral Midi-chlorians.

Separation of her family

Her parents, knowing they were betrayed by thier employers and with the feeling of their lives were in danger, they tried to fake their deaths in an accident and start a new life in other place, but something goes wrong, as usual Serg wasn't in her place. A decoy ship was going to blow, unfortunately Serg was in that ship. They saw how the ship exploded with her daugther inside. But what they didn't saw was, calo1 giving its life while trying to put her inside of a shuttle.



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