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"If you truly were a strong willed person like you say you are sith, you would turn to the light side"

— Septra Corusca

Septra Corusca is the only Amaran to date to be accepted as a Dathomiri Witch. After leaving Dathomir at 16, she has be one a member of the known amaran organisation Starwind.


Early Life

Septra was concieved as part of an amaran breeding program produced by the sith. Her mother and father were captured by the sith for this program along with many others. It was made for the purpose of making amarans darksiders from birth, as well as messing with their genetics. In short they were used as lab rats. One night, septra and her mother were together in their cell, when her father led them out while a hoard of amarans began to run through the corridors fo the ship, fighting troopers as they went towards the escape pods. Little was benown to them that the sith in charge knew, and set off the self destruct timer for the ship. Making a fast choice, Septra's parents put her in the escape pod and shot her off to the nearest planet, Dathomir. Moments later, the ship was destroyed in a massive blast...and her parents were no more.

Upon the surface, one of the residents of Dathomir, a Nightsister, found the pod, with Septra inside. The woman picked her up and took her to the village. Upon arrival, the high mother, Lady Kia, and a resident Witch, Lady Shan, agreed that she would be taken in until she could leave. That was before they found she was force sensetive, then they decided she would be taught the ways of Dathomir. By the age of 16, she was a priestess of Lady Shan's clan the daughters of allya.

Marriages and Relationships

Septra could be called a Hopeless romantic at heart, because she has a lot of relationships. It doesn't help that she finds more men after her heart each day. Like a shark's teeth on e one goes another takes its place.

Sillis Shadow

A lepi from when she was about 18-19 years old. They were going to marry each other at one point, she found the ring when he had been injured one day, and took his jacket to hang it up as it fell out. However they never got married, he left her at the altar.

Cygnus Vanusk

An amaran mercenary who met her one day with his friend Albireo Kizen. He was going to set her up with him, however when he and his girlfriend ended their relationship, a budding romance was formed between Septra and Cygnus. They got married and had a child named Silus Vanusk. However their romance ended after a while, he took Silus with him and hasn't seen Septra since.

Hector Fiertze

The romance with Hector started while she was married to Cygnus. Because he was always gone, Septra was looking for someone else, due to wanting to end her relationship with Cygnus. This came in the form of Hector. Cygnus eventually found out about the two, which is part of the reason they ended their relationship. Hector soon returned onto the scene and they began dating. Eventually they were married, and later Septra gave birth to a 2nd son named Shinta Fiertze. The marriage ended after a long few years.

Arun Alus

A memorable male to say the least. Arun was Septra's 4th partner, and was the shortest relationship to date. A return of a former female Starwind member led to Arun pursuing her during their partnership together. They did get back together after that, however after only a few days after getting back together, Arun was caught by Septra's Battle Brother Night with another woman In Starwind. This not only ended the relationship, but sent Septra into a state of N agressive emotional breakdown.

Rikko Starwind

Rikko is possibly the one she valued above all. Met upon his return to Starwind, Rikko instantly fell for Septra, however she didn't notice him at first. Once she did they both hooked up, feeling the thrill of their love for a second time. Needless to say Shinta Fiertze, Septra's son from her second Marriage, had taken to Rikko instantly. Septra and Rikko got engaged several times, and the mistake of asking Gryff's permission on one occasion, they never got married. The last time they got engaged, Rikko came in one day and removed his ring, tears in his eyes, Septra ending up in a state that left her wounded. However they did get back together and are still going to this day.

The Father Chapter

As previously Stated, Septra's mother and father died in an escape attempt from sith slavers. However, there were recent events that say otherwise.

After a while of being a member of Starwind, the Rah, Gryff, took Septra as his own Daughter as he had done with Specter and later on, Night as well. One day after mentioning her mother's name, Gryff told her the story of how he had met her mother in his mid 20s. It turns out he encountered her in a travelling merchant group with her partner, Septra's dad. One night, she came to Gryff's hotel room in Mos Eisley. She had argued with her husband, and needed comfort, leading to them having a night of hot love.

Both curious as to what it meant, Septra and Gryff took a DNA test to find out what this meant, and after a bit of waiting they came back revealing Septra was in fact his real daughter. Neither could take it in easily, Gryff thought he would always be alone, and what Septra had known for 20 years was a lie. Now it's changed both of their lives to the extent that Gryff is more open and Septra knows she has family now.

The Exile and The New Order

Septra's story with Starwind was not meant to carry on it would seem. After being with them a while now, she was exiled by her own father Gryff, and left to wander alone. It turns out that Agir Avro, the First Rah of Starwind, and Rikko, her lover, were also no longer a part of Starwind. Relations between Septra and her father had become distant and estranged towards the time of her exile. Septra had often noticed he'd favoured her brothers more than her and that hadn't changed. He had never payed attention to her and never listened either. The Exile had added to the fire. Rikko approached her one day and told her of a new haven for them, based on what Starwind was as apposed to what it is now. She now calls herself by the name Rayne, as Rikko names himself Kiev, trying to live a life without Starwind.